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Favorite ThisAll Good Funk Alliance: Go-Go Bananas Video Premiere

Published: December 5, 2012

For over a decade now, Camp Monkey Business has descended upon the annual Burning Man festival.  Made up of funky monkeys from around the country, there is one thing they all share in common: their love for bananas. In Washington, DC they host an annual Bananarchy event and Bananas can be found battling Santas nationwide.  Camp Monkey Business also host its own weekend camping retreat every year outside of DC and the 2012 CMB was the location where a music video for "Go-Go Bananas" was filmed. All Good Funk Alliance has worked with a few other producers to push a fresh new "Future Go-Go" sound, rei-magining DC's own indigenous Go-Go music for dancefloors and DJs.  Go-Go Bananas combines a pocket Go-Go beat with the raw Banana madness of CMB and vocals by Mustafa Akbar of Nappy Riddem and Fort Knox Five. It's time to let loose and get crazy as we "Go-Go Bananas" in the music video produced by Jesse Justice.

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