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Favorite ThisAligning Minds - Retro Reflector Mix [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: December 20, 2013
By: Anand Harsh

We have the distinct privilege of premiering a brand new mix from our great friends, Aligning Minds. The Mid-Atlantic duo has had a banner year, and to celebrate, they've assembled a mix that truly represents the journey they've taken over the past year. This is what they had to say about it:
2013 has been an interesting year to say the least, filled with twists, turns and adventures that have led to some unexpected places. Originally intended to be shared on the tail end of summer festival season, this mix showcases a lot of favorite vibes from the year and brings them together in a cohesive journey that tells the tale of AM's musical landscape of 2013.  Weaving together some unexpected selections, dubs and sleepers, we impart this to our listeners with a final stamp on what has been a truly pivotal year!

There are tons of unreleased gems on this mix, as well as tunes from Desert Dwellers, Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, and Adham Shaikh! The two minds will split tomorrow to headline shows in both Asheville, NC and northern New Jersey.

Vano - Fading Away (Unreleased)
Vano - Rising From The East (Unreleased)
Aligning Minds - Meet My Blurb (Unreleased)
Aligning Minds - Beyond Fear (Unreleased)
Klatu - Blacklight
Kalya Scintilla - Whomp Shanti (Mr Squatch Remix)
Kalya Scintilla - Break Belief (Desert Dwellers Remix)
Aligning Minds - Folk Lore (Push/Pull REmix)
Aligning Minds - A Noble Truth 
Desert Dwellers - Moonlit Horizons (Drumspyder Remix)
Alice Spacedoll - Soul Blood
Desert Dwellers - Subterranean Sanctuary (Aligning Minds Remix)
Adham Shaikh -  Carpet Breaker (Bluetech Remix)
Point B - The Void
Aligning Minds - Philo Effekt (Unreleased)

Artwork by: Jeremy Opio -