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Favorite ThisAlexisonfire - To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix)

Published: August 23, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

You really got to give it up for Adventure Club. Not only do they consistently bust out dazzling soundscapes, but they have an impeccable taste in music that has helped snag the attention of music lovers in genres across the board.
The duo has remixed a diverse list of artists over the years including Brand New, The Shangri-Las, Britney Spears, Thrice, Young Jeezy, Flight Facilities, and now Alexisonfire. While this last name might mean little to many followers of EDM, we guarantee there are a few of you out there that grew up on this band. Hardcore punk that strikes up an impunitive balance between beauty and disaster, resulting in catchy yet tumultuous tunes-so in other words, the perfect song for the boys of Adventure Club to take on. “To A Friend” opens up with traces of guitar chords from the original track, before quickly moving towards a genuinely melodic and entrancing instrumental section. Next up are Dallas Green’s electrifying vocals, which pour an unlimited supply of emotion over touching synth lines; a breathtaking combo that meshes like pancakes and syrup. 
It’s been a hot minute since we’ve experienced an Adventure Club song this chilled out, and our ears seem to get enough of it. Canadian punk meets Canadian dubstep, and the result is undeniably fresh. 

Tags: DubstepHouse