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Favorite ThisAlexandre takes his flexible DnB sound to new heights on 'Pullup'

Published: December 11, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Alexandre - PullupA couple months back, Black Marble Collective—a Los Angeles-based underground electroncic label—led off its massive RAVETOOLS collection with Alexandre's “Underground.” The jam-packed tracklist was also bolstered by a gazillion old-school rave samples.

Well Alexandre Lavigne is back, and it sounds like he's been diving into the sample pack himself. The result is a brand new EP, Infinite Combo, which goes whole hog on all sorts of drum and bass, juke, and uptempo styles.

I wanted to premiere a number of tracks from the EP, but the lead off cut, “Pullup,” really stopped me in my tracks. A subtle DnB build breaks down into a halftime, head-nodding groove, and then out of left-field comes this moombahton breakdown. Lavigne is throwing the kitchen sink at this one. This kind of inventiveness is what earned him a spot at The Untz Festival this past summer, and is going to keep fans interested continuing into 2020.

Tags: Drum and Bass