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Favorite ThisAlexandre kicks off a massive RAVETOOLS pack with 'Underground'

Published: October 18, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

RAVETOOLSWhen it comes to being an AKIRA stan, I'm as basic as they come. Have I fantasized about buying Kaneda's Good For Health, Bad For Education red leather jacket? Of course. But I'm not Eddie Murphy, so I can't pull off that much red leather.

The good news is, Black Marble Collective's got you. On October 23, the LA-based label is dumping almost 30 forward-thinking bass tunes into the bloodstream, giving artists 150 classic rave samples, and giving fans the opportunity to get one of two styles of AKIRA with a twist t-shirts that let you rep the style, without taking a major sartorial leap.

It's all part of their new RAVETOOLS package, which our buddy Alexandre leads off with “Underground.” It's a rave-inspired, acid hooked, drum and bass tune with plenty of throwback sounds. Anyone who caught him on the STM stage at The Untz Festival knows what I'm talking about. And the rest of the lineup is just as unique and progressive.

Pre-order this bundle from BLACK MARBLE RECORDS today!

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