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Favorite ThisAlejo flips 'What I Say'

Published: April 24, 2018

By: Heather Hodder


Alejo’s new track “What I Say (Flip)” is an electronic breakbeat update on a classic. The track samples parts of Ray Charles’s “What I’d Say,” mixing in Alejo’s own ambient and dissociated beats with unexpected bass drops, all the while maintaining the upbeat chill vibe of the original. Alejo’s track is perfect for spending a lazy Saturday on the beach or for driving to a festival.

The vibe is chill with unexpected subtle drops, resulting in an electronic track that’s both edgy and smooth. The echoing strum of the guitar sucks you in and then surprises you with elements of experimental bass, driving rhythms, synthesized glitches and the echoing smooth voice of Charles. Alejo’s unique ambient and trip hop sound is similar to artists such as Andreilien, Tipper and BogTroTTer, but with a little more funk and jazz influences. 

Alejo, Alex Hinger, hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a staple of the ThazDope Records crew, and in just a few weeks you can catch Alejo live with EAZYBAKED at The Untz Music Festival Pre- party on May 2 in Oakland, California.

The Untz Festival Pre-party


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