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Favorite ThisAGENT O & Vermyllion go on a 'Fridge Raid'

Published: May 1, 2020

By: Anand Harsh

I've gained a hefty number of pounds since the world imploded and I became locked in my house, so this new track I've got for you hits particularly close to home.

Spicy Boi Vermyllion brought his new collab with AGENT O to my attention this week. “Fridge Raid” is a real rough and tumble track with plenty of growling bass and a stuttering, percussive line.

Both AGENT O (David Olivares) and Vermyllion (Gabe Cozzens) are Chicago-based producers, and have been really prolific in their short stints on the scene. There are a bunch of remixes, flips, collabs, and so forth on their feeds if you're intrigued enough to do some digging on the back shelves where the light doesn't hit.

This COVID-19 crisis hit at a time when a lot of artists we're featuring have been really hitting their stride, so make sure to keep them in your thoughts and pony up on days like today when you can send them some extra love.

Tags: DubstepTrap