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Favorite ThisAFK: Killionaire EP Review

Published: March 7, 2013
By: Charlotte Roxanne Horton

With Datsik's Firepower Records debuting new music left and right, they have fulfilled their mission statement, to "bring through fresh, exciting production talent." On AFK’s new EP, Killionaire, fans of dubstep are able to find a concoction of fresh electronic elements in one place. The major focus is dubstep, but within that focus, AFK mixes in euphoric vocals, grimy gamer- inspired synths, and refreshing drops – a unique combination of trap, drum and bass, and of course, dubstep.

The first track on the EP, “Pinkman,” is the grimiest and hardest of all the music you’ll find on Killionaire. The synths are deep and chaotic, and the only times it breaks is to hear a man’s voice yell.

“Go Home” teases you throughout from moments of euphoria, subtle trance-like elements meshed in with bobbing sounds of dirtier beats. The track brings back those elements of old skool rave influences, bringing a new dimension to it’s big drum stomp and flighty bass line.

“Who Wants Some” uses the same subtle elements, but goes straight for the jugular with the grimier elements it uses. The basslines are chaotic and the vocals are less pretty, a consistency somehow deeper and more bouncy.

“On The Floor” gets the listener dancing and feeling the vibes the name of the track employs. Elements of rap, and bouncy synths make this track fun to dance to, while it also features favorites on the label like Messinian and then an included remix of the track from Rekoil. Rekoil’s remix keeps most of the same elements of the original, but makes it more grimier and somehow fastpaced.

The next track “Hear Me Shout” has the refreshing mixture of infectious vocals with beats clearly focused on destruction. The song has many of the same elements as the EP’s first track, but puts the perspective into a much lighter context.

Jimmy Blythe (AFK), is originally from Dallas, TX, where he played shows for years until he toured with Firepower last year. The rise to superstardom takes patience, but he's well on his way.

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