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Favorite ThisAdam Deitch drops Late Nite Collection mixtape on Golden Wolf

Published: May 7, 2015

Story by: Anand Harsh

Artwork by: Thomas Waldron (Higher Lifestyles)

You know that old Aziz Ansari joke about Kanye West bragging about how he made four beats a day? This is the guy. Adam Deitch is that guy! More like 40 a day, in his case...

Deitch is the kind of artist who is always busy; working on a billion different things at once. Between producing for hip-hop artists, drumming for Lettuce, Break Science, the Pretty Lights band, and sitting in with a half a dozen other beatsmiths, he has amassed nearly two decades of scraps of songs, sketches, and inklings of ideas.

Today, the visionary and instrumental icon lays out years and years of collabs and remixes and jam sessions in one big mixtape on his Golden Wolf label. The Late Nite Collection is quilt covering hip-hop, R&B, Dilla-esque musings, and neo-soul poetry from as far back as the early 2000's. The cohesive thread that runs through the collection is its the chillest of the chill, perfect for cozy nights, and early morning coffee. When you're just trying to kick it, this is your soundtrack.

Here's what he had to say about the mixtape:

These tracks have been sitting in my iTunes play list WAY too long. If you've ever hung out with me, chances are I played you these beats on whatever system was available. I compiled all of these from the hundreds of tracks I have laying around based on their ability to CHILL ME OUT! These instrumentals can put peaceful visions in your mind while keeping you grounded with soulful thumping drum breaks and bass lines. J Dilla, Pete Rock, and Diamond D's styles have been constant sources of inspiration for these joints! Have fun relaxin!!
Deitch - Late Nite CollectionTracklist
1. Hidden Future Conscious (Nigel Hall: live Bass, Fender Rhodes)
2. Flora Fauna (Nigel Hall: live Bass, Fender Rhodes)  
3. No Fear of Flying
4. Wanna Do it!
5. Electrik Drank
6. Sweeter Dreams
7. Magic Wanderer (Nikki Glaspie: Drum Programming)
8. Extreme Methods of Wisdom (Malcolm X vox)
9. Kalimba of Ra (Eric Krasno on guitar)
10.Winds of Change (Nigel Hall: Rhodes, Vox)
11. Universal Love Unlimited (Jesus Coomes: guitar)
12. Sunrise on the BQE 
13. Laid Back (CX Vox) 
14. Toast to the Greats (co-produced with Eric Krasno) 
15. When the City Sleeps 
16. Radiohead remix "If I Could Bloom" (co produced by E.O.)
All songs Produced by Adam Deitch over the last 15 years / Ingredients: ASR 10,  Korg Triton and Pro Tools, random Percussion and bits of Live Drums, Fender Rhodes, Moog Voyager, guitar and bass.

Tags: BreaksDowntempoHip HopLivetronica