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Favorite ThisAcafool - Patron (Bottle Service Remix) [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

Published: March 19, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

Couldn't be more excited to introduce a brand new powerhouse to the LA scene. Bottle Service is the brainchild of bass legend Stephan Jacobs and his colleagues Henry Strange and Metaphase. What's the trio's mission? To get them booties poppin' like bottles, of course.
Taking an irreverent trip down the electro and house path to the big room rave, Bottle Service wants to leave all pretension behind and just make people dance. And this remix of Acafool's "Patron," will do the trick. As fiery as its namesake makes the club, this track bounces its way into a full on climax with a halftime trap breakdown that will break your knees.
You're going to want to catch the SoCal supergroup's debut performance at LURE Hollywood on March 29th with Robotic Pirate Monkey and Pumpkin, as part of Grateful Generation's ABunDance fiesta. Dress up and get on down. This party blends the Burning Man aesthetic with that sexy LA vibe--performers, illusionists, acrobatics, this shindig exemplifies everything Bottle Service is about. Would you like to be serviced?