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Favorite ThisAbleminds: Faces Review

Published: August 6, 2012
By: Jordan Calvano

Everything in music—as it is in life—is all about balance. While this is a pretty broad statement, interpretable in endless ways, we are specifically talking about balance in regards to Ableminds.

The Denver duo (Jordan Linit & Charlie Mertens) has been on a roll of late, while perfecting a carefully crafted balance between tantalizing live instruments, and bass-filled, glitched out production. These key ingredients have become a formula for success since the genesis of Ableminds, and has helped them stick to one of their main goals as artists; create music that is “Sure to make your ass shake.” This is evident from their debut EP Medicated Frequencies, which features jagged synth bursts, an ominous ambiance, and of course ass shake inducing drum licks.

On the duo’s first full-length release, Faces, they take their sound to uncharted territories with more live instruments, more bass, and a lot more soul, aided by drummer George Horn.

Kicking things off is “Crusaders,” which releases the sonic floodgates with a series of pulsating bass lines and emphatic guitar chords. The track seems to tell a funky story of a great adventure, but allows the listener’s imagination to fill in its exact details.

“Let It All Go” strikes immediately with gripping vocal samples that will float into the ears of anyone tuned in, and then disappear into oblivion before they can fully grasp what was just experienced.  This urge will soon fade away, as Deploi pops in and starts spitting some charismatic bars over the group’s groovy soundscapes.

“Get a Thrill” is a powerful tune that contains choppy bass lines layered over bright snare hits, which fit perfectly with the glitched out vocals of Natalie Cole. “6 in the Morning” is an abstract jam session that seems to embody elements of genres all across the world, while staying true to that Colorado swagger.  

Ableminds does big things on their first full-length album, and provides fans with a tangible style of music that comes to life every time you press play.

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