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Favorite ThisAbakus - Spark

Published: May 1, 2012
By: Anand Harsh
Russ Davies has entered a new phase in his career. Known for his downtempo, tech-house, and nu-disco tracks, his Abakus project has taken a radically different turn towards glitch-hop. The product of an incomparable musical education in London, Davies it appears is equally influenced by Kraftwerk as he is Blunt Instrument. Fusing both contemporary and nascent electronic music elements from the dawn of EDM, Abakus' new album, Futurism (out May 7th on Modus Records), is chock full of squirty bass and hip-hop beats. "Spark" is indicative of the overall vibe and tone of the album. Building towards an X-Wing dogfight across the surface of the Death Star, the groove and synthetic thrust of the cut imply an across-the-board shift in the Abakaus flight plan.