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Favorite ThisA taste of Trouble & Bass – Event Preview

Published: March 28, 2011

If you’re in New York for April Fools Day, get mischievous at the Trouble & Bass party at Good Units. The futuristic DJ crew has become well known for events that showcase genre-defying electronic producers. This party will be no different, with scheduled sets by Toddla T, Redlight, Untold, Canblaster, and T&B’s own Star Eyes and The Captain.

England’s Toddla T has been DJing since his early teens, and he has a regular slot on BBC Radio 1’s “In New DJs We Trust” program. If you haven’t heard his bass-heavy dancehall mixes, be sure to check out the tracks on his Myspace page.

Redlight has dance-party house down pat. His sample-heavy, speedy beats are edgy and fun. Redlight’s remix of Kano’s “Get Wild,” featuring Aidonia and Wiley injects electro into the hip hop/reggae sounds of the original. His mix of Kelly Rowland’s “Commander” showcases his ability to turn an uninspired pop track into a heavy-hitting house song.

Untold has said that his roots are in dubstep, but he breeds those roots with techno and house sounds, among others. The result? The dubstep spirit is alive and well in songs like “Stereo Freeze,” but it just doesn’t feel right to tie his tracks down to a specific genre.

Untold - Stereo Freeze

Canblaster is a dance hit champ. “Jetpack” is a fun track filled with upbeat, quirky progressions and transitions, and strung with sexy samples. I dare you not to dance to this.

Canblaster - Jetpack

Star Eyes lists “staying up too late” as one of her influences on her Facebook page, and that’s how her music feels. “Black Ice” demonstrates her ability to make slow, bass-heavy tracks that make you feel like you’ve been up to no good. There aren’t enough women out there making this kind of music, and Star Eyes keeps up with the boys.

Star Eyes - "Black Ice"

The Captain is a master at melodic electronic tracks. His Kuduro edit of “Wut” reflects the careful consideration he puts into production. It’s emotionally charged, but it will have you dancing, not sulking.

Wut (The Captain's Kuduro Edit)


If you like what you’ve heard, you can RSVP for the 18+ T&B event here for reduced admission before midnight.