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Favorite ThisA 40oz Collective pumps out massive mix to celebrate one year

Published: May 13, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

A 40oz CollectiveFlorida's A 40oz Collective, easily one of the hottest underground bass music crews in the country right now. Coming off the release last month of G-Space's smash album, the collective has been in full crush mode for a year, and visual.9, one of the crew's leaders, has assembled a monster mix to celebrate it.

With icons on the mix like Culprate, Chee, DMVU, and Esseks, and newcomers like Black Carl!, Abelation, and Zimbu, you're also going to find that a full three-quarters of this massive 90-minute collective is coming from artists coming out to The Untz Festival this year, including the aforementioned G-Space, tiedye ky, VCTRE, Shield, Player Dave, and vide. Not only that, but this thing is a minefield of IDs.

Even though they don't have a takeover at the festival (yet), A 40oz Collective will be well-represented on the west coast this year, but they don't need our help for the nationwide takeover, it would appear.

Visual.9 x G-Space - Ramona Flowers (Outro)
tiedye ky x Schmoop - ID
VCTRE x Kromuh - ID
Keota - ID
Schmoop - Get Back
Kliine - ID
Visual.9 x Bass Banditz - Shim Sham
Tango x Bass Banditz - ID
Rest in Pierce x BoHemian x Fowl Play - ID
Craze w/ Shield - Humans are Stupid
Player Dave x sumthin sumthin - ID
Milano - ID
Abelation - ID
Vide x Eazybaked - ID
Yunis - Light Headed
Kromuh - Bless The Underground
Cut Rugs - ID
Chee x G-Space - ID
Frank - ID
Black Carl! & Zimbu - Red Eyes
Honey Bee - quarry
Date Modified Tomorrow - Drugs (Mike.ill x SuDs)
Esseks - Sounds from the Attic
yunis - illusions
Ludge x Parrotice - ID
Solarious x BoHemian - ID
Carlo Frick - ID
HUMORME - Oh It’s Awful
VCTRE - Roped
Cut Rugs - Highest String (feat. Kirby Bright)
Solotrip - Expensive Hoodie
tiedye ky - ID
Kompozart - ID
NEWSENSEi x Patches O'Malley - ID
Mindset - Left My Laptop in Halifax
G-Space x lysn. x BoHemian - Swervin in the Streets
G-Space x tiedye ky - Space Cowboys (feat. Pipus) (Outro)
Solotrip - ID
MiKrodot x Vibe Emissions - No Prejudice
Ravenscoon - ID
Supertask - _______ _______
tiedye ky - ID
DMVU - Girl Music
Corporeal - Scar Tissue
Culprate, Keota x Sophie Meiers - Mechanic Heartbeat

Tags: DubstepGlitchTrap