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Favorite This7 Minutes Dead - Peacock (Haywyre Remix) [Out NOW on Monstercat]

Published: January 30, 2014
By: Anand Harsh

"I'm black, NBC! Very proud, like peacocks! Right, Janet?" Sorry... the word "peacock" just makes me think Tracy Morgan. But that was until I heard the Haywyre remix of 7 Minutes Dead's "Peacock." Now all I can think of is silky smooth future jazz with sumptuous bass slaps and irreverent beat breakdowns. Monstercat classifies this one as nu-disco, which I suppose I get. Personally, I just see him pushing the glitch-hop envelope with each subsequent release. Martin Vogt is a machine, and in the build up to his highly anticipated Two Fold release, everything he touches turns to gold. Not that our buddy 7MD out of Texas needed rescuing with his original. Quite the contrary. In fact, we'd be pleased if we learned more collabs were in the works!