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Favorite This20 in 30: The Manhattan Project - "Atomic"

Published: August 24, 2011

TMPRadioactive duo The Manhattan Project, comprised of drummer Shawn Drogan and keyboardist Charlie Lindner, throw their dancehall and live-house sound right into the middle of 2011 Digital Music Sampler. The pair have been perfecting their sound from their home base in Rochester, NY, playing with the biggest of the big in the northeast, including their heroes Lotus and Conspirator (for whom they'll be opening a couple of dates on the latter act's 2011 Fall Tour).

With an intro that sounds like it's ripped straight from the intense parts of 3 Men and a Baby (remember how intense that shit got with the drug dealers and cross-dressing in that parking garage?), "Atomic" suddenly crashes into dancefloor madness with throbbing drums and synths that won't quit. In his review of TMP's Atomic Bomb Party, Vol. 2, The Untz's Evan Thomas wrote "[Atomic is] a song that’s equally as comfortable pulsing through a set of worn-out headphones as through rows of eighteen-inch speakers. The song transforms from downtempo introspection to infectious and punchy, then back again." Couldn't agree more, Ev. But we agree the best way to hear The Manhattan Project is live. Catch them this weekend at Slyfest 6 in upstate New York.

The Manhattan Project - Atomic

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