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Favorite This20 in 30: Organik Time Machine

Published: September 11, 2011

Organik Time MachineIf it comes from Oregon, chances are its 'Organik.' Ashland's Organik Time Machine, comprised of drummer Jessie Ostreicher, guitarist/bassist Chris Barbuto, and keyboardist Cory Harrell, fuses several disparate styles of electronic dance music--from d&b to trance, hip-hop to dubstep, glitch, house, and beyond--to not only blur the lines between musical genres, but give close-minded EDM junkies a chance to expand their boundaries and just plain get down. With all members contributing to the production and programming process, OTM's compositions blend seamlessly, giving their tracks a chameleon-like quality, which has led to them opening for acts as different as VibeSquaD and Prometheus.

Organik Time Machine's contribution to 2011 Digital Music Sampler is a ethereal changeling of a track. "React-or?" hits hard from the outset, with a New Deal-esque, trance-fueled groove. A slight detour to a dubstep breakdown resolves right back into the established pocket, and then here comes a soaring guitar solo. Then with little more warning than a vocal sampler, the listener is thrust into a glitchy purgatory. Wiggling and wobbling basslines punctuate an eerie ambiance, slowing building back with synth and guitar work. This psychedelic environment houses a number of drops and rebounds in intensity, before fading away into deep space. Spooky!

Organik Time Machine - React-or?

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