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Favorite This20 in 30: LoBounce Strikes Oil

Published: August 14, 2011

LoBounceProducers of's 2011 Digital Music Sampler were overjoyed at the prospect of bringing Chicago's LoBounce on board the project. To say he rose to the occasion would be an understatement. The young dubstep and bass music producer crafted a brand new electro-house banger specifically for the sampler, blending his cutting edge techniques with his one-of-a-kind compositional know-how; a result of years spent learning guitar in the bluesy, working class city. Known for his signature "drippy bass" ubiquitous in his debut full-length Bouncetown, Carlo Pasquesi shows off a new facet of his talent with "Oil Slick."

With a maturity well beyond his years, Pasquesi's build is a lesson in patience--first laying a foundation of four-on-the-floor intensity, and then hanging synth trumpets from the scaffolding. The purity of the production borders on immaculate. Each instrument is precise and wholesome, no tinny or false plug-ins here. With anticipation reaching near fever-pitch, LoBounce slips subtly into the drop, a schizophrenic polyrhythm riding that 4/4 beat. When the drop has run its course, Pasquesi rebuilds towards the ultimate climax. This time, where the listener expects more electro-house madness, a whirring, high-frequency wobble blasts through the dance feel, injecting a hardscrabble edge to this club tune.

This gem is unmistakably catchy. There is no doubt that more accolades are liable to be heaped upon the young producer before long. To learn more about LoBounce, check out The Untz Podcast interview with Carlo Pasquesi recorded earlier this year, and stay tuned to for more info about his forthcoming EP Back from the Front.

LoBounce - Oil Slick

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