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Favorite This20 in 30: Greg Reve - Decoy (ill.Gates & Dov Remix)

Published: August 23, 2011

DecoySonic ass-kicking is not a problem for Canadian glitch maestro ill.Gates or Muti Music's Dov. Veterans of several collaborations, the two evil geniuses always seem to find a way to add some punch to already pungent tracks. ill.Gates has, of course, become well-known for his work in dubstep and bass music, notably most recently for his work with Bassnectar. As the head of Muti, Dov is synonymous with heavy-heating artists who put out super intense music on the label. It goes without saying that his ol' pal ill.Gates has appeared on a number of Muti releases. The filthiness ensues with their contribution to 2011 Digital Music Sampler.

The duo's take on Greg Reve's "Decoy" is gut-wrenching. Reve (formerly T.O.B.) is known for his symphonic compositions. They're there, all right, but lurking behind these beautiful string arrangements is the most twisted drop you may ever here. Imagine taking a dentist's drill and applying it directly to your cochlea. That's what sort of demonic game Dov and ill.Gates apply to the stark beauty of Reve's melody. With a rhythm somewhere between drumstep, d 'n' b, and mechanical spiders skittering across a nuclear wasteland, a sort of eerie, post-apocalyptic feeling descends upon this menacing cut. Not to say that it isn't a rip-roaring old time. Take a listen, if you dare.

Greg Reve - Decoy (ill.Gates & Dov Remix)

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