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Favorite This20 in 30: FILMI - "Hinduistics" (FS Remix)

Published: August 21, 2011

Since Frederick Sargolini was a wee lad, music has been his life. He built his first mixer out of an Atari and electronic rubble, started DJ'ing and playing guitar and piano before he hit puberty, and went on to produce hits for R&B figures like Brandy barely into his 20's. As FS, Sargolini has shared the stage with Sting, St. Germain, Burning Spear and more, while scoring film, television, and commercials. Recently, he's had a string of success in the world dubstep, charting #1 singles with "Yup" and "Touch o' Klass." FS contributes a brand new banger to's 2011 Digital Music Sampler inspired by his multicultural surroundings in the heart of Brooklyn.

The FS remix of FILMI's "Hinduistics" brings a bit of eastern flavor to the brutal world of bass. The rollicking Bollywood feel of the original tune is turned into a glitched out backbeat of intense rhythmic interplay and disparate melodic overlays. Built on a foundation of whiplash-inducing drops, the pounding stutter-beat is omnipresent, propelling the track forward like some hurky-jerky Hindi film being rewound and fast-forwarded on an old-school VCR. The tenacity and brilliance of FS shines through with this South Asian gem.

FILMI - Hindistics (FS Remix)

Tags: Dubstep