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Favorite This20 in 30: Artem Zlobin feat. Plasmic - "V.D.S.P."

Published: September 14, 2011

ZlobinFrom Russia (and Canada) with love, 2011 Digital Music Sampler gets a swift kick in the junk--dubstep style. Artem Zlobin produced his first remix on the label Crystal Clouds Recordings under nickname Atem Niblz. Under this moniker, he created numerous releases including Mirror, which was released on Amplified Digital. In late 2010, Artem Zlobin was beginning to widen his style variations into electro house, dubstep, trance, and ambient in which he developed a new production project name Artem Zlobin (his real name). His first dubstep release was produced on the label RFR Digital, a Canadian-based digital label that's got its eyes on the prize.

"V.D.S.P." grabs the listener by the throat and does not let go. This monster of a track features tons of screaming guitars and ample sampling. It's not cheesy brostep, though. This is really well-thought-out and articulate. Zlobin's background in trance allows him to add some elements of beauty with really intricate synthwork. And it's not just ABAB, there are several distinct sections to this composition. The drops are great, of course, but the real highlights are in the tight builds and intense breakdowns. Quite a bold statement from the very young producer.

Artem Zlobin feat. Plasmic - V.D.S.P.