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Favorite This12th Planet / Spannk (Gainesville, FL) / 02.16.11

Published: February 20, 2011

By: Maria Farias

12th Planet - Spannk“I feel like this is one of those nights I can play whatever I want” shouted 12th Planet into the microphone. It was one of those nights: an intimate night between artist and fan that you only get at a private party. America’s First King of Dubstep graced Gainesville’s Spannk Nightclub with all the humility royalty can be expected to muster.

The show, to say the least, was amazing. Famous for his West Coast brand of dubstep, he introduced the South to killer beats that would make any East Coaster change teams.

I’ve had my share of run-ins with dubstep, but I never came out craving more. Arriving at Spannk around midnight, I expected to find a crowd packed around the car bar, eagerly anticipating 12th Planet’s entrance. Instead, I walked onto an empty dance floor. Confused, I wandered outside and discovered the missing audience. Holding a drink in his hand, here was Mr. Dadzie mingling with his fans. About an hour—and few drinks—later, he took the stage and brought an unearthly vibe into the bar.

Like the mythological 12th Planet, his beats are off axis and his subsonic frequencies blast unsuspecting bystanders into their own orbit.  By the time the speakers blasted his sweet remix of Rye Rye's “Sunshine,” the King had recruited one more soldier to join his extraterrestrial dubstep army. I was immediately hooked on his vibe, and, more importantly, convinced that dubstep could be fun.

12th Planet - Mishka DJ Mix


















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