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Favorite This10 Things You Need To Know About Dodge & Fuski: Stop What You're Doing

Published: January 26, 2014
By: Matthew Meadow

Dodge & Fuski are back on Disciple Recordings with their first EP in over a year. Stop What You're Doing sports four tracks hitting the 100's and up on the BPM scale with sit-ins from Splitbreed, The McMash Clan, and DMC champ JFB on this exclusive premiere! Matthew Meadow got a chance to chat with the guys about what they've been up to, and their evolving sound. The EP drops tomorrow (January 27th).

So the first thing I want to ask about is the apparent switch from dubstep to glitch hop in a lot of your productions. What generated this change? Does it have anything to do with dubstep's somewhat drop in popularity or was it a more personal choice?

[Dodge] To be honest I ran out of ideas with Dubstep. The scene has changed a lot in recent years and I just felt like I could do something a bit more interesting/standout at 100bpm as I used to be a hiphop producer. I did an oldskool wobbly Dubstep track on the EP for good measure but it's not the focus of what I'm doing now.

We have yet to see an EP from you guys focusing solely on glitch hop. Is that what you're going for with Stop What You're Doing?

Mainly - to be honest it's now the general focus. I haven't abandoned the 140bpm stuff though, so it'll keep making some kind of appearance. I just want to do something that has a bit more space to carve my own sound into.

Splitbreed is going to be providing vocals on the title track. Did you become interested in their talent after you remixed their track with Pegboard Nerds, 'High Roller'?

Yeah that's where they came onto my radar. They're also really nice guys and work hard which to be honest is half the battle when it comes to creative people. I'm gonna be working with a lot of vocalist this year as it lends itself to what I'm currently doing.

Dodge & FuskiThe title track also features DMC champion JFB. How did you guys get into talks about doing a track together?

I've known JFB for a while now and it just kind of happened. I think he sent me some scratching at 100bpm like a year ago and I finally finished a track off using it in time for this EP. It's been in the works for a while!

What are we going to hear on this EP that we haven't heard from you guys ever before?

808s. It was a rule I thought I'd never break but the intro to bringing wobble back has them in. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a trap hater, it's just the sheer rate that the majority of the scene jumped onto the bandwagon that made me laugh.

How long has this EP been in production? Your last EP, Bad Meaning Good, came out over a year ago; but in that time, you've still been producing and releasing tracks like "Vice" with Culprate and remixes for Pegboard Nerds and Astronaut. Has it been difficult/challenging/fun having to manage so many different projects at once?

Some of the tracks (such as the title track) have been on to go for a year. It's not really difficult to manage multiple tracks as they just sit in your DAW until you feel like working on them - I probably have at least twice as many unfinished ideas sat in Cubase as I've ever released, but that's for a good reason.

Along that same line, we've all been waiting for a new Never Say Die mix (or maybe it's just me?). I've listened to your #15 mix more times than I can count, and I still consider it one of my all-time favorites. Can we expect a new one for the EP release?

[Laughs] thanks - we do volume mixes for every Disciple Recordings (our label) release in exactly the same way NSD do them. They're all on the Disciple website and Soundcloud page.

If someone were to look through your Facebook page in the past week, they might find a mention of a potential album *wink wink*. Anything you can say about that?

To be honest I was kind of thinking out loud on the Facebook page so there really isn't much else to say except for the fact that it's definitely my intention this year. I have a couple early things that might make it onto the album but the pages are mostly blank right now. It'll probably be around 50%-70% 100bpm, and then a bit of Dubstep and House, but that could all change. We'll see!

What can we expect from Disciple Recordings in the coming year? New artists? Releases?

We have some unbelievably sick emerging artists on the label coming in 2014 which I can't wait to share with you all. As NSD helped to found Disciple with us they've had a very influential effect on how we run the label and we have a really solid group of artists now calling Disciple home. Barely Alive are one of our most promising acts, you really should check them out, and we also have a singer/Dubstep producer who we'll be introducing in spring who is insanely talented.

Final question - where is your favorite place to play and why is it Los Angeles? And why haven't we seen you since June 2012?

Haha joker! The weather is an obvious one not to mention the fact you have multiple in-and-out burgers. And I found a mini starship enterprise in the canals once... Anyway, as I explain on an almost daily basis on our Facebook page (and the reason we don't cruise around on nonstop Caribbean tours) is we play wherever we get booked, it's not really something we have any control over. Nobody has booked us in LA for over a year now - well overdue in my opinion! Anyone who want us to play in their town (including LA), get your local promoters/event organizers to email and book us!

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