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When: -

Where: Lake Tulloch Resort (7260 O'Byrnes Ferry Road, Copperopolis, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Camp Questionmark

Genres: DowntempoDubstepGlitchHip HopLivetronica

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$ 50.00
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$ 65.00

Camp Questionmark Presents... WHAT'S NEXT?


As we approach the end of 2012 and look towards the awakening of 2013, we ask ourselves the question... 'What's Next?' .......& the answer is... THIS!

For the ones that would rather bring in the new year with a BOOM!

Come transition with us at the inevitable evolution of music & new years events. Surround yourself with perfect music & good intentions, at an event catered to you specifically. Giving you the best possible conditions to guarantee a full, safe, all night, all inclusive gathering. This event will take place at a private resort, on a lake, providing a beautiful space for the transition. Perfect atmosphere to celebrate with good people, without having to worry about the usual. If you don't want to follow the masses, be stuck in a massive, get kicked out early when the party stops, or pay even more $ for a bunch of 'afterparties' that don't go all night... then come to the event that will definitely satisfy the hunger for a proper new years eve party. A raging event with more love put into it than anything else, for you to celebrate & enjoy, safely.


First Lineup Announcement... bringing that next...


•SON OF KICK• (UK -Muti Music/WayWay)

Producer, DJ, and multi instrumentalist Son Of Kick is making waves with his bumping, super-charged live set. A bass-feast packed full of glitch, dubstep, heavy grooves and the insanely unpredictable. Catch him dropping acapella’s from Method Man or rocking snippets from the Violent Femmes alongside his own productions. On a playing field of his own right now, it was friend and vocalist RQM that recently coined his new style, ‘Psychostep’. Based in London, S.O.K.’s sound & style has already been picked up by various labels including the Stanton Warrior’s own Beat’s and pioneering London imprint Botchit and Scarper.

{What the papers say:}

~"File Under ‘unexpected pleasure’." (Clash Magazine, UK)

~"One of the most exciting and inventive producers I’ve heard this year - a fantastic blend of style and energy." (Bassnectar - Om Records/Amorphous – SF)

~"Bass heavy freshness from S.O.K. Definitely a producer to watch for."(Mark,Stanton Warriors–Punk/Beats, London)


Swamp began mastering his DJ skills more than 15 years ago. In 1996, his rookie year, he took the title of USA DMC Champion. Being true to his nature in an arena that was predominantly influenced by a very hip hop-esque culture, Swamp stepped up to the decks looking like some kind of junky punk. He was well received by the audience despite his counter-culture appearance because he exhibited skills that defied perception and already possessed a stage presence that many of his contemporaries still lacked. The finale came when he closed his set by freakin’ Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and then smashing his records. Notorious for mischief, while he’s on the turntables his shows are highly anticipated by those who know that they can expect to see something spectacular. For four years DJ swamp toured as a member of beck’s band. Immediately following his decision to depart from the band, swamp released his solo debut album, ‘never is now’ and toured to back the release. His decision to go out on his own gave him just the independence that he was looking for and opened up the avenue to self-expression that both he and the fans were seeking.


(Güttstar) is by no means your traditional producer. Louie Armstrong once ushered the advice "learn everything there is, then throw it all away and just play." In an age where electronic music has shed the stylistic shackles of it's youth and all cultures have been made mutually tangible a sonic artist is emancipated to use all the world as their palette. Guttstar has done just that. Artistic identity is without a doubt chiseled from the creative forces one has encountered. Starting with hip-hop, Guttstar was hooked on electronic beats from an early age. But it was once he went to college that he was exposed to the sheer energy of live music. The hyperactive rock and jazz scene of Burlington, VT was the epicenter of the jam band movement of the late nineties and the power of creative improvisation struck deep within Guttstar. Fusing the gridlocked world of electronic music with the emotion and unpredictability of live instrumentation. If you have heard the music he is currently making, you know why you cant miss him live.


Sound Remedy is an American electronic music producer based out of Los Angeles, California. Hailing from Chicago, SR has been crafting his sound since the young age of 16, but only started to produce music fulltime 2 years ago. Despite obtaining a degree in finance from one of the nation’s elite business schools, SR opted to take a risk and pursue his true passion; music. Being that both of his parents are graduates of Juilliard School of Music and full time Chicago Symphony Orchestra players, this decision may have been in the cards all along. In 2012, Sound Remedy has already been commissioned to remix for such artists as Hermitude (EMI UK) and Superbus (Polydor France). He has also written original music for commercials premiering during NBA championship games, played shows across the US, and has seized the blog world by storm with multiple hype machine topping tracks.

Sound Remedy has made a name for himself by composing tracks that defy the laws of the traditional dance music. His epic creations can be likened to enthralling musical journey’s that captivate the listener from start to finish. There is truly no end in sight when it comes to the rapid growth of the Sound Remedy movement.


Willy Whompa’s laconic tenure in the DJ/production scene remains a well-kept secret. Hitting heavy from the gate, he fuses together a musical dialogue composed of originally produced glitchy mid-tempo purple goodness and hard hitting dubstep driven by heavily melodic ass-shaking basslines. This fresh-faced kid is sure to drop some visceral beats appealing to the eclectic eardrum.

“I make above average purple bass music for people on drug to wiggle around to.” – Willy Whompa


Since the projects birth, Hellfire Machina have literally exploded into the worldwide bass culture scene. From A and R and production credits on last years Wu Tang Enter The Dubstep album, 30 plus single releases and remixes, running the biggest dubstep monthly in New York City, holding down DJ residencies all over the country, to recently producing 6 tracks for Brand Nubian









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•Still more to come!...


2 Full Indoor Sound Areas / Live Painting / Visuals / Dancers & Performers / Sanctioned Room Parties / No Random Attitudes-Come In & Stay Safe Overnight / Comfortable Chil