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Wanderlust Festival California 2012


When: -

Where: Squaw Valley (1960 Squaw Valley Road, Olympic Valley, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DowntempoDubstepGlitchLivetronica

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Wanderlust's core purpose is to create community around shared values. It has been incredibly gratifying to see such a large community growing around the pillars of mindful living - yoga, the arts, personal spirituality, environmentalism, organics and conscious consumerism - and to know that Wanderlust is becoming a central gathering point for this community.

The cauldron of talent at Wanderlust never ceases to amaze, and while we continue to seek out diverse and gifted artists, teachers, speakers and leaders, it often feels like the festival is being equally shaped by the talent of its participants. The scholars, buskers, acroyogis, hoopers, and artists that have organically integrated into the event have created the kind of exchange of ideas and energy that could never be replicated by any traditional festival or concert experience.

Wanderlust continues to evolve to include a broader range of experiences, including hiking, biking, running and other outdoor activities, a more diverse array of lectures, expanded food and wine events, movement and burlesque workshops, and even a community garden project. Wherever possible, these new activities will involve interaction and interactivity, so our attendees can learn and create as part of the event.

Wanderlust 2012 will be bigger and better than ever. There's a lot to do, and many more locations at which to do it. We hope you can come take advantage of all of it, but don’t plan too hard. Always let yourself wander, because life’s most beautiful moments come in the spaces.


Wanderlust brings together the world's leading yoga teachers and top-tier musical performers in settings of breathtaking natural beauty.

Festivalgoers spend their mornings getting centered in one of many yoga or meditation classes, chilling at a spa or in the pool, or engaging in outdoor activities from hiking to biking. A series of fascinating talks, acoustic music and food & wine tastings unfold in the afternoon, while nights are dedicated to musical discovery and a full-tilt dance party.

Wanderlust is a feast for both the body and the senses. 2012 events will go on sale January 24, 2012.

General Information

Wanderlust is dedicated to building community both online and at our many events. We are thrilled that you're part of our Facebook community and hope you will join in the dialogue. We value your opinion very much.

As we and others post a lot, we wanted to let you know that the thoughts and views expressed on this page are only the thoughts and views of the person who posted them. They are not representative of the opinions of Wanderlust, nor can we confirm the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any post. Because we believe that dialogue should be civil and kind -- even in disagreement -- we reserve the right to remove any comments that are profane, derogatory, verbally abusive, contain solicitation of any sort or are otherwise spam. Help us keep the Wanderlust Facebook wall vibrant, intelligent and kind.