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When: -

Where: Lupin Lodge (20600 Aldercroft Heights, Los Gatos, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Outdoor - Other

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepElectroPsytrance


$ 20.00
Taking place at a beautiful Naturist Resort!
::Full Moon Age of Aquarius Dawn of 2012 ::
Celebrating the age of aquarius! and the dawn of 2012!
We are readily preparing ourselves for the Collective Consciousness into 12.12. Future alone does not dictate what will happen; rather how "we" as a collective conscious group of beings will "create" it.
A happy birthday 2 Mihkal as well!!!!!
Irina Mikhailova (Kaya Project/Elefaria)
Waterjuice (Vaporvent)
Outersect (Aleph-zero/Hearts Eye)
Little John (raindance/13moontribe)
Willy (terakroma/Electronarcosis)
DR spook (Geomagnetic)
Liam Shy (Tantra)
Saturnia (Phoenix/Tantra/Cut music)
DJ Seek (Sugar/SC Fullmoon)
Keys (Acid Totem)
Aire Redtree
Leafy Green
Toxic Rainbow
2 soundsystems!
Camp Questionmark will provide the space with the nudome this time!
Ripple (full melt)
Zombie-J (Mallabel)
Rastatronics (Subwize/Mallabel)
Dub Pirates
Jon Holliday (redsky)
Mihkal (Symbiosis)
Antibiotik (Connoiseur collective)
Mycho Cocoa (Mallabel)
Firelieber (Subwize/Mallabel)
Mad Zach
The Builder (831) (Preforming Live)
w/ special guests
breakfast chillout sessions with::
DF TRAM (ambi-sonic)
Actual Rafiq (Ambient Mafia)
God Intoxicated (Vishnu Operative)
w/ special guests
*lineup subject to change
Tea Service by Ronjon
live Art : Jessica Perlstein, blacklight painting by: Axe & Kaxstar
more tba!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stay tuned!!!!!!!!!
Cost : $20
18++, children must be accompanied by adult!
rent a yurt/cabin/lodge, pitch a tent!!!!! details
The Great Earth Cycles
"A GREAT CYCLE Takes about 25,000 years, and in that cycle there are twelve ages. These being divided out equally come to slightly over 2000 years each. We are not being too precise about the number of years. During each age the earth planet comes under a certain zodiacal influence, and this influence affects the thoughts, the spiritual development and also your material life, and in particular your spiritual and religious life.
Many different ways of developing this soul-........consciousness within have been taught throughout time by the Sages, and in accordance with the zodiacal sign then prevailing; because each age brings to the earth a special and separate planetary and angelic influence. Human nature as a whole, containing within it the influences of all the twelve zodiacal signs, responds - but according to the rung of the ladder, or cycle on the spiral of life, on which the individual soul happens to be.
Going back in time we see that it is the Taurean influence which runs through ancient Egyptian religions. Next, in immediately pre-Christian times, it was the sign of Aries - the Ram - which was the ruling influence. In this Arietian Age, worship of the lamb is to be found in Jewish religious rites; whilst during the Piscean Age- the age of the Fish - we find the descent of spirit into deepest matter.
The great teacher of the Piscean Age, Jesus the Christ, was a great mystic, a great psychic, a great healer; and in his life can be traced his response to the higher influences of the Piscean Age - that is, to the Neptunian influence. Not many can respond to the influence of Neptune sufficiently to bring through into activity the Neptunian ray. In Jesus, however, we see a wonderful example of the perfect human being, who is responding in his physical life to the highest planetary influence of his age, and is thus an example of the preparation for the next stage in the great cycle, the age of Aquarius. He had responded to the angelic forces at their very apex. He was a true psychic, in the highest sense, because his psyche, or soul, was perfected and poised; a perfect channel; a calm and beautiful sea upon which the light of the sun was reflected clearly and beautifully. He walked upon the sea - a demonstration not of his miraculous powers over nature, but to teach those of his disciples with understanding that he was able to control the soul, the emotions. He had risen above the turbulence of the desire-....vehicles of life. He was responding steadily, steadfastly, to that higher octave of his physical his ruler, Neptune.
In sleep, the soul which is made ready will respond to the gentle influence of Neptune, and will enjoy experiences on the higher planes. If the physical body is sufficiently attuned and has been purified through right thinking and positive life, then the mind will catch a memory of these experiences. Then the Piscean influence will illumine the soul and prepare it for the next step, which is the age of Aquarius.
We are now moving into that truly glorious period of the earth's evolution, the commencement of the new age; and saturn - which on the lower vibration will bring tears and suffering and restrictions and limitation - has a wonderful influence upon the Aquarian being. We would say that Saturn is the portal of initiation; that has the soul draws near to release from bondage (I do not mean death, but release from what you call sin and desire), then the Saturnian influence will teach the soul how to hear the Word. This mysterious Word will enable the soul to pass through the portals of initiation into the mysteries of its own being, of its own creation, evolution, and final illumination and birth ninto the light of the sun.
Furthermore, those sufficiently advanced on the spiral to respond to the higher octave, Uranus, find that suddenly there breaks upon their consciousness understanding.....................light. Through the Uranian influence come sudden happenings: cataclysmic, revolutionary, turning night into day. Here we witness the sword of the Archangel Michael, as it descends upon men and women to release them, through suffering, to their glorious birth into the new and radiant life.
You must translate these truths onto the physical, the soul, and the spiritual planes of being. Let us recognize that when something cruel and devastating comes and sweeps away all that the human self holds and cherishes, and destroys the ideal for which it has worked and striven, then this is the sword of the Archangel at work. Next comes resentment - but all too hastily, for even as the soul cries out in rebellion against God and all the angels in heaven, the light breaks through the mists, and there comes the calm and beauty of the morning sunlight, after the night of stress and storm. And in your thankfulness you forget the storm, and know only joy at your rebirth and the hour of peace.
The individual thinks he or she is very powerful; nations think they are powerful; but all are as nothing against the mighty law of the cosmos. The hand of God, working through natural forces, works in tune with the great planetary influences which will bring into operation on your earth plane the law of brotherhood. You cannot upset cosmic law. A few poor little nations cannot upset cosmic law.
The world is under the influence of Saturn at the present time, and in the same way that old saturn is the guide which leads the individual to the altar of initiation, so saturn will lead the nations too to the altar of initiation - initiation into the great brotherhoods. Saturn is doing its work right well!"