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Spankalicious' Funhouse @ Club Masque


When: -

Where: Club Masque (34 North Jefferson Street, Dayton, OH)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Connector Presents

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepGlitchHip Hop

Spankalicious + Connector + Club Masque bring you:

Spankalicious's FUNHOUSE!

Bringing in local, regional, and national talent in BASS MUSIC of the future! With the exception of doing it inside of a room engineered specifically to blow your chest out with 4 corners of FUNKTION ONE SOUND facing into the center of the dancefloor! Add over 120 intelligent moving lights and lasers, a kryogenics system, as well as a world renown club atmosphere......we call it a FUNHOUSE ;)

This month we are proud to bring you fresh intergalactic heat from:


Berkeley, California


Sifting through the ashes of a post-apocalyptic city, searching the remains of clubs and theaters, one survivor, Alpaca, braves the new world optimistically, collecting the necessary pieces to begin a new civilization. Brushing broken glass from subwoofers & loading a stolen DeLorean, elements of a new bass utopia are assembled at the foot of Dolores Park. Having spent the previous decade as a pioneering land un-developer, replacing mega- housing with green space, the solitude of the newly abandoned planet was welcomed. But

a community had to be assembled to attempt any kind of party, or you know, to reproduce. Forging a crude wall of sound, Alpaca broadcasts a bass beacon developed in the early 2000's, specifically tuned to attract heads & repel mindless bros responsible for the planet's destruction. Patiently waiting for signs of life, he drops jams for the world to find.

Spring 2012 will see more remixes and original productions from Alpaca, working with Midwest beasts Spankalicious, DJ Blac, Bentone and the Cold Cuts. Upcoming West Coast shows with Mochipet, MC Zulu, Joe Mousepad, Smasheltooth & BOGL promise to be awesome venues with hungry bassbins to continue twerking the recipe for his sound.


SHEEPDOG - DeepBlip Records

Cleveland - Detroit

Sheepdog (Jeff Nabakowski) is one of drum & bass' most faithful servants. In fact, cut him and he'd most likely bleed drum & bass. He began his djing career in 2001 and has been popular on the Cleveland DJ circuit ever since. A champion of jungle’s dancefloor purity.

Also known for his jump up dj sets - frequently including live scratching - headlining and smashing up dancefloors in Cleveland, Detroit, and other surrounding areas.Specializing in fast mixing, Sheepdog is one of only a handful of drum and bass DJs to utilise three decks to mash up his mixes, creating a unique sound.


Kronik Dub Crew

Cincinnati, OH

KroniK Dub Crew (K.D.C.) grew out of the remnants of KroniK Dubz. Although essentially the same concept, K.D.C. is more geared towards the entire EDM music scene, playing all kinds of genres from dubstep to moombahton, electro to hip-hop, and mixing them into one big bassy dance party. 

Based out of Cincinnati, OH, K.D.C. has just emerged onto the scene with their new identity, hoping to reach music lovers everywhere with their message of peace, love, bass, and rage!



Connector Presents - Loyal Family - Pipeline Publicity - Grassroots California -

Spankalicious is BOUNCE! Kevin Moore (aka: Spankalicious) recently moved his home base from St. Louis, Missouri to Cincinnati, Ohio where he is holding down a new residency while gearing up for a very fun filled 2012!

In 2011 Spank played 100+ shows, traveling over 90,000 miles, meeting AMAZING people while attempting to spread a message of higher awareness among the people. From sunrise sets in the French Quarter of New Orleans to the 4:20 set at Wakarusa 2011, and many many places in between Spanky has constantly been rocking parties at every stop. Playing alongside every major cutting edge act in livetronica, dubstep, and edm as well as many major festival appearances including Wakarusa, SummerCamp, Sonic Bloom, Bassnectar's First Bass Center, Camp Euforia, and is already slated to take the stage at this year's SummerCamp Music Festival!

An extensive background in rudimental percussion/drumming have allowed Spank to read rhythms inside and out. With musical influences ranging from the Grateful Dead and Phish to U.G.K. and Three Six Mafia, Spanky has found his niche in his world of Glitchy Hippie Psychedelic Bounce. 

In the first half of 2012 he will see release an EP of self-produced tracks, a Spankalicious hat from Grassroots California, a coast to coast tour and kicking the 2012 summer festival season at SummerCamp Music Festival, in Chilicothe, IL.