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Spankalicious & Agori Tribe @ Newby's in Memphis TN


When: -

Where: Newby's (539 S. Highland Street, Memphis, TN)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksDubstepGlitchHip Hop


Connector Presents - Loyal Family - Pipeline Publicity - Grassroots California -

Spankalicious is BOUNCE! Kevin Moore (aka: Spankalicious) recently moved his home base from St. Louis, Missouri to Cincinnati, Ohio where he is holding down a new residency while gearing up for a very fun filled 2012!

In 2011 Spank played 100+ shows, traveling over 90,000 miles, meeting AMAZING people while attempting to spread a message of higher awareness among the people. From sunrise sets in the French Quarter of New Orleans to the 4:20 set at Wakarusa 2011, and many many places in between Spanky has constantly been rocking parties at every stop. Playing alongside every major cutting edge act in livetronica, dubstep, and edm as well as many major festival appearances including Wakarusa, SummerCamp, Sonic Bloom, Bassnectar's First Bass Center, Camp Euforia, and is already slated to take the stage at this year's SummerCamp Music Festival!

An extensive background in rudimental percussion/drumming have allowed Spank to read rhythms inside and out. With musical influences ranging from the Grateful Dead and Phish to U.G.K. and Three Six Mafia, Spanky has found his niche in his world of Glitchy Hippie Psychedelic Bounce. 

In the first half of 2012 he will see release an EP of self-produced tracks, a Spankalicious hat from Grassroots California, a coast to coast tour and kicking the 2012 summer festival season at SummerCamp Music Festival, in Chilicothe, IL.



Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Agori Tribe is the collective consciousness of five friends and musical collaborators: David Collins, Sean Naughton, Will Nicholls, Nathan Adams, and Dave Hash. Since its inception in 2008, the tribe has evolved into a distinct and cohesive unit of extremely passionate and driven young musicians, each offering diverse styles and ideas to create an undeniably original sound. With Agori Tribe, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. They defy easy classification by fusing elements as diverse as rock, funk, and reggae with blues, jazz, and psychedelia. This unique brand of sonic experimentation comes naturally to the tribe and has helped them to emerge as one of the premier up-and-coming artists in Memphis, TN.

2011 has proven to be a very rewarding year for Agori Tribe. Most importantly, it marked the pivotal addition of key members Nathan Adams (Bass) and Dave Hash (Percussion/Keys). Other highlights include opening for Perpetual Groove, performances at the Bristerfest, LUVMUD, and Fall Ball music festivals, local media coverage including a Fox 13 TV spot, and numerous studio sessions in preparation for their much anticipated record debut. Agori Tribe looks ahead to the future with the intention of building upon this momentum, continuing their musical progression while developing creatively as artists. With their drive and passion, the possibilities are truly endless...


::,,:: funny guy^ (BASSMUSIC) lowwww bass music. 

This is THE show of shows! Spank and the Tribe are good friends and are super stoked to finally play together and we want to play for a room full of heads that are ready to just blast off and kick it! Lets make something of this one this time around and go the extra mile. Spread the word to all your friends and share this page. We couldn't lie to you and just say its good music...BECAUSE ITS A WHOLE NIGHT OF DOPE ASS FUCKIN MUSIC!!!!!!!! DO WORK TRIBESMEN! THIS IS YOUR CALLING!

Shootin' for a $5 cover charge 18+ of course (you guys know the Newby's rules)

After party in the works (this always happens somewhere)