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Signal Path & Bluetech @ Southbound


When: -

Where: Southbound Bar & Grill (106 South Central Street, Knoxville, TN)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Carleo Entertainment

Genres: DowntempoLivetronica

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Day of Show
$ 12.00
$ 10.00

Signal Path:

Signal Path bends musical genres and deep melodic ideas around a core of unrelenting rhythm and massive low-end. They create a depth and intricacy of sound that become more commanding every time it’s heard, and by blending live instrumentation into their production they create a live experience that is as beautiful as it is intense. Born in the unlikely mountain enclave of Missoula, MT, Signal Path has released six full-length albums to date. After a two-year hiatus they released their second FREE album during the summer of 2009.

The viral success of 2009s CLASH amongst fans was almost beyond belief, and the overwhelming support elevated the band to a level of national prominence theyd never experienced. With packed out concert halls nationwide and an album streamed and downloaded a hundred thousand times, Signal Path suddenly found themselves back at the forefront of a scene they had once helped pioneer.

After the success of CLASH and two of the most successful national tours in their history, Signal Path permanently relocated to Colorado to complete their next full-length studio album IMAGINARY LINES.

IMAGINARY LINES drops SEPTEMBER 1st and will be available as a free download through their website Easily Signal Paths most polished and introspective work to date- the band is at an all time creative high. With fascinating production, lush soundscapes and an undeniable rhythmic balance, Signal Path will give fans a full album of brand new music in its purest form. The gorgeous melodies that have defined the project since its beginning permeate the music with crushing low end lurking behind every turn.

IMAGINARY LINES drops SEPTEMBER 1st, 2010 for FREE through their website:


Finally it is here- the eagerly awaited third Bluetech album on Aleph Zero- The Divine Invasion. Three years in the making, The Divine Invasion offers an irresistible mix of spacey dubby beats, dreamy atmospheres and unique compositions. The same irresistible mix that made the New York Times label Bluetech as 'one of the best ambient artists' following the release of his previous album- Sines and Singularities.

In The Divine Invasion, Bluetech, a master of downtempo electronica, goes deeper and farther into new uncharted territories. From his distinct mellow oceanic ambience, emerge playful complex sound games and subtle yet sweeping currents of emotion, amalgamating into wordless songs. Bluetech is a master in the art of creating danceable music full of ambience and ambient music that makes you dance, as The Divine Invasion perfectly proves.

Hosted here are electronic music pioneers Mirror System (aka System 7), progressive trance dancefloor masters Ace Ventura & Lish, and Israeli electronic music rising star Eitan Reiter."

A classically trained pianist and master of the art of software production. Bluetech's love of the melodic and exquisite sense of sound design makes him one of the most ingenius producers today. Bluetech's sound emerges from his custom-built Reaktor instruments and software based synthesisers as a primordial electro-dub alchemy. While encompassing musical touches from different parts of the globe, he presents a total blend, crossing genres and borders.

Bluetech has created a label called Native State Records to release his own music and music from other artists who cross boundaries between ambient/chill and more idm/experimental sounds.

Not content to stay at home, Bluetech has toured extensively and performed in Japan, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, France, Denmark, Mexico, United States, and Canada.

Bluetech has released two albums on Aleph Zero Records, an internationally acclaimed chill label run by recording artist Shulman, and is currently working on a third for release in 2008. Aleph Zero brought Bluetech's music to the attention of the international chill audience, and helped to launch his career worldwide through strong support and beautiful packaging. Stay tuned for the next chapter!