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Psytrance // Day of the Dead Party // Dark PSYd NW


When: -

Where: Mercury@Machinewerks (1009 E Union Lower, Seattle, WA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: Psytrance


$ 5.00

// Dark PSYd NW // DAY OF THE DEAD PARTY// Psychedelic Television //

>>> Audio interference by <<<


Celebrate Day of the Dead!



// No dress code // No membership // No Pretense //

.....::::::: Darkpsy:: Hardpsy :: Sumoisaundi :::::::.......

.......::::::: Beautiful visuals by Psychedelic Television:::::::.......

.......::::::: Stunning Deco by Lena Kartzov :::::::.......

.......::::::: Bring your glow poi + LED toys :::::::.......

.......::::::: 1009 e union lower :: $5 :: 21+ :::::::.......

.......::::::: No drugs, no weapons :::::::.......

.......::::::: No Dress Code, No Membership:::::::.......

we will have a Day of the Dead altar-bring pictures and items from

loved-ones who have passed on that you would like to honor

(please bring these things home at the end of the night)

Special thanks to Daniel Blackmoor for his support and for use of the Dark Psy'd name!

(the fine print)

Next is the TL;DR section that we REALLY want you to read, friends!

>>THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! >> Everyone who works at this club is a volunteer who works at the Merc because it's their private club and they love it there. That means THEY ONLY GET PAID IN TIPS. Please kick down at least a dollar to the doorperson, she works hard and doesn't even get to dance with us! And the bartender? She's on her feet all night pouring drinks for us... for no pay. I'm totally serious. So, tipping her is the way we do it, dig? Kick down a buck or more to these ladies (I do at least a dollar per drink) and thank them for sharing their club with us!! ♥

To address membership concerns: While this is usually a members only club, attendees are guests of the promoter. YOU DO NOT NEED MEMBERSHIP TO ATTEND, DRINK AND PLAY at Dark PSYd. So come out and daaaaaance with us! (*guests of the promoter may attend this event and receive member-like benefits for the duration of this event.)



A note about entry into this nonprofit, members only club: It's an AWESOME underground space, so we need to play together to blow the awesome factor totally off the charts, and here's how it works: all Dark Psyd Seattle attendees are the promoter's personal guests and do NOT need to be members of the venue to gain entry to this party- that means you awesome people! The staff are all friends and volunteers who do this for the love of it and only get paid in tips, so I always treat 'em like family. That's all we need to do, so help spread the word!

[Wa St LCB Note- liquor sales for members* only]