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Psychotronic 6


When: -

Where: Old Rock House (1200 South 7th Street, St. Louis, MO)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: ElectroHouse

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Psychotronic 6

Old Rock House

St. Louis , MO

This is it! BlindFire Entertainment is bringing you the 6th installment of Psychotronic! This year we have covered all our bases, giving you the performers you want and the sound your ears beg for! Coming from the underground up, we continue to find the best performers that will give you the biggest gyratin\', booty shakin\', floor bangin\' beats your ears have been given! We will bring to you what you look for in every Electronic Music Dance event! Continually supporting our scene and our local djs, we believe in giving you the most for entertainment for your buck!! This year, we are about to commence the biggest installment yet! Giving you the most amazing, visual and auditory stimulations known to man!! Come and join our fun when we throw it down, once again, in the STL!!!

**Designer Drugs**

Ultra Records / Sex Cult Records

Ask the DJ/production duo DESIGNER DRUGS how many air miles they\'ve logged over the past year and the answer requires more than a bit of calculating. "Over 300,000," Michael Vincent Patrick referencing numerous spots around the world where the group has performed. "I have a really nice apartment in New York City, but I\'ve only been there three days this month."

It\'s a testament both to the duo\'s popularity and work ethic that that number may become the annual norm. After nearly 50 remixes for everyone from Mariah Carey to Annie to Thieves Like Us, the diverse electronic group, comprised of Patrick and Theodore Paul Nelson, is set to release their debut album HARDCORE/SOFTCORE on Ultra Records in February 2011.

Where past productions and remixes have been on the poppier end of the musical spectrum, Hardcore conjures up a darker, edgier vibe  think the throbbing, industrial-heavy opening club scene in "The Doom Generation"  yet still retains a melodic center on many of the tracks. "I think we\'re making music for the apocalypse," says Michael, only half-joking. "The state of society is at a place where people just don\'t give a fuck and that\'s what inspires our music."

On Hardcore/Softcore, numerous sounds saddle up against each other, proving the title\'s veracity. The punishing electro-industrial punk of "Dead Meat" and grinding, pounding beat of club bangers "Face Melter" and "The Terror" provide contrast to the pop vocals of Norwegian singer Annie on "Crazy For You" and fist-pumping up-tempo anthem "Into The Light." Elsewhere, the classic electro-funk of "Leather Gang" sits comfortably against the Italo-shoegaze of "For All We Know" and lead single "Through The Prism" (out 10/26, Ultra Music), the new electro classic featuring Cerebral Vortex. In stark contrast to albums that sound like they\'re on repeat by track four, Hardcore/Softcore \'s myriad styles are a welcome change from many electronic LPs.

While a debut album, Hardcore/Softcore functions as much as a culmination of a decade\'s work as it does the next stage in a bourgeoning career. As the electro scene started to flourish in the early 2000s, the pair built a studio in Philadelphia and christened themselvesDESIGNER DRUGS, balancing an in-demand DJing schedule with near-constant demand for track remixes, including Little Boots\' "Meddle," Fischerspooner\'s "The Best Revenge," IAMX\'s "Spit It Out" and Heartsrevolution\'s "Switchblade."

With Nelson currently in medical school, the duo has still found a way to keep up their busy musical careers. "I don\'t really do anything else besides med school and music," admits Theo. "I do worry about if I want to be a doctor or a DJ when I finish school, but I\'ll just cross that bridge when I come to it." Adds Michael: "When he has time off, we\'ll meet and just write every day."

School hasn\'t stopped the group from putting on memorable live sets as much as possible. Spend a few minutes at one of DESIGNER DRUGS\' live shows and you\'ll see the normally humble pair, spurred on by the intense energy of their music, transform into a different beast. "It gets pretty wild," admits Michael. "Even though we\'re mellow, there\'s lots of stage diving and almost slam dancing. It\'s next level dance club shit that almost morphs into that \'90s hardcore/punk vibe."

As for the future, more remixes, more original production, more DJ mixes (the online DATAMIXseries is on 11 and counting) and many more DJ gigs promise to keep the pair busy for the foreseeable future. And no school will stop DESIGNER DRUGS from achieving their musical goals. "I got a month off coming up," says Theo. "As soon as I get my first free day, it\'s back to the studio with Michael."


(Rottun/PK Sound/Shambhala Music Festival)

Subvert hails from Calgary, Alberta and has been winding his path through music since 1996. Proof of his dedication to \'Bass\' is in his track record of creating the world\'s loudest competition vehicles, designing pK\'s 100,000 watt sound system and managing

the Village Stage at Shambhala Music Festival. He started DJing in 2000 and combined with his extensive work on sound systems and attention to precision sound, he was ultimately & naturally led down the path to creating his own music and once again the low frequencies consumed him. Subvert\'s sound is a combination of throbbing, relentless basslines, melodic strings and haunting pianos singing through drumstep, midtempo glitch and dubstep. His attention to detail and the ability to tune into \'bass that works\' can be felt in all of his music productions.

**Curtis B**

Drop The World / Illeven:Eleven / Zone Records

Curtis B is known internationally as a high octane performer and assiduous producer. Hijacking a huge variety of genres and fusing them into one well worked set has set him apart from other DJ\'s, as well as his music production earning him many spots within Beatport\'s Top 100 Breaks, Dubstep, & Electro House charts. His tracks have been dropped by some of the biggest names in the EDM community. Artists such as Diplo, Wolfgang Gartner, Plump DJ\'s, Reid Speed, & Icey have championed Curtis B\'s unique sounds, earning him a reputation as one of the world\'s most promising rising acts.* 



ALR / FSOB / Bombtraxx / Mechanoise / Household 

REL1  Dj, turntablist, producer, promoter repping Atlanta, GA. Currently co-promoting a successful (2+yrs) "monthly" featuring Drum and Bass, Breakbeat / Electro & Dubstep at a night called "FUZE". 3rd Fridays of the month at The Masquerade. Also, currently repping for the Bombtraxx, BadBwoyBass, Mechanoise, & ALR labels. 

**Sir Kutz**

(Seattle, Washington) 

Red Cube / V2 Events / Future Sound Of Breaks

If you were to name the most prolific characteristic of electronic music as a whole, the one thing that people connect with the most, 9 out of 10 would tell you it\'s the bass.

It\'s the bass that was the gateway drug for most, those hits in the bassbin, which drew you in and kept you coming back for more. Maybe it was the thump, thump, thump of the 4x4 kick ringing in your ears years ago long after the party was over. Or maybe it was the, first warmthen dark, basslines of jungle and drum & bass that grabbed onto the base of your soul and took your body places it\'d never been before.  Or perhaps it was the wash of low-end whomp rolling over every fiber of your body, the dubstep, that got your hands in the air and your ass on the floor, shivering and rocking to-and-fro begging for just one more taste.

To a jock like Sir Kutz, it really doesn\'t matter what first got you hooked.  Since 1999, pusher man extraordinaire Sir Kutz (aka Julian Stephens) has been turning out dancers and dance floors with his signature brand of bass rock to national and international acclaim.  From breakbeat and speed garage to drum & bass and dubstep.  Kutz is known for turning audiences into fiends with whatever flavor of low-end they fancy, and sometimes with those they didn\'t even know they did.  This multi-genre, omni-tempo performer moves crowds in mass, seamlessly blending bass-heavy tracks of every ilk to create a frenzy on the dance floor of every room he enters, from Vancouver to Miami to Taiwan and beyond.

If clubs, warehouses, and raves are corners where this neighborhood dope man set up shop over the years, pumpin\' bass across the land like an infection, it\'s been his mixtapes that whispered the gospel of that good-good through the streets and back-alleys where bass fiends lurk.  Starting with "Sickness Inside", and then "Drum \'n Breakz Vol. 1 & 2", "Killa Kutz", "Simplify Mix Sessions" & "The Art of Drumstep", Sir Kutz has moved thousands upon thousands of mix CD\'s, each more prolific than the next, garnering him residencies with northwest heavyweights Red Cube Productions, Kaos Theory, and Simplify Recordings, as well as with national players V2AM Artist Management and The Future Sound of Breaks family.  With a heavy touring schedule, original productions and collaborations with heavyweights like DJ Icey in the hopper, and that next mixtape of heavy street bass cooking up in the basement, it won\'t be long \'til the sickness that is Sir Kutz has you begging for one more hit.


Creator /  UMF Radio at Ultra Music Festival

Chicago has been renowned for playing a major part in the birth of underground house music. Embarking on the scene, Jimmie landed rotating guest spots at arguably one of Chicago\'s first and best underground club SHELTER working with the legendary Chicago promoter Dave Medusa. Jimmie\'s unique sound of progressive & funky house music, aggression and deck skills, caught the attention of fellow peers. Soon after, the offers started coming in for residencies and guest spots. Jimmie played an integral part of the development of Chicago\'s progressive scene, which now trail blazes the city\'s nightlife. With a wave of nightclub openings in Chicago, Jimmie was the top contender to attain his first major residency. This was the beginning of a trail for ensuing residencies and countless guest spots in Chicago and abroad which included residencies at Chicago Mega Clubs Crobar & Vision. In the Dj booth, Jimmie has hosted with the best Djs and Producers the world has to offer. Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Mauro Picotto, Erick Morillo, Christopher Lawrence, Chemical Brothers, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Infected Mushroom and George Acosta are only a noted few from an immeasurable list. As the underground music grew, a new trend began. Dance music and mix shows were about to be introduced to the community. Energy\'s 92.7 & 5 became the catalyst to a full 24/7 dance music format. Jimmie landed one of the most coveted spots in Chicago that of a resident DJ on Chicago\'s premier dance radio station (WKIE Energy 92.7/5) where he was hosted a five hour show called Clubland Friday Night. Jimmie was one of the first to showcase international Djs such as Fatboy Slim, Ferry Corsten, and Christopher Lawrence into a field traditionally held by local talent. Jimmie hasn\'t forgotten his roots nor his first beginnings. He often makes room for local peers to be a Guest Dj on his show as well. Cultivating an atmosphere of the World\'s best & up and coming Dj talent. Taking notice of his resume, the Ultra team had signed him to perform at the Ultra Music Festival 6 in 2004. This accomplished a long time goal. With the continued success of his mix show, Jimmie was invited back to perform at Ultra 7. His dedication towards hard work, consistency and perfection was immediately recognized. Passion for his craft and music was an evident formula of the next chapter. The Ultra organization took notice and recruited Jimmie to become the Host and PD of their upcoming radio show Ultra Satellite Radio now known as UMF Radio. Jimmie has become a huge part of the UMF Team and tradition along with Creator Entertainment. On Nov 28th 2011 Big in Ibiza released the official 2011 remixes of their monster hit Moonlight Party World Wide, featuring the remixes of Jimmie Page. You can catch JP rocking 3 days of Ultra Music Festival 14 in 2012. JP will continue to spread his energy to dance floors and listeners across the Nation. WWW.JIMMIEPAGE.COM 

**Unter Lieben**

Drop The World

Using an ancient understanding of ritual and vibration, Unter Lieben unlocks extradimensional perception. With specialized equipment, the sounds of these extraordinary spaces are captured and folded into the 4D. Like a hologram each fraction of sound contains an image of it\'s whole. Unter Lieben then chops and sequences these sounds into to be performed in dance rituals. Once complete the "music" may in the proper circumstances be unfolded popping and taking the participants with it, like a jack in the box, into a beautiful multiverse of consciousness and energy that normally lies just outside of one\'s perception. If multi-dimensional bass and funky rhythms sound good to you, then you do not want to miss an Unter Lieben performance.


(CHFM Records)(Spoiled Rotten Records) 

House/Tech House 2x4 tag set

Music is a journey, at least to these two worldly wanderers. Based on the backgrounds of John Napier andGlenn Giles (Unkle Funk), you wouldn\'t predict the two of them would get together in the studio to create a sound of their own, with such easy chemistry. Relentless drums and deep driving kicks permeate the realm of John Napier\'s production style. Glenn believes that without some funk, why bother? Upon meeting in the summer of 2010 on the DJ circuit, John and Glenn quickly found that, indeed, their styles could mesh; a new sound was born. A fusion of house and techno, in its most natural form  with a twist that only these two experienced sound explorers could bring.

After a well received touring schedule  in 2011, The Moogonaughts made their production debut in 2012 on CHFM Records, with a 3 track EP that has gained support  and play from house and tech house heavy hitters around the world.  John and Glenn are working now on their next EP, due out on Spoiled Rotten Records in the next few months. Learn more at 

Their 2x4 dj performances are already stuff of legend, with each set being totally improvised - never rehearsed -  you never know what you might get when these two take the stage, they surely don\'t! With a busy production schedule and a heavy touring slate planned for the summer, don\'t miss an opportunity to catch their first performance in St. Louis!

B-Nasty (St. Louis)

[Andy B and Nasty Nate Tag Set]

The new collaboration from local legend Andy B and his cohort and long time

friend Nasty Nate. With nearly three decades of party rocking between the two. Thecombination of raw talent, progressive skill, and calculated experimentation, to design theultimate sonic control make for wild parties and exhausted dancers. BNasty\'s style canbe characterized by driving electro arrangements with potent low-end baselines, always

funky, always fresh, there sets demand the utmost respect.

DJ Dubauchery

Blindfire Ent / Catalyticsouls


Badassness / Fractured 


Blindfire Ent

Baytron is a DJ/Emcee/Vocalist/Producer/HumanBeing out of Alton, IL representing for the St. Louis and Midwest underground music scene. Baytron\'s wide array of track selection and incomparable ear for music always keeps the crowd going crazy. Let us not forget his love and passion for hip hop and emceeing. With a mixtape to be released soon, Baytron is well on his way to a takeover...

** David Fields & Beau LeMaster**

Blindfire Ent / Revex


Xerotribe / Fifty Foot Robots

**Kid Kosher**

Blindfire Ent

**The Vokialst & Atomix**

Freed Up Production

Additional performances by

Miss Cricket Featuring 


Turbosound By Spectra Audio Systems

Lighting By dat-bRIte

Laser Team by

Midwest Lightworks

More to be announced 

Ticket Prices

$20 Early Bird

$25 Pre-Sales

$30 Door

Online Ticket Sales Info Coming Soon

The Old Rock House

1200 7th Boulevard  

St. Louis, MO 63104

18 to get busy!! 21 to get dizzy!! (MUST HAVE ID)