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Where: 2720 Cherokee (2720 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

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Promoters: Up & Up Productions

Genres: BreaksDubstepGlitchHip Hop

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$ 15.00
Up & Up Productions Presents


....An all out war against the army for robotic dominance over humans

Commanding the front lines of this battle we have.....

*****NiT GRiT*****

San Jose, Ca

Audible Assault / Simplify Recs

San Jose Dubstep and Glitch producer Danny Beall, also known as NiT GRiT, serves as shining beacon of hope to the multitudes of producers searching for success and opportunity in the contemporary electronic music industry. In a single year, Danny single handedly developed what was originally a progressive new side project into a genre-defining alias known as one of the few dubstep producers who consistently innovates and manages to find the balance between mass appeal and individual meaningfulness. Each NiT GRiT track is a powerfully thought-provoking adventure in its own right and it is completely impossible to listen passively. As soon as the evocatively dark and twisted melodies begin, a barrage of intense emotions assails the mind of the listener. Danny knows exactly how to draw the listener into his realm of haunted and synthetic bass-lines, entangling them with glimpses of the utmost beauty and annihilating them with the mightiest of lasers.

With nearly all of his tracks almost instantaneously appearing on the “What is Hot” weekly Sound Cloud charts, and several of his recent tracks breaking previous top ten most played tunes records, NiT GRiT is quickly and efficiently demonstrating his technical prowess as a consistent, honest, dynamic and talented producer. It only took one year for NiT GRiT to transform from an idea in Danny’s mind to an artist alias with over a million plays and constant internet attention. Among the music community Danny is known as an utter internet phenomenon, one of the few artists of the genre to seize hold of an absolutely viral online marketing strategy. Keep a close eye on NiT GRiT in 2011, he is finally starting a much awaited national tour and big news is sure to follow!


*****DNAE BEATS***** 

San Francisco

Seclusiasis / Hot H Heavy / Slit Jockey / Facemelt_Inc

San Francisco-based producer, composer and blap pioneer creates soundscapes that travel through genre after genre. Using only outboard sequencers, samplers and synths his pounding dubstep and blapping electronic glitch hop make his records stand out in the ears of the listeners.

After years of childhood classical performances around the world he knew that music was his calling. While on tour in Europe he first heard hip hop and electronic music from a tour manager who played him cassettes of Aphex Twin and Digable Planets. Both albums blew DNAE’s mind in completely different directions, and at that moment he knew his path in life was to make electronic music.

In high school a few years later, DNAE acquired a DR770 sequencer. After two years of nonstop button-pushing and perfecting his sound, he signed a deal with Twenty Four Seven Records in Sweden, and a deal with M.F. Grimm’s Manhattan-based label, Day By Day Entertainment.

In 2004, Eternal Autumn was released overseas and sold out in less than 2 months. Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, DNAE joined forces with the legendary Gift of Gab from Blackalicious, and the fire was lit. DNAE went on to produce the majority of Gift Of Gab’s “Supreme Lyricism” and was invited back to produce all of Gab’s full-length album “Escape to Mars”.

While DNAE is known for his work with MC’s as well as being Gift of Gab and Psalm One’s personal road dj, his live set has been turning major heads — a mix of all-original blaps, ranging from bass-throbbing dubstep to mind-lifting boom-bap, done on the MPC2500 and the MPD32.

DNAE has shared the stage with Wu-Tang Clan, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawk, Goapele, Rustie, Hieroglyphics, Simple Plan, Living Legends, Daedelus, Talib Kweli, Exile, Daddy Kev, Jake One, Bassnectar, Mochipet and Matt Pinfield. He has performed on stages in England, France, Hungary, Greece, Mexico, Russia, New York, L.A., Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

His party “That’s The Blap” has become a staple in the San Francisco Bay Area for its live beats, selling out 350 to 400-person venues all across the city. This year DNAE launched Machete Vox Records with veteran rapper Boac, signing artists Z-Man (Def Jam) and Conceit (Interscope). When their first release “Sneak Preview” hit the stores, the San Francisco Chronicle featured the label in front page headlines, predicting that DNAEBEATS and Machete Vox Records are destined to “put San Francisco Hip Hop on the national radar again.”


*****FREDDY TODD*****

Detroit, MI

Simplify Recording / Car Crash Set

Freddy Todd hails from Detroit, Michigan and makes delicious beats all day. He has played in multiple metro-Detroit based bands including Ioriba, Tone Poets (live jam-tronica), Cave System (progressive indie-rock), Breezee One, and SplatterBox (live DJ and production project with DJ GK).

He plays many instruments ranging from drums/percussion to bass, guitar, mallet instruments, and keys. Freddy has also produced various Detroit based hip-hop artists including Breezee One and Black Mic. He grew up making music and playing/throwing shows with the Scrummage collective (Lord Scrummage, Breezee One, Mannikin, Deastro, Benny/Lenny Stoofy, Eggslave, The Gremlins, Just Boyz, Bones,Slufter) and has deep ties with Detroit’s bass marauders, Cirque du Womp and Soulflex.

Freddy has three previous releases on Car Crash Set, one of which just dropped, “Space 5 Penthouse: A Remix EP” featuring remixes from all over the states, Vancouver, and even the UK. He has been touring all over the United States this past year and has shared the stage with the likes of Mux Mool, Love and Light, Nit Grit, ill.gates, EPROM, ill-esha, Lynx and Janover, Boombox, Samples, Fisk, Fresh2Death, Ana Sia, An-ten-nae, Beats Antique, Ghost Stepper (Lotus’s side project), Gladkill, Lokae, Mochipet, Govinda, Shigeto, Hood Internet, Elfkowitz, Lorn, Deastro, Inkface, Lord Scrummage, and countless others.



Springfield, IL


Hailing from Springfield, IL Armando Zuniga aka "MonDope" is a fresh force to be reckoned with. Although he has only been performing and promoting for a short period of time, MonDope is no stranger to the scene. With an eclectic arsenal of music ranging from metal to hip-hop and underground, as well as many different forms of electronic music, there is never a dull moment in his sets. In the summer of 2010 Mondope came together with other local DJs to form Killinoize, a production company interested in bringing the new wave of bass music to Illinois' own capitol city. Killnoize quickly gained a following of like-minded enthusiasts and bass heads in the region. Mondope’s sets are energetic and demand your attention. He will bring anything from glitch-hop to dubstep, drum & bass, crunk, breaks, funk and even jungle/reggae to the dance floor. Able to feel out any crowd at any moment, MonDope delivers a HEADY blend to get down to. Expect the best of this rising artist in 2011!


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