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When: -

Where: The King Cat Theater (2130 6th Ave., Seattle, WA)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Marble Productions

Genres: Drum and BassDubstepElectroHouse

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Day of Show
$ 30.00
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King Cat Theater

Seattle, WA



April 21st 2012



Join Marble Productions to celebrate 13 years of events in the northwest.

As another year closes we renew our commitment to continue to improve and

provide the best possible events for our attendees. We value your support so

to thank you we will be putting together a night of amazing headliners, top local DJ\'s and event production you will not want to miss!

Weather you have been kind enough to attend our events in Washington,

Idaho or Oregon we hope you can join us in celebration of 13 wonderful years

of making you dance!

Thank you again to everyone, without YOUR support none of this would be possible=)









1st Northwest Appearance!


Varias Records/ Season Bookings/ Household Mgmt

Rio, Brazil

--Darth & Vader is one of the most notorious electro house projects from Brazil. With influences of brazilian electro, dirty electro, dubstep, rock and progressive, it was created in 2009 by Hugo Castellan and Diego Becker, being ruled just by Hugo since the beginning of 2012.

Born in 1988 in Rio de Janeiro and having musical experiences since the age of nine, when began playing the guitar, Hugo Castellan has always been a rock\'n\'roll lover and had many bands of the style through his adolescence. 2007 was the year when he first heard and also fell in love with the electronic music, which made him study musical production and create his fullon project called Harmonika. Two years later and wishing to produce and explore new sounds, came the idea of releasing Darth & Vader, with heavier and more complex basslines.

The project\'s second relase, Dataloss\'s Freefire remix, reached the third position on Beatport Top 10 Electro House contest, having competed against big names like Afrojack and Deadmau5, and was crucial for the recognition of Darth & Vader. Its other highlights are the remix for the Dj Maxsie & Alex Speaker\'s Hey Yo track, used in Armin Van Buuren and Skrillex\'s presentations, and the Return of the Jedi original mix, also played by DJ Moby.

With huge recognition from north to south of Brazil, Darth & Vader has already played in the biggest clubs and festivals of its home country. The project has also been in the Unites Stated and Mexico, where was greatly received, and has tours schedulled again in the United States, Australia and New Zeland for the year of 2012.

Hugo Castellan is a professional totally focused on aprimorating his productions, aiming his music\'s evolution and perfection. The result of the mixture between all that discipline and talent are imposing tracks and presentations, that make themselves unforgettable wherever the project goes and definitely worth being heard and seen. Don\'t miss it!




2012 World Tour


LV Entertainment/ Exx Records/ Karate Music

Berlin, Germany

-The most boring part in an artists life is to write a biography, what we should tell what you don\'t know already? That electrixx was founded in 2003 in Berlin with a mission to create some of the best electro to hit the dancefloor. They were off to a good start with their first release, "Frequenzstörung" was sold out in less then one week. Just a few years later the chart burner "Tetris" which was part of Tiesto\'s Kaleidoscope Tour, the theme song in Step Up Movie and used by Flo Rida. Now with more then 100 singles released by Electrixx you would think that would be something alone to brag about but even more amazing is the fact that every one of them was at least in top 20 of the sales charts for a period of time. In 2010 Electrixx was voted as the best electro techno act to perform in Brazil. Theres so much news about chart rankings, releases and other infos, that if we could write all down it could be the start of a really boring book. To stay current with Electrixx fast pace be sure to visit them on facebook, myspace and their website.

In 2011, "The Darkside of the Discoball" is connected to their live album which will be released in march 2011 as a present for all their fans. All world tour events will have CDs just as give a ways. Its a rollercoaster ride between reedited electrixx classics and fresh unreleased stuff. Even the new show is based on a common dirty electro live act with a complete individual designed stage which is total light integration and controlled by Electrixx during the show. A must see effect! It is hard to explain with words, but the past has shown that Electrixx is a fixed component in the edm scene, more then 160 liveshows in 2010, they reached more then 1 million people with these live acts and flown more then 700000 km in just 2 years. Do not miss their 2012 World Tour and your chance to see Electrixx performing live again in Seattle!!!!




1st Northwest Appearance!


Always Never Records/

Atlanta, GA

-Atlanta based duo, Ryan Purcell (Oh Snap Kid) and Lee Bates (Hxllywxxd), have teamed together as the DJ/Producer collaboration STREET LURKIN. Influenced by the sounds of Le Castle Vania, Designer Drugs, Treasure Fingers, Bloody Beetroots, Wolfgang Gartner, Evol Intent, and an obscure playlist of hardcore genres, their sound morphs like a megazord of energy into heavy bass, catchy melodies, and endless amounts of somersault roundhouse kicks to the face. Both true southern boys, fueled by a goblet blessed with the tigerblood of Charlie Sheen, they "party hard" and all hail to the great messiah, Andrew WK.

Consistently working on releases, they are slaving away and skewing limits for a new sound that can only express their own twisted imagination. True believers in Electro and the Indie sound, they plan to push the bangers out to the masses like Jim Jones and his special Kool-Aid. Street Lurkin is the harbinger of the next trench coat mafia of sound... hide under your desk.




Marble Productions/ Housewreckin/ USC

Smoke Shack/ Kiss My Bass



Onelife/ USC

Red Cube/ Kaos Theory/ V2




Tap Tap Productions









Marble Productions/ Smoke Shack/ USC



Marble Productions/ Housewreckin/ Seattlehardcore




Marble Productions/ Webbwerx




CresFresh Coalition/ HarderFasterLouder



Digital Innovators



Skunky Beats

Executive Records






BAR STAGE: (21+)




Marble Productions




Marble Productions/ Smoke Shack




Marble Productions/ Housewreckin




Marble Productions/ Avantgarde










Pre-sales available at:

Very Limited: $15 SOLD OUT!

Limited: $20

Unlimited: $25


At The Door: $30





-Full bar for 21+ with ID

-Body shaking sound in all 3 rooms by Liquid NRG

-Intense lighting displays by Positive Systems

-Lasers by Slick Laser

-Visuals by Looptid

-Decorations by Looptid & USC

-Industrial fans to keep things cool.

-Multiple Vendor Booths

-More to be announced!