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When: -

Where: Ivy Rooftop - San Antonio (4553 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: Dubstep


$ 15.00

Caspa, Vegas Banger, ViciouzViv



V Productions and Ivy Rooftop Presents

°o.O --- CASPA ... The Dopest Ghost In Town! --- O.o°

Caspa grew up in West London, and was brought up on a diet of jungle & hiphop. At the time he wasn’t old enough to go to the jungle raves so had to be content with his tape packs of Brockie and Det. When garage emerged he naturally progressed into the sound and started attending garage raves.

After an injury which sadly ended his once promising basketball career, he bought his first pair of decks and started DJ’ing. And after receiving a free demo copy of Fruity Loops he started to experiment with the idea of building tracks in a computer program and got his first real taste of music production. Under the name Quiet Storm he made a tune called ‘Bass Bins’, which was picked up by BBC 1xtra’s J Da Flex who showcased on his Underground Knowledge Show in 2003. The next day he received a call from DJ Lombardo (the first resident of FWD) who had just started his label Fragile Beats and spoke with him about a possible release of the track he had heard the night before on radio.

Due to unforseen circumstances, the label never blossomed and the track never saw the light of day, but determined not to give up he pursued his ambitions by starting his own label Storming Productions in 2004 and started a weekly radio show on the prolific Rinse FM. With a successful year of working and releasing with artists such as Search & Destroy, Dubchild, Toasty Boy, DJ Narrows and Oris Jay the label was well established as one of the dominating labels of the time.

After receiving a demo from Swedish producers L-Wiz, he decided to start a sister label to Storming called Dub Police, this label’s focus was to give platform to up and coming artists and push the newly developing dubstep sound - it was also at this time he had his debut release under the alias of Caspa, after which he had a release on well known dubstep label Tempa (Rubber Chicken), which had been one of the largest tracks of the year and is still regarded by many as an anthem.

With a string of succesful releases from artists such as L-Wiz, N-Type, Rusko, The Others and of course his own productions under the Caspa alias, the label began to grow in to one the dominating labels within the newly formed dubstep genre.