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Kinetic 4


When: -

Where: Pacific Science Center (200 2nd Avenue North, Seattle, WA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Chillography Infinite Connections

Genres: DowntempoDrum and BassHouseLivetronicaPsytrance

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$ 30.00

$ 25.00
Some things, when created, live and die in a moment of time and are destined never to be repeated.
Some things cry out to be reborn...
This spring, under the moon cast shadows of the Space Needle, Infinite Connections will rise once again, and together with old and new friends alike, will present the next exciting phase of the legendary Magnetic/Kinetic series at the Pacific Science Center. The melting snow and warmer weather will find us gathered together once again in four sonic playgrounds of innovative and underground lights, art and music. All gathered under one roof alongside the butterflies, animals, insects, dinosaurs and you.
April 3, 2010 - Kinetic 4 at the Pacific Science Center
Resist the urge to stay home... go play inside...
Tickets on sale now:
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Ticket Breakdown:
1st Tier tickets SOLD OUT
2nd Tier tickets available for $25. There are a limited number of tickets available at this price. Once they are gone, 3rd Tier tickets will be available for $30 online until Saturday at 9am and at the Door until we reach capacity.
$50 VIP tickets SOLD OUT
In the IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance:
Deedrah (LIVE - Mind Control, TIP.World, BOA Group, Spun - FR)
Osiris Indriya vs Amanita (HotWired, Future Nurses, IOSIS Art Party - SEA)
Coral (T.O.U.C.H Samadhi - SEA)
defib (LIVE - SEA)
with art by:
Stuart King (Acrylic on Canvas - Kirkland)
Knomesthetics (Fountains - Mt. Vernon)
Daniel T. Fleming (Photography and Digital Art - SEA)
Art curator:
Pennie Humphreys
Revolution Gallery
Sound by: Mobius Pro Audio
In the Uniting Souls Animal House:
Luke McKeehan (Nordic Trax - Van)
Ramiro (Uniting Souls - SEA)
Deepvibez (Uniting Souls - SEA)
The Love Virus (SEA)
Michito Iwata, aka M'chateau (DUENDE/Beaux Chateaux - SEA)
Sound by: Rattle Factory
In the Chillography Downtempo Dinosaur:
Rena Jones (LIVE - Cartesian Binary Recordings - PDX)
Gel-Sol (LIVE - Em:t Records, Upstairs Recordings, Psychonavigation Records - SEA)
DJ Eckoe (Ultimae Records, Chillography - SF)
A Delicate Moment (LIVE - Chillography - SEA)
Hendrik (Transcendent Church of Bass, Chillography - SEA)
Visuals by: Looptid Visuals
In the Drum and Bass Tuesdays Playground:
Headliner change:
As you may know, Baron is very busy working on several film projects. Unfortunately, one of those projects ran over schedule and he will not be able to join us for Kinetic 4. He sends his deep regrets. Fortunately for us, an opportunity opened for an amazing artists that we were lucky enough to snatch:
KIRO - (Simplify Recordings, Infected Logic, Ammunition Recordings, Trust In Music - Sacramento/London, UK - DNB ON 3 DECKS)
Demo (Human/Barcode, Cymbalism, D&B Tuesdays, 360 BPM - SEA)
Aksion (D&B Tuesdays, Satisfaksion)
John Glist & MBM (D&B Tuesdays - SEA) &
Soundwave (Smokeshack - SEA)
Sound by: Kelcema Productions
Plus: Slick Lasers
Performances, Food, Shopping and more...
With performances by:
House of Charlatan
Mark "Mom" Finley
Performance curator:
Qulture Qreative (RE:Launch, hitgirl, & Devolution)
Crossroads Marketplace:
Due to The Pacific Science Center’s policies, RE-ENTRY is NOT permitted at KINETIC 4. To ensure you have everything you need throughout the night, we proudly present THE Crossroads ~ Eco-Friendly Marketplace. Food, clothing, gifts and more, The Crossroads is your place when you're not out on the dance floor!
: : Participating Stores : :
Cleo Wolfus Designs
Natay Design Creations
Pop's Carmel Corn and Kettlecorn
and more...
For bios, pictures, videos and music, go to
Rooms brought to you by:
Uniting Souls Animal House (house)
IOSIS Art Party Insect Trance (progressive psytrance)
Chillography Downtempo Dinosaur (downtempo, chill, ambient)
DnB Tuesdays PlayGround (drum’n'bass, jungle)
Bar brought to you by:
Infinite Connections loves doing these events, but the Pacific Science Center has concerns about damage done last time by spinning poi and garbage left on the floor.
Pacific Science Center will not allow toys on strings.
Please, Please, Please leave your poi at home for the night and put trash in a garbage bins. As long as we respect the venue, we get to keep having this amazing event every year.
Kinetic 4 is sponsored in part by:
Metromint -
Gay City Health Project
VioVi Blood Orange Juice:
Kinetic 4 is a production of:
Infinite Connections is a multifaceted company specializing in Event Production and Artist Booking with the goal of connecting people to new experiences through art and music. Infinite Connections brings you Breaks & Freaks, IOSIS Art Party, Zen Circus, Shringara and Body Systems Dark Art Party.
with Promotional Support from:
The 4 Horsemen Productions -
Interested in having your logo seen by THOUSANDS of people? Kinetic 4 is looking for sponsors! We have a variety of sponsorship and in-kind donation packages available and would love to speak with you. Contact Katie Meyer,, for more information about Sponsorship Opportunities.
Want to sell your stuff at Kinetic 4? Contact Jen Parraz,, to find out how.