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ILLUMINATION w/ Pretty Lights + More @ Limelight


When: -

Where: Limelight (201 Woodland Dr., Nashville, TN)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: MarchOne Music

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepElectroLivetronica

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$ 25.00
Saturday May 1, 2010 at 5:00 PM
Limelight - Nashville, TN
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Gift of Gab of Blackalicious
DJ Bowie
White Noise
This is Art
DJ Kidsmeal
Truly Grimy
Karius Vega
& a Special performance by the Memphis Jookin Allstars
Tickets on Sale Friday February 12 @ 10:00am
Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith, accompanied in the live setting by drummer, Cory Eberhard. Together these two achieve a raw energy rarely reached in the realm of electronic music. At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the basic form of bangin' beats, Pretty Lights is giving the people what they want; electro organic cutting-edge party rocking beats that fill venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies. And the people are responding. Pretty Lights' three albums, Taking Up Your Precious Time, Filling Up The City Skies, and Passing By Behind Your Eyes have been downloaded over 500,000 times from
A 2009 sold out North American tour propelled Pretty Lights into 2010 with the first tour dates in the UK and Europe and a nationwide spring tour including stops at Coachella, SXSW, and Ultra Music Festival.
Ana Sia
Ana Sia’s love of electronic music combined with an innate understanding of the value of dance to the human soul collectively fuse to create unforgettable sets of experience, whether she is slamming spots in her hometown of San Francisco or taking her turn in the forests of music festivals around the country.
Ana Sia’s energetic delivery of brain-fazing beats has earned the Princess Slay-ah an important spot in pioneering the West Coast future sound movement. Ana Sia will take you on a musical expedition into the deepest reaches of your brain, as she masterfully blends a wide spectrum of rhythms with a beautiful fluidity and a delicate sensibility, giving the dance floor a delightful ride that ends at the corner of bliss and oblivion.
Uniting the best elements of dirty dubstep, grimy glitch, and her personalized blend of “global slut psy-hop,” Ana Sia’s sets confirm crunk status of all who dare enter into her seamless world of sound.
Daedelusis an experimental music producer based out of Los Angeles, California. He pioneered using the Monome in conjunction with Max/MSP for live performances.
The eccentric, electronic maestro of the Pacific coast returns with "Exquisite Corpse" his most complete and baffling record to date. One of LA's most daring new artists this young musical romantic weaves together a true "love-sound" that falls between honeyed melody and avant-electronics. Daedelus chops and splices disparate acoustic sources into incredible works of staggering resonance. Contrasting IDM styled cut-ups with childlike arrangements from the 30's and 40's, he has refined a style that has no imitators. Exactly the kind of music you’d expect from a scarily well-connected hip hop nut who happens to dress in Edwardian clothing and names himself after an Ancient Greek Legend.
Gift of Gab
Born Tim Parker, Gift of Gab grew up mostly in Pacoima, part of L.A.'s San Fernando Valley region, but attended high school in Sacramento. There he first met Chief Xcel (born Xavier Mosley) in 1987. Parker, then calling himself Tiny T or Gabby T, was already developing keen skills as a battle MC, and he and Mosley teamed up the following year. After graduating, Parker returned to Los Angeles, but he and Mosley kept up their partnership by phone. While attending UC-Davis, Mosley fell in with a group of hip-hop eccentrics who became the SoleSides collective, and Parker moved up to the Bay Area to join him in 1991, now having settled on Gift of Gab as his hip-hop alter ego. Blackalicious issued their debut single, "Swan Lake," on SoleSides in 1994, and several more followed, establishing their underground reputation and leading to a tour of Europe. They began work on a full-length album, during which time SoleSides shut down and reconfigured itself as Quannum. Finally, in 1999, Blackalicious re-emerged with the A2G EP, whose "Alphabet Aerobics" electrified the underground and marked Gift of Gab as a prodigious new talent. That talent was confirmed by Blackalicious' first two full-lengths, 2000's NIA and 2002's Blazing Arrow, which elevated him to the status of perhaps the most heightened elite MC in hip-hop.
Known for his intuitive ability to carve beats out of the bits, Kraddy has made a name for himself internationally as a producer and a DJ. His releases on Muti Music, Bless Records, Blunted Funk, Digital Distortions and his own label, Refiner Records have set him apart as a producer with a truly extra-ordinary sound.
Kraddy’s unique tweak has taken him from his home in San Francisco to LA, NY, Vancouver, Dublin, Prague, Stockholm, Bristol and even earned him the headlining slot at Trigger in Birmingham UK. He has also been featured on,, and as well as being reviewed by XLR8R, URB, BPM, Undercover Magazine,Mofo and Rinse.
Kraddy’s music implicates cybernetic breaks with asymmetrical dub delays and hip hop grooves with dark ethereal melodies.
Dj Bowie
Bowie. a given name.
* Half Dutch,
* Half American,
* Musics Connoisseur,
* Crowd Rocker.
Voted best DJ/Turntablist in WNC 3 years running. Performances under his belt the likes of Trinumeral, Bonnaroo, The Echo Project, Tron a Thon and extra special random as what what! party accolades!!
Contrasting musical styles and ability to rock any party at hand has lined this DJ up next to world class acts the likes of: STS9, The Glitch Mob, King Britt, Widespread Panic, Shpongle, Bassnectar, DJ Vadim, Dieselboy, Ana Sia, Richard Devine, Pretty Lights, Pnuma PA, Vibesquad, Conspirator, The New Deal, Eliot Lipp, Telepath, Prefuse 73, DR Fameus of the Disco Biscuits (EDvsAL), Tricky, and even Eryka Badu. He's on that next level ish.
White Noise
Electronic - (Dance, Electro, Fidget, Dubstep, B-More, Tech, Downtempo, HipHop, Glitch)
Grant "White Noise" Willis is a 24 year old Ableton dj/producer born and raised in the Heart of Dixie, Alabama. He is co-founder and a resident DJ of Blow Your Head, a monthly party held in Tuscaloosa. He's played two music festivals in the past year, DUBocracy in ATL and Trinumeral in Asheville NC, supporting acts like Benga, Starkey, Mindelixir, Joe Nice, M80 Dubstation, RJD2 and The Glitch Mob. He has also done multiple shows across the southeast with some of todays top electronic music acts such as: The Disco Biscuits, Pretty Lights, Eliot Lipp, DJ Bowie, Captain Crunk, Charlie P, Uneasy Listening, and Paper Route Gangstaz. With his first album in the works and new show dates popping up, White Noise is definitely an artist to watch for in 2010.
This Is Art
Psychedelic / Live Electronics / Trip Hop
Dj Kidsmeal
DJ KIDSMEAL started DJaying/Scratching records and producing beats/tracks at the age of 13 in 1996. REVIEW FROM THE NASHVILLE SCENE'S NASHVILLE CREAM BLOG: To say that I've been anticipating DJ Kidsmeal's debut record may be a bit of an understatement. I've used my bully pulpit to razz and harass him about it for almost 18 months. I have repeatedly taken the dude to task--in public, in print; wherever, whenever. Sure, it's sorta tacky and totally obnoxious, but the dude has been around forever and hadn't dropped anything that wasn't tethered to my damn computer. It was kinda vexing. Now that I've got the album on my stereo, I'm thinkin' it was worth tarnishing my sterling reputation of civility and sophistication. Secret Recipe is a stellar slab of instrumental hip-hop and you guys know how I feel about instrumentals. I was honestly expecting more turntablism, more crazy-technical displays of straight skill. Face it, the kid can cut like nobody's business, and he's got a crab scratch that's tighter than Glenn Beck's asshole. He could coast on expert dexterity and the fact that his dad played in Babe Ruth and I'd probably still be into it, but Kidsmeal's fleet fingers never overshadow the songs. Secret Recipe is crammed full of compelling horn stabs and big boom-bap breaks; psychedlic-pop frolicks at its fringe, and electro ear candy speeds through the Autobahn at the heart of the album. Grooves are at the forefront of each track, and atmospheric flourishes never overpower the central melodies, creating an engaging sound collage that is surprisingly musical. OK, it's not really a surprise. If you've seen Kidsmeal perform you know he has a keen ear for the party rockers, and if you've got a keen ear then you'll probably notice that tracks like "She's an Artist"--with it's sinewy bass lines and sparse, reverberating snare--have been part of Kid's live arsenal for some time. There's only one MC on the entire record, and that's my main man Maurice (better known as 247), and he doesn't even show up until "Cell," the 21st of 22 songs--more hip-hop records should follow this format. If DJs are curators of sound, then this, my friends, is one first-class mothafuckin' Guggenhiem-type exhibition shit right here. BY SEAN MALONEY -Nashville Scene
Truly Grimy
Truly Grimy is a Experimental / Hip-Hop producer from Johnson City, TN. After only producing music for a year, Truly Grimy has shared the stage with artists such as Vibesquad, Big Gigantic, Alex B., and Two Fresh, and has been blessed to play festivals such as Trinumeral 09', Cosmic Clearance, and DexFest 09'
Karius Vega
IDM / Electronica / Drum & Bass
The Memphis Jookin All stars
Memphis-born jookin' is a dance almost as difficult to describe as to perform. Dancers move like digital creations with footwork so smooth you'd swear they were on skates. Their torsos undulate, arms snake and wave, knees pump. At various times they look like ballet dancers, hip-hoppers or well-oiled robots.
But whatever they're doing, the world is watching.