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Emissions: The CAMP?out


When: -

Where: Avery Ranch (, Angels Camp, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Genres: BreaksDubstepGlitch

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$ 80.00

$ 60.00
Irie Cartel & Camp ?uestionmark are teaming up to bring you...
Emissions: The CAMP?out
A Gathering Of West Coast Whomp Cultures
Friday May 14 till Sun May 16
Deep in the beautiful forest, a few hours from San Francisco, @ Avery Ranch, we shall be gathering together, to worship the whomp. Our massive musical playground's stocked with a barrage of bass wranglers ready to roll out the summers hottest sets.
We have started the lineup, but will be adding more over the next few weeks. stay tuned...
We are itching to go camp outside and play with the music...loud ...& for days!
And this will be the first campout of the season, so it is definitely our time to start this summer off RIGHT!
Besides 'Auditory Bliss', we will have many visual artists, as much live painting as possible, a special creative juice replenishing area, performers, guest speakers, workshop, creative art structures, massage/healing dome, guest speaker forum, vendors, healthy food vending, and much more being worked out.
We have lots of info to give you & it will be coming out soon, this is just to get you prepared for the bassslapp as early as possible.
Some of the amazing sonic twist manipulators, ready to go camping...
?~Special Secret EUROPEAN HEADLINER(cant post till may8, but hes in!)
-LYNX & JANOVER (sf/co)
-MOCHIPET (Daly City Records)
-An-Ten-Nae (Get Freaky)
-Ripple (Full Melt)
-Ribotto ((FLYING SKULLS / Symbiosis)
-Djunya (NarcoHz/Surefire)
-Timonkey (Muti Music)
-NTRLD (Double Drop)
-DJG (Narco Hz/Wheel & Deal/lo dubs)
-Blackheart (mallabel/filthydigital/redline)
-Sam Supa (BrapDem, Surefire)
-Megalodon (doubledrop/shift/dubcartel)
-Dubsworth (Spit Brothers/Dubs Alive)
-El Diablo (mallabel)
-MiHKAL (Symbiosis)
-Bogl (Symbiosis, Soundpieces)
-Dials (Soundpieces)
-Mycho Pan Cocoa (mallabel/fringe)
-Rastatronics (mallabel/subwize)
-Skulltrane (mallabel/cuttydubs)
-Zombie-J (mallabel/CAMP?)
-Fresh Young Minds (!)
-Mykie McFilthy (840 Entertainment)
-AntiBioTick (Connoisseur Collective)
-Nit Grit (Xenophorm)
-Minnesota (MetaMethod, SC Dubstep)
-Mad Zach (Muti Music)
-Tomas Cruzio (Symbiosis)
-Dr. Knobz
-Carly D
-watson (False Profit)
-Porkchop (RBC/Dirty Beats/Hellefante)
-Tarzan (Dirty beats/CDR/Milk money / )
-Lud Dub (Big Up Magazine)
-ChrisB. (Portal Patch)
-Grewvangle (Portal Patch)
-JED aka Mowgli (Portal Patch, Auditory Aphasia)
-Erin Jale ( milk money sf/la)
-Absurge (TRBL/The Janky Barge)
-Psy Fi (Western Science, humboldt)
-John Holliday (Redsky Records/DirtyBeats)
-General Nao (Redsky)
-Subaddiction (Drum Machine Technology)
> Kial (subpressure/roguedubs/doubledrop)
> Fire Leiber (mallabel/subwize)
> Dub Pirates (raindaince/subwize/primitive science)
> Smasheltooth (badbitchbrigade)
> Ryan J (santacruzdubstep)
> My Pet Monster (
> Builder (crossroads/subpressure/scd)
> Ananda G
>Chlorophil (Synchronos/Cosmic Leaf/Ajana)
> Twitchdubz (crossroads/dubfrequency)
> Fishfinger (crossroads/scd/subfm)
> Chub (the/dubstep/panda)
> Christafari (mountainlionhi-fi)
> Du3 (santa cruz dubstep)
> Bass Buddah (caution productions)
> Tot3m (substruk/techsupport/scd)
> Mr. Humpfreeze (cartesian/paulsweet)
> Scarebear (denseaudio)
> RobI (sugarpinemassive/3csf)
> Jai Soleil
> Pushreset (DBM)
> Ro Knew (Dub Mansion,weedTRACKER music)
> JohnnyFive (Dub mansion, Irie Cartel)
> Evergreen Dub (Dub Mansion)
>>>...& still MORE Artist being talked to right now...will update soon
MC's ChroniC G & SIGHTonthamic
oh's gettin heavy!
Photography by 'RayneDROP' akaRaynie Vratari
now accepting vendor aplications... (michelle@)
~18 and over~
Bring water & everything else you will need to survive for 3 days
-Super Early Limited Presales - $60.
-Regular Presale - $70.
-@ the Gate - $80.
***Special, '$'s Hella Tight', hook up deal...
-10 Pac of Membersips for $500! ...that's only $50 ea! ***
**will post cut off for early ltd presales soon**
It's just outside a little town called Angels Camp... Great off the grid venue in the sierra nevada's just a couple miles off the stanislaus river!! Epic Location!!! It's been used throughout the years by a ton of different crews, most recent being symbiosis, stilldream, and irie cartel. Big up Avery Ranch