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Eliot Lipp & VibeSquaD @ George's Majestic


When: -

Where: ​George's Majestic Lounge ​ (519 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, AR)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksDubstepElectroGlitch

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$ 15.00
Beatnik presents:


with special guest FRACTAL SKY


18 and UP!

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One of Colorado’s premier electronic producers, VibeSquaD, releaseD his fourth full-length album entitled “The Fire” on October 21, 2010. Staying true to his unique take on glitch-hop, hip-hop, and bass music, Aaron Holstein, aka VibeSquaD, is taking these genres to new heights with “The Fire.” In the past few years, VibeSquaD made a huge impact on the US electronic music scene with his captivating and energetic live sets. Anyone present at his performances at rammed clubs and festivals can vouch that he is hands down one of the most entertaining performers in the scene right now. His sound is energetic and packed with interesting sounds generated from the

far reaches of our solar system. It’s loaded with thick, fat drums, heavy bass and effects, and jaw-dropping, dynamic changes. VibeSquaD’s “The Fire” undoubtedly will take listeners to an elevated state of bass.


Originally hailing from Tacoma, WA, Lipp paid his dues in the underground scenes of almost every primary market in the US, Europe and Asia, including stints in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago before dropping roots in the Brooklyn scene that has continued to produce some of the most recognized artists in contemporary indie and electronic music.

Lipp’s signature sound, a crossbreed of 90’s Hip Hop and House, 70’s Funk fusion as well as classic Electro, has and will continue to breakdown barriers and transpose trendy scenes. Whether programming Hip Hop beats, writing dirty basslines, collaborating with the likes of premier producers, DJs, MCs and musicians, examined by SPIN, URB, Pitchfork and other media or playing popping parties at clubs and festivals worldwide, Eliot Lipp will continue to do his part in revolutionizing electronic music.


Is the Arkansas native producer/dj Aaron Spence AKA. Fractal Sky.Beginning in 2003, Aaron experimented with early 2000 breakbeat/trance production. He slowly started to grasp the raw low ends of analog synthesizers and super tight breaks and cuts. By 2006 He released his first track under the name "dj FL!P".. Still determined and eager to learn, Aaron followed his heart. By 2009 his sounds evolved into the slower(bpm), super groovey, tight, emotional, and uplifting sound that he calls "Fractal Sky".

take a listen.