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Dubstep Academy 102


When: -

Where: Mission Rock Café (817 Terry Francois Blvd., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: GeoMagnetic.tv

Genres: Dubstep

High - Sliding Scale (Time)
$ 25.00
Low - Sliding Scale (Time)
$ 5.00

Welcome back to the DUBSTEP ACADEMY 102: 6 Stage Dubstep Massive – Friday May. 6th! Oh My God, that’s Next Really Soon! =) 

Geomagnetic, Bass Star Rec, Dubstep SF,ECstatik Ent, Galaxy Unknown Rec, Womp! and PLURAL Productions with LOTS more friends, family, and crew are throwing down big time at Kelly’s Mission Rock... Participate and spread your magic love! 72 DJS @ 12 hours

This massive gathering of local talent-producers/DJs is celebrating some key news:

♫ DUBSTEP ACADEMY 101 will be available at the party in CD format for only $5! More info and audio previews coming soon!

♫ Bass Star Records (Geomagnetic) just released a bunch of new EPs on Beatport! Full length Soundcloud previews here: ("Like" our Fan Page please)



Visuals: www.rainbowpuddles.com | www.GEOMAGNETIC.tv

Big Sound Systems: Full Circle Prod. and DT3

SuperSexy GoGos: Digital Divas and Lethal Ladies

A Valid Photo/Age 18+ ID is required for entrance

Price is SUPER FRIENDLY and sliding scale:

(who ever is in line b4 5pm gets in FREE!)


5-6p = $5

6-7p = $10

7-8p = $15

8-9p = $20

9pm+=$25 (thats still cheap for 6 stages! =))


2am+=$10!!!! Yes After 2am its only $10!!

♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ Producers & DJ's confirmed so far: ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ 

~~~~~~~~(in Alphabetical Order)~~~~~~~~~~

◇ Atom O.N.E. (National Entity)

◇ Bleep Bloop

◇ Bud Vapor (aka DJ Sausee) (Galaxy Unknown Rec)

◇ Chronologix (aka Haggla) (bayssline events)

◇ D-Bot (Robot Ears Prod.)

◇ Digital Insomnia

◇ Dooby snacksss

◇ D-Program (Tech Support Rec)

◇ Dub Rock (Dirrty Dubb Ent./Anarchy)

◇ Dubster Spook (Geomagnetic / Bass Star Rec)

◇ Dubsworth (Spit Brothers) (Full Melt Records)

◇ Dubthug (Full Melt Records)

◇ Energy Alchemist

◇ K Theory (Sub Pressure Rec)

◇ Kial (Sub Pressure Rec)

◇ Luke Nukem (Vital SC/Bass Star Rec)

◇ Lysurgeon

◇ Lytic (From San Luis Obispo!!)

◇ Municipal Youth (Geomagnetic / Bass Star Rec)

◇ Mykie McFilthy (Geomagnetic / Bass Star Rec)

◇ Outersect (Aleph Zero/Beats&Pieces)

◇ Pillijah (Geomagnetic / Bass Star Rec)

◇ Product - D (aka Dizzy) (Galaxy Unknown Rec)

◇ Random (aka Randub) (Geomagnetic / Bass Star Rec)

◇ Rate - P (Vital SC)

◇ Rave Grobbers (feat Sophizta) (Womp!/NBE)

◇ Reclipse (Trauma)

◇ Rudebrat

◇ Rugby (Womp!/NBE)

◇ Scotty Trees

◇ Seriph

◇ Skriptah (Vital SC)

◇ Skrypt

◇ Sublock (Vital SC/Geomagnetic/C.U.E.)

◇ Switchup

◇ Taso (Full Melt Records)

◇ Tomkat (FM Events)

◇ Toxxiq (Ecstatik Events)

◇ Trickster (in Dub) (Geomagnetic / MOC)

◇ Wastoidprime (Womp!/NBE)

◇ Wichdubster (aka Wichdocta) (Full Circle/Geomagnetic)

Lots more info coming soon! We have a few DJs yet to confirm so check back here for more details! Also we will update the page with Soundcloud players for all DJs too! =)