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D:Fuse @ Ruby Skye (11/6)


When: -

Where: Ruby Skye (420 Mason St., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Mixed Elements

Genres: House

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$ 15.00

Ruby Skye & Mixed Elements Present


Saturday, November 6

DJ. Producer. Remixer. Drummer. Vocalist. Musician. Human.

There are DJs who turn up and play tracks, and there are DJs that redefine what a DJ does. That person is D:Fuse; a producer, drummer, and vocalist who has taken DJing and moved it into a new arena where flawless music selection, infectious energy and live drumming seats him in a classification all his own. This dynamic combination has earned D:Fuse a slot in the top 35 DJs in America 3 years running (DJ Times). As a producer, D:Fuse's tracks have appeared on Global Underground, Perfecto, System, Virgin, & Moonshine and his unique musical style is reflected in the variety of DJs who have hammered his tracks over the years; from Sasha & Armin Van Buuren to Danny Howells, Danny Teneglia and Carl Cox. D:Fuse continues to move the music forward with his new tour-only release Sunrise Over Joshua Tree; an inspired and tastefully melodic journey meshing the boundaries of house and progressive. Listen to D:Fuse's live sets at