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Datsik @ New Earth Music Hall


When: -

Where: New Earth Music Hall (227 W. Dougherty St., Athens, GA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Blue Mood Productions

Genres: Dubstep

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$ 18.00

Blue Mood Productions+

HeAthens Dubstep+

New Earth Music Hall Present:

DATSIK (BC, Canada) + special guest

Thursday::9/29/11 ::Ages::18+:: ::Doors: 9PM::

New Earth Music Hall:



If you don’t know Datsik by now, you best be learning. Datsik has been taking the dubstep scene by storm, blowing up dance floors around the globe with his original style of hip-hop future-tech bangers.

In 2009 alone, Datsik had over 7 number one releases on Beatport, and vinyl sales through the roof on many other sites such as Chemical Records, Red-Eye and Juno. Aside from that, he has also done remixes for some of the biggest names in the scene such as the Crystal Method, Freestylers, Bassnectar, Noisia, Diplo, the Wu-tang Clan, and Apex from the critically acclaimed Lifted Music label; not to mention countless collaborations with some of the hottest producers in the scene.

With multiple anthems under his belt, countless plays from some of the biggest DJ’s, and an endless perseverance to reach that next step, it is safe to say that Datsik has proven himself to be one of the best dubstep artists around… and he is here to stay.

TROGDOR (Athens, GA)

HeAthens Dubstep

Spawn of "The Whomps Nest" the Burninator is taking over with the dirtiest dubstep beats around. Dubstep-"Tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals." Can cause the listener to have the unmistakable urge to fornicate." "Is most easily compared to the sounds of robotic sexual deviance"

gemNeye (Atlanta, GA)

Nick Stewart, aka gemNeye is a live performance artist, not a DJ. Composing and producing all of his own tracks, he preforms them improv stye - playing off of the crowds energy and the overall vibe of the moment. By combining aspects from multiple genres, gemNeye has secured a unique sound in this ever changing, ever evolving EDM scene. From funky get down bass music, epic uplifting feel good, grimy thugged out dub-esk wobbles, to organic rhythmics.. you're guaranteed to move your feet.

Maagician (Athens, GA)

Bringing uplifting trance, dirty house, and melodic dubstep to new ears, mixing and blended with awesome remixes of your favorites.