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When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Connector Presents Up & Up Productions Loyal Family

Genres: DubstepGlitch

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$ 25.00
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$ 30.00


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Bird Peterson

Lafa Taylor


Bass Coma


Hosted by Spankalicious

Downtown Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note & Mojo's 

Tickets on sale now at

da Paint" and Willow Smith's poetic epic "Whip My Hair," which propelled young Marshall to Internet fandom.

Now, only 20, the Crizzly brand is blasting into hyper drive. Producers nationwide and beyond are dropping his tracks left and right, including Diplo, Bassnectar, Flying Lotus, DJ Benzi, and even Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy fame. Promoters are scrambling to get Crizzly on their bills following major performances at Electric Daisy Carnival in Dallas and Las Vegas, as well as the inaugural Escape from Wonderland Halloween bash. He'll be kicking off 2012 at Lights All Night in Dallas with some of the biggest DJs and producers in the world like Tiësto, Girl Talk, Benny Benassi, Wolfgang Gartner, Flux Pavilion, and more, and will be spreading his signature crunkstep sound to both coasts and everywhere in between in the coming years. Poised on the cusp of superstar status, fans everywhere can't wait for their next Crizzly attack. Crunk is back.

heRobust, despite being relatively new, has a lot of

personal identity" - Vice

“first time i heard heRobust was like looking out my window and seeing things suddenly move in slow motion ...literally dope it”

- Jay Scarlett (Beat Dimensions)

"I still listen to his free EP of spaced out glitch beats on the

regular" - Mad Decent

"Beat Genius" - Ears Of The Beholder


+++++ SPL +++++

Los Angeles, CA

Combining years of experience with a fresh enthusiasm in a way that very few artists can, SPL aka Sam Pool turns audio expectations on their heads with his dynamic take on electronic music, producing a party sound informed by rock and combining elements of dubstep, neurocrunk, psychedelic, progressive, hip hop, house, techno and drum and bass.

Fusing the shamelessness of old school rave music wit

h an innovative approach to modern bass beats, SPL is devoted equally to immaculate sound quality and to the dance floor. A longtime lover of electronic music who began DJing at age 15 and making beats before that, SPL’s knack for entertaining and prowess in the studio has carried him on multiple world tours as a successful DJ. 

With skills sharpened by years of international performances and an energetic style rich in global influence, SPL’s sound enters new territory time and time again. Now based in Los Angeles, this passionate artist has turned his attention stateside to the growing electronic music community at home.

Look for SPL’s freebies online and watch for his upcoming releases on his own label, Hollow Point Recordings as well as 12th Planet’s SMOG Recordings. Never one to fear change and always one to dream big, SPL embraces the ongoing evolution of the electronic arts, and fans can only wonder what might be next for this exciting producer.


+++++ Alpaca +++++

San Francisco, CA


Sifting through the ashes of a post-apocalyptic city, searching the remains of clubs and theaters, one survivor, Alpaca, braves the new world optimistically, collecting the necessary pieces to begin a new civilization. Brushing broken glass from subwoofers & loading a stolen DeLorean, elements of a new bass utopia are assembled at the foot of Dolores Park. Having spent the previous decade as a pioneering land un-developer, replacing mega- housing with green space, the solitude of the newly abandoned planet was welcomed. But a community had to be assembled to attempt any kind of party, or you know, to reproduce. Forging a crude wall of sound, Alpaca broadcasts a bass beacon developed in the early 2000's, specifically tuned to attract heads & repel mindless bros responsible for the planet's destruction. Patiently waiting for signs of life, he drops jams for the world to find.

Spring 2012 will see more remixes and original productions from Alpaca, working with Midwest beasts Spankalicious, DJ Blac, Bentone and the Cold Cuts. Upcoming West Coast shows with Mochipet, MC Zulu, Joe Mousepad, Smasheltooth & BOGL promise to be awesome venues with hungry bassbins to continue twerking the recipe for his sound.

NiT GriT, VibesquaD, Random Rab, Ill-Esha, Two Fresh, Terrabad, Spankalicous, Alpaca, Project Aspect, Loki, Bassthoven, and J. Wail. Bass Coma was also mentioned in Go! magazine as one of the 7 Columbia music groups to watch in 2012. Also, the release of their EP "What You Know About Mashups?" "Gucci Goes Hard" and "Eyes On the Rain" getting over 80,000 hits on websites such, and


Also featuring

All original lighting design + projection mapping by Alumina Productions

Stage/set construction/visual backdrop by