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Collective Energy Festival


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: BreaksDowntempoDrum and BassDubstepElectro

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Tickets: http://horriblechildren.ticketbud.com/collective-energy


In honor of the 155 birthday of one of the pioneers of electricity and modern science, Horrible Children will be bringing you a very special and unique event!

Our goal will be to combine the worlds of Electronic Music and Burn Culture into one Unified Field Theory.

We will be running this event by the 10 Principles of Burning Man, and will be encouraging everyone to come and set up, or participate in a theme camp.

To help guide your experience, we have invited some of the most cutting edge electronic music artists and pioneers to perform at the festival. In order to respect their artistry, we will NOT be allowing any other amplified music during the event.

We will also be hosting several workshops on subjects ranging from Science and Mayan prophecies to Hooping and Poi.

Stay Tuned for more information.



~~PSYKOVSKY (Psytrance)~~

Tantrumm/Osom Music – Russia)

First Southeast Appearance

7 Hour Live Set

Psykovsky aka Vasily Markelov a maverick Russian psytrance producer.

from Russia began playing in groups as early as 12 and first achieved success as the member of Transdriver.

Since 2000 Vasily has worked with a number of different solo and collaborative projects, and is nowadays acknowledged as one of the most auspicious psytrance artists.

After a few compilation releases in the beginning of his solo career, soon in 2005 Psykovsky appeared on Vertigo Records with a superlative Debut album.

His long-awaited second CD rebounds to the glory of the great predecessor and tends to suit different palates and minds.

With undiminished enthusiasm Vasily continues to engross listeners and successfully performs all over the world.

~~TALAMASCA (Psytrance)~~

Mind Control Records-Paris,France

First Southest Appearance

Live/DJ Set

Talamasca [Mind Control Records - France]


Known as one of the most talented musicians of the electronic music scene, and specialist in Trance music, Talamasca is the solo project of Cedric Dassulle, based in Paris.

After more than 18 years travelling all over the world in more than 40 countries to play his own music, Talamasca has released more than 150 tracks on the most prestigious labels of this genre.

3D Vision, Label that he was the cofounder of, released his first album 'Beyond the Mask' in 1998 and the success of this release built him a strong reputation.

The second album was the consecration of his work, released in 2000 by Spiral Traxx, a very well known label from Sweden. From this point Talamasca was definitely one of the rising stars of those years, especially with tracks like 'Time Simulation', that went onto received major support, being played all over the planet and onto every dance floor.

Talamasca then released in 2001, after having released a lot of tracks on many labels in various compilations, as the demand was really huge, his 3rd album called 'Zodiac', 12 tracks based on the 12 astrological signs. This album also contained his first guitar track called 'Aries', one of his biggest hits, and one of the best selling CD's in the history of Psy Trance.

In 2004 he created and launched his own label called 'Mind Control Records', that provided a platform for him to produce other artists than himself, discovering and launching some of the newest French artists, such as; XSI, Silicon Sound, Nomad, Life Extension, Mesmerizer, Shagma and a few others...

He also released on 'Mind Control Records', as a first release his 4th album called 'Made in Trance', a collaboration album made with some of those new French producers previously mentioned.

His 5th album, 'Obsessive Dream', was a double CD release; one containing solo tracks from Talamasca and one containing collaboration projects with the biggest names of this style of music such as Skazi, Eskimo, GMS and Sirius Isness...

After having so much fun making collaborations, he made his 6th album with XSI, the French project that Mind Control Records produced the first album for, and who became the new promising project of the new generation of producers emerging into the Psy Trance scene. A friendship was born during the collaboration & production of this album that is aptly titled 'One'.

Talamasca is now finishing his 7th album that is expected for release before the Summer 2011.

His mission as a Live Act or DJ, is to share the energy of his music so that people would have a good time during his set, he wants them to dance, and to be happy and this is his main goal.

This is maybe why he is so known for his communication & interaction with the public while he's playing...

With over 15 successful years playing all over the planet, he knows what people want to dance to, and his skills as a musician to translate feelings into music is not to demonstrate anymore as he became through the years the 'maestro' of psy trance, his nick name in many countries...

"Since I discovered in 1992 that it was possible to make MUSIC more than NOISE with electronic music, I had so many ideas in mind that I knew its gonna become my life...". (Talamasca).

To see Talamasca play his music is an experiment that you want to live!

~~DEAD PA (Drum n Breaks)~~

Goinka, 2nd Movement, SilkySensations-Houston,TX

Live PA

.DEAD P.A... is changing the rules of dancefloor events. After cutting their teeth in the fourth largest U.S. city of Houston, Texas with an unusual dynamic interaction of live percussion, guitar, keyboards, vocals and programmable audio, the act quickly obtained a monthly residence at a swanky downtown club and has set fire everywhere since with their unique brand of "Drum N Breaks." While DJs are known for bringing music to the party, ..DEAD P.A... is bringing back the party to music. An emphasis on bad ass music, blistering performance, and theme oriented sets (rather than standing behind gear and pumping a fist once in a while) has generated comparison to a concert atmosphere and has consistently won over even the "cliquiest" of music-lovers. An adrenalin fueled exchange with audiences has kept ..DEAD P.A... in demand from Miami to Los Angeles and everywhere inbetween. .... 2007 kicked off a little rough as Jason was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a small orange… but when life hands out small oranges, we’ve learned to make orange-ade. In spite of this setback, DEAD P.A. has released the full length cd (distributed to retail thru LOAD Media UK) “The Dead Will Rise,” a split 12" with Miami, Florida's Devine & Emily Play, headlined the Guitar Hero 3 tent at SXSW, and wrapped up 2008 with the "DEAD P.A. for President Tour." DEAD P.A. is now accepting bookings for the DEADICATED TOUR 2010!

~~Bird of Prey (PsyDub)~~

San Jose,CA

Live PA

Bird of Prey is San Francisco bay area native Torin Goodnight. Creating electronic music for over a decade, he has developed a unique and very distinct sound. His music hybridizes various genres, fusing the enveloping sensibilities of psychedelic sound with hard hitting dubstep and breakbeat elements. His style contains a high level of cerebral activity not commonly found in many urban genres. Combining aggressive basslines, twisted leads, and colorful atmospheres to create diverse and immersive soundscapes.

He made his first compositions in his bedroom tinkering with hardware synths and sequencers, eventually moving on to more elaborate computer-based production. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in sound engineering from Expression College for Digital Arts, he worked in the audio industry for four years before becoming a full time musician. He is now dedicated to creating powerful music with good intentions, and aims to contribute his craft wherever it’s appreciated.

The success of his 3 EP’s (Atrium, SubTropic, Dreamcatcher), and many licensed tracks to compilations has put this artist on the map. He is currently working on his next releases for Addictech Records. You can be sure to expect honest, cutting-edge music from this artist in the near future.

Bird of Prey is often accompanied by his lovely wife Kit, an internationally acclaimed hula hoop dancer and Fire Performer. KiT’s out of this world, freestyle moves to Bird of Prey’s mesmerizing beats will electrify any audience.

~~Quidam (Psychedelic Tribal)~~

Parts Unknown

Quidam is the embodiment of both everyone and no one at the same time. A nameless passerby, a solitary figure lingering on a street corner. One who cries out, sings, and dreams within us all. Who we are and where we are from is not important. We are from a place that is found in every soul. We speak a language spoken and understood by all, not thruogh words, but through rhythm. Were are but mere messengers of a sound that binds us all. Back to what all music was founded upon. The Drums.

~~Richard Devine (IDM)~~

Warp Records/Schematic

Live PA/Full Gear set


Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician. He is recognized for producing a layered and heavily processed sound, combining influences from hip-hop to old and modern electronic music. Devine largely records for the Miami-based Schematic Records,which was founded by (Josh Kay) He has also done extensive recording,and sample work with sound designer (Josh Kay).As a result of praise of his music from Autechre as well as a remix of Aphex Twin's Come To Daddy, Devine recorded an album for Warp Records which was jointly released by Schematic and Warp.

Devine first started using computers for composition around 1993. Don Hassler, an instructor at the Atlanta College of Art, got him interested in computer synthesis, introducing Devine to CSoundand other powerful computer-based applications. Devine claims he coded a couple FFT applications in SuperCollider, an environment and programming language for real-time audio synthesis. “It’s interesting, because you’re doing things to sound that just aren’t physically possible.”

Devine also uses Native Instruments (NI) software. His favorite NI applications are Reaktor and Absynth. Devine has designed sound patches for NI’s Absynth,Reaktor,Battery,and Massive. He has also scored commercials for Nike, Touchstone Pictures and engineered and performed his own music worldwide.

Though he has contributed sound design to a number of hardware and software manufacturers, he recently released his first official sample library through Sony Creative Software entitled The Electronic Music Manuscript: A Richard Devine Collection

~~Parable (Techno/New Trance)~~

San Diego,CA

Live PA

Parable has peformed under several names and with many other musicians over the last six years. Under the Parable moniker he performs a new hybrid combination of DJ'ing and live performance. His current set uses a combination of digital mixing, live synthesizers, and guitar, with tracks ranging from Minimal and Techno to New Trance. His background is diverse ranging from being classically trained on Trumpet, French Horn, and Mellophone to playing Lead Guitar with the band Relentless Pursuit. He currently holds a residency with the 1825 Revolver in San Diego, Ca. Check out his current shows and be prepared for the unexpected.

~~Chronicles of the Landsquid (Glitch Hop)~~

ALR Records-Atlanta,GA

Live PA

This next level future bass glitch organism first emerged in the Pirate city of Charleston, South Carolina making a name for itself locally and stretching out to tour up and down the East Coast and throughout the Dirty South winning fans and devotees along the way. LANDSQUID continues to evolve and explore uncharted musical realms. The electronically charged power group's performances result in a full body/mind/soul experience containing global elements of electronica, drum & bass, ancient energy, breakbeats, love, glitch, dubstep, progressive trance, hip hop, and beyond. They have shared the stage with some true heavyweights in the game including Bassnectar, Pretty Lights, The Disco Biscuits, the New Deal, EOTO, Big Gigantic, Eliot Lipp, Mimosa, Ana Sia, NastyNasty, Boombox, Pnuma Trio, and many more. As well as performing at festivals such as Camp Bisco, Meltdown Massacre, Muddy River Jam Festival, KnoXastY, & Dexfest.

~~Revy (minimal)~~

Bleepsequence-Pittsburgh PA

Live PA

Curator of weird noise and rhythm and founder of Bleepsequence netlabel. My goal in sound production is to make densely textured, slowly evolving, thought provoking, intensely personal, and face melting music.

~~GalaxC Girl (Dubstep/Electro)~~

Wondrous Temple of Boom-Asheville,NC

Audio/Visual Set

Mixing DJing and VJing together as an audio visual performance, GalaxC Girl has quickly become an icon to behold in the city Rolling Stone named "New Freak Capitol of the US", Asheville NC. GalaxC's AV sets have been setting dancefloors on fire to sold out shows leaving everyone in states of awe and literally begging for more. Playing all over the dirty south, coast to coast and beyond, GalaxC Girl is on a mission to rock your face off with crunkadelic 3rd eye candy and filthy floorstomping bass infested freshness.

Voted in the Top 2 "Best of WNC" 2010 visual artists by Mountain Xpress readers, Best Experimental Video - Asheville Music Video 2010 Awards & Audience Choice, Best Screenplay & Best Costumes in Asheville's 48 Hour Film Project.

GalaxC Girl has shared the stage with Umphrey's McGee, The Glitch Mob, The Egg, Toubab Krewe, Datsik, Benga, Skream, Mochipet, Scuba, Heyoka, Eliot Lipp, Welder, Pericles, Freddy Todd, d-Queue, Ape Kit, Samples, Bluetech, Infected Mushroom, Ana Sia and many, many more...


Bioluminescense (Progressive Tribal)

Pure Perception/Pangea-Greenville NC

Live PA

Brad Bitt (Glitch Hop)

Wondrous Temple of Boom-Asheville,NC

Brad Bitt has been instrumental in introducing glitch hop whomp to the dirty south. Releasing an official remix of The Flying Skulls on 1320 Records in 2010 and dropping highly acclaimed iLL dj mixes, remixes & tracks online. Brad Bitt brings out only the freshest & crunkest glitch-hop, fidget-house & dubstomp, moving dancefloors like Columbians move coffee. Brad BiTT has shared the bill with Freddy Todd, Samples, Pericles, Dj Funk, GalaxC Girl and many more. Droppin tracks these days down on anything - laptop, cd decks, old turntables, a theremin jacked up, reel to reel.... slicing up the beats like Leave it to Beaver!

Quetzatl (Lazer Crunk)

Wondrous Temple of Boom-Asheville,NC

Live PA

Quetzatl is an American electronic musician and recording artist. His music has charted extensively on College Radio Top Tens and is featured in Award-Winning Independent Films, Documentaries, and Television Programs. Pioneering the "live pa" format for years, performing a genre defying style of all original glitched out space bass and unexplainable electro whomp frequencies. Try conjuring up images of a dosed alien spacecraft spinning thru a wormhole into a booty club. Also described as "an alien blend of disrupted electro and bleep led techno" as well as "something like coming face-to-face with a futuristic robot and having a chat with him while he bombards your ears with sound waves that seem like they’d be impossible to produce".

Quetzatl has performed, toured and shared the stage/bill, from coast to coast, with acts such as STS9, LTJ Bukem, Eliot Lipp, Richard Devine, Freddy Todd, d-Queue, Pericles, J.Tonal, Mochipet, Bluetech, Black Rebels, Living Legends, Burning Spear, Fresh2Death, DJ Spooky, the list goes on.


Medevil (Dubstep)


Kameleon (Psytrance)

Pure Perception/Pangea-Greenville NC

Medisin (Psytrance)

Touch Samadhi-Ashville,NC

Psyonic (Dark Psy)

Those People/Nerdy Psouth-Asheville ,NC

Reklein (IDM)

High Grade Media | Nophi | Critical Theory Sounds


Live PA

Pericles (Dubstep)

Wondrous Temple of Boom-Atlanta,GA

Live PA

Helium Slut (Techno)


Live PA

Psykoanarchy (Psytrance)


And DJ Support by

Krikett (Morning Psytrance and Breaks sets)

Lance Blackford(Trance and Breaks sets)

Flynt (Psytrance and Chill sets)

Mr.Grooves (House)

Respire (Electro and Dubstep sets)

Owl+Khan (Drum n Bass)

Aegis_AX (Dubstep)

Ju2 (Electroswing and Chill sets)

Quad Control(Dubstep)

Treffen (Psybreaks)

Kevin Strazza (Progressive House)

Tigerlilly (Trance)

Vitor (Progressive Psy)

Naferius vs. Biolysis (Drum n Bass)

DJ Gwaan (Dubstep)

Hitchcock (Dubstep)

Nano (Drum n Bass)

Mantis (Dubstep)

Rimas (Downtempo)

Mandy Thomas (House)

Chakraeater (Dubstep)

Loki (Downtempo)

Zan (Dubstep)

Juice (Dubstep)


Lighting by Full Spectrum Nashville

Live Visuals by Omgrown Video & GalaxC Girl


First Tier Tickets $50 (Limited number on sale NOW)

Second Tier Tickets: $65


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