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Charles Feelgood @ Mighty


When: -

Where: Mighty (119 Utah St., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: House

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$ 15.00

Underground Nation has been one of the top production companies in Texas for well over a decade. We have decided to move our headquarters to San Francisco! We look forward to bringing a lot of quality events to the bay area. We believe in Over-the-Top production & promise that anytime you see Underground Nation on an event - you know it's gonna be top notch!


January 27th, 2012

Underground Nation 

proudly presents


2 rooms of great music & visual stimulation!

*Charles Feelgood*

Huntington Beach, CA

Ultra, PornoStar, InStereo

Legendary for his role in the birth of the electronic music scene in the Baltimore Washington DC area, Charles Feelgood has built a reputation as a DJ in the international dance community through his versatile remix skills and a a Dj style that incorporates many styles of House Music. An Integral part of the Baltimore/DC scene, Charles if often credited with helping put the scene on the house music map. In the early nineties he joined forces with fellow DJ Scott Henry to launch Fever, a club event that introduced the sounds of electronic music to his hometown. The first event of its kind in that region, the night exploded in popularity almost immediately, attracting upwards of 2,500 people. Featuring such top-notch, internationally renowned talent as Paul Van Dyk, Derrick Carter, and Carl Cox, the biweekly event ran for over 7 years. Maintaining a seven-year residency at Fever helped springboard Feelgood's danceable brand of house to widespread exposure across the East Coast. His popularity quickly bloomed thanks in part to his legendary mixed series, "Time to Get Ill." His first major label release came on Warner Brothers Imprint F111. He soon developed a club-heavy touring schedule that regularly took him to famed clubs all over the East and West Coasts, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. In 1999 Charles Moved to LA and has since been ingrained in the SoCal EDM scene, playing Clubs and Festivals from SanFrancisco to SanDiego. "Being based in such a culturally diverse music scene was really a catalyst for me to experiment with my sets and really begin to mix it up a bit ". Charles has been busy in the studio as usual, with several releases making it in the top 100 Chart on Beatport and top ten on several digital music sites worldwide. In 2010 Charles saw several releases on Major and Independent labels such as Instereo and Burn The Fire - remixing everything from Lady Gaga to P Diddy, and a breakout track called "Hands" on Ultra that made the Beatport Top 100 chart several weeks running with an Alex Kenji remix. Look for the new Mix Cd on Dirty Fabric Chicago to hit the streets in 2011 with several of his own original tracks. Constantly in demand all over the world for his ability to light up dance floors with his sets of funky or tech drenched house, Feelgood has received numerous accolades in his fifteen year career. These include being named Baltimore's Best DJ several years, and being included in Dj magazines top 100 Dj's several years running. Playing gigs from as far away as Russia for the Audi Car Company to working the crowd at 2007's Cochella Festival - Charles is the consummated dance floor rocker - summing up his musical mission in one sentence: "I just want to do what the name implies, to make people have a good time and go home with a great feeling."



Austin, TX

Treehouse Tribe Records -

Underground Nation -

Global Gruvz Radio

This amazing DJ/Producer is the personification of his name, as his lifestyle is always a whirlwind of 'CHAOS'. This guy juggles 3 big jobs like it's child's play. CHAOS has been a DJ for 29 years, a promoter for over 20 years, and a producer for over a decade. Sometimes life can be - CHAOS. Between touring the USA headlining events and clubs, and producing tracks and doing remixes for people all over the world, he still has time to throw great events in Texas, California, and Hawaii!

Always guaranteed to rock the dance floor anywhere he goes, CHAOS throws down his own style combining elements of House, Electro, Breaks, Trance, and Dubstep, mixed with some old school turntablism. Add the twist of what technology has done, and the magic just happens.

CHAOS began his DJing career at the young age of 14, back in 1982 as a hip hop DJ & rapper. He started DJ'ing at the very young age of 14. At that time he was known as KIDD FRESH, a promising young rapper & breakdancer. CHAOS has now evolved into a great DJ Producer Performer Promoter who is rocking dance floors all over the world! Not limiting himself to any particular genre of music, you might hear CHAOS spin anything from funky electro and other styles of house, fidget, various styles of trance, dubstep, breaks, club remixes, and occasionally even a Jungle & DnB set. A veteran DJ for over 29 yrs, CHAOS has held many residencies all over the USA! Between bookings, he is currently in the studio working on some new original tracks to be released very soon, with remixes by some of todays hottest producers! CHAOS is also working on a few TOP SECRET remixes for some very big names to be released in the Summer of 2011!

CHAOS has been in the electronic music scene since the early 90’s in Los Angeles. He moved to L.A. from his hometown of Waco, Texas in the late 80’s, to seek his fame & fortune in the rap game. For a few years, you could find CHAOS rockin the mic & doing hip hop shows all over Cali. Then one day, CHAOS met a cool dj & promoter named Gary Blitz. Gary introduced CHAOS to the world of raves and electronic dance music, and he was hooked. He started spinning breaks and trance, then he added his turntable skills & a star was born! CHAOS soon started playing all over southern California, and before long he was spinning all over the US!

CHAOS has spun alongside such great DJs as : Warp Brothers, KEOKI, Rabbit-n-the-Moon, MONK, Bad Boy Bill, Sasha & Digweed, BT, Donald Glaude, Garth & Geno, Gonzo, Joey Beltram, Frankie Bones, Adam X, Heather Hart, Jesse Saunders, Charles Feelgood, Derrick Carter, Noel Sanger, Thomas Micheal, Vicious Vic, DJ Irene, DJ Hurricane of the Beastie Boys, Richard Vission, MC FLIPSIDE, Spinbad of Moby, Kid Komas, Digital Assassins, Le Castle Vania, Stanton Warriors, Ryle, MICRO, X-Dream, Paul Grogan, Trancelott, D:Fuse, The Exorcist from Moscow-Russia, Stryfe, DJ Ani from DEE-LITE, Cypress Hill, Digital Underground, SoundSex, Miki Mayhem, Jen Lasher, Breakdown, DRC, AK 1200, DJ ICEY, Baby Anne, LazrTag, JJ Flores, Doc Martin, Simply Jeff, Decoding Jesus, JJ Flores, SR71, Sparky, Sean Perry, Gary Blitz, Marco Giovanni, DJ Zane, HI-C, DJ Trigg, Vitamin D, DJ Bizz, Rob Vaughn, Redeye, Lil Richard, DJ DAB, Dig Dug, Josh Swissman, Kid Icarus/Jeremy Word, Michael Orozco, Victor Dinare, EXCEED, Lea Luna, and many more!

He moved back to Texas from Los Angeles back in 98’, CHAOS has been throwing big events all over Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi. Now living in Austin, Texas - CHAOS is constantly striving to throw bigger & better events. Now, Underground Nation has thrown events in six different states - Texas, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, and New Mexico! Shawn is also working towards opening another nightclub in the near future. A major player in the Austin music scene, CHAOS keeps himself open to work with anyone & everyone who wants to create a better scene for all to enjoy! He is the founder & owner of 'Underground Nation', a production company that is now doing events all over the United States, and that specializes in event sound, lighting, visuals, and lasers.



Honolulu, HI

Franconi Legacy


Audible Emmisions Asylum

With remixes and original music rising the charts on Beatport (world’s leading electronic music download store), SoundSex’s latest release, and 2nd original single, “Dont F*ck Around” feat Kekoa Franconi, on Lets Beat Milo, took less than one day to reach a FEATURED spot on Beatport’s front page of Electro House. “Dont F*ck Around” hit all download stores, including, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno and Jamvana, March 15th 2011. Previous releases were in October of 2010. Releases include a remix of “Tension”, SoundSex’s 1st original single on Beatport in 2009, by Decoding Jesus (#2 on Beatport, Moist Music Top Downloads, 10-30-2010), and a release feat a remix of: David Christophere (of Rabbit in The Moon) & Decoding Jesus vs MelleeFresh & Keoki – “SLEAZEE”, released on PLAY DIGITAL, other remixers for this release include Dirtyloud, and Jerome Robbins.

The youngest brother of Dance music LEGEND, Superstar Dj Keoki, Miko Franconi has been living up to his name the moment he stepped up to the decks. His choices in music by far reflect the fact that he has been a member of electronic dance music movement since toddler years. He takes the long route to the climactic part of a set, (or to look at it differently, its one long climax!! , SoundSex). Laying down songs with melodic hooks, and face-melting basslines, traveling from techno, to electro, to breaks, (and sometimes dub-step, which he fondly refers to as dub-SEX) he teases the crowd before making that rise to total dancefloor madness. This is a true sign of a masterful dj, and Miko has worked his way into our hearts via dance music. He has worked his dj’ing skills in clubs spanning across the states, from NY, Miami, Denver to LA, including Ultra Music Festival (WMC 2010 Miami), The Church (top-5 clubs in US), Beta (Beatport owned) and MEGA CLUBS Bar Standard and FUTURE LA Underground. Miko Franconi began his dj career back in 1998, spinning side beside his brother Kekoa, a legend in the music industry himself (owner/operator of Superstar Productions). When Miko and Koa teamed up, as an opening act for Keoki, back in 1998, under the name Kibbles N’ Beats, the scene knew that techno music was yet to be changed with THESE Franconi brothers attacking dance floors. Music is definitely a force in this family. Miko is also the younger brother of Hawaii celebrity and radio personality Maleko.

Miko Franconi is back behind the lights and in dj booths yet again after a long hiatus to “gather his strength,” and he’s doing it with a vengeance, as if he knows that he has a lot to live up to, and believe me, he has “Superstar” written all over him! Having been interviewed in 808SceneZine and on over a dozen radio interviews from Hawaii to Florida, Miko has set his sights for the top, and we all have a chance to witness the rise. When you see (and feel) how naturally he makes the dancefloor move.. you too will be a believer.. the Franconi Legacy has much more in store for us.


*Miki Mayhem*

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii's #1 Kick Ass Female DJ

Underground Nation

DJ Miki Mayhem’s style has evolved from progressive and deep house, to jazzy house, to breakbeats and electro, and a recent influence of tech house, minimal, and Dubstep. She picks music that inspires and lifts your energy up**any tracks that get you out of your seat, and make you shake your money-maker and move your feet. She loves playing with LIVE musicians, who can jam along with her beats. She has spun with the additions of sax, trumpet, flute, and various drums. 

She has spun with Randy Wheeler, a well-known local and proficient saxophonist, Glenn Bhayahari, a percussionist who plays with unbeatable stamina, and T-ona… a beautiful vocalist, who is a true performance-artist that has hypnotic dance moves, as well as the gift of voice and improv. Her band was called “Mixtup Mayhem From Planet Purple.” Miki’s former DJ name was Miki Mixtup, but a close friend, Erik, gave her the present DJ Handle, because she isn’t so "mixed-up" anymore...she knows exactly what she wants, and Mayhem is a lot more fitting to her wild side, more fun, and best describe her playful variety of Beats.

Miki’s main goal is to travel around the world, and share her mix and Aloha Spirit, with as many people as possible. She is all about Fun and Love, and She feels that everyone around her, and everyone in her audience, should be having as much fun as she is…and she does have A LOT of FUN!!! She is in the process of learning how to remix and produce her own tracks, so she can further spread the fun and the Love through her music and vibe.


*JT Skyy*

Austin, TX


Underground Nation

One of Austin, Texas' most creative djs, and the founder of Crunktronik Ent., JT Skyy (James Thomas) brings to the electronic dance scene an abundance of mixes and energy to all of his performances. He keeps the crowd moving with the power in his sets, and his ability to jump between genres at ease! He will definetly have you screaming for more. Known as the Mashup King, aKa Da Rave, his sets infuse Electro to Dub, Tech to Trance, Breaks and Hip Hop. It almost feels as if time has just stopped!. This DJ is like a Time Machine!!! He will have you traveling from Compton to Dubai and back again!!!!

Born in Frankfurt, Germany, electronic music was a major influnce in his life. Traveling throughout Europe experiencing manny massives and underground scenes in Netherlands, France, and Austria creating a life time journey into electronica. Jt started djing in the late 90's. Started performing Austin, Tx in 2000. Became a well Known Resident at Karma Lounge in Austin, Tx 2005. Performing all through the Dallas, Texas area, Houston, and San Antonio. He has appeared on line ups with many great DJs, such as Miles Dyson, D:fuse, Beatfreak, Stacy Kidd, Above & Beyond, Christopher Lawrence, Filo & Perry, Planet of The Drums, Rusko, Dj Swamp, Q-bert, Glitch Mob, Keith Mackenzie, Dj Swat, CHAOS, Kid Komas, and many more.

JT Skyy is definately a DJ that brings the vibe and the energy! Even if you didnt come to dance, we promise that you will be by the end of the night!



Austin, TX


Underground Nation

Treehouse Tribe Records



with local support from:


Wiked Crew


*DJ Denise*

Mizumo Music


Northern Quarter Records

Mizumo Music

*Eric Mendez*

Ultrapitch Recordings

Rhythmatik Crew

Underground Nation

*Jesse Shay*


Rhythmatik Crew


For more info, go to -

All extra production will be done by Underground Nation

2 rooms of awesome sound, sick intelligent lighting, full color lasers, and mind blowing visuals! 

Underground Nation is gonna do it up proper for all of our new San Francisco friends and fans! So expect some sick ass shit!

We are bringing our entire arsenal of equipment to San Francisco with us, permanently. So all you production companies & DJs hit us up for availability & pricing! We own 3 sound systems, about 25-30 intelligent lights, full color lasers(8 total lasers), and amazing visuals(4 projectors/screens) all under one company. (Enough for up to 3 areas) We also rent out all our gear for other productions as well, so hit us up for quotes!

21 & over only!

VIP Table service and bottle service will be available, more details soon!

Presale tickets will be avail thru Groove Tickets and will go on sale Nov 25th, the day after Thanksgiving.

Stay tuned for details!!!