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Census MMX


When: -

Where: Mulligan's (6 Round Lake Rd, Ballston Lake, NY)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: DGS Productions - Promoter Gravity

Genres: Drum and BassDubstepElectroHouseTrance

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$ 10.00

$ 10.00
SINsation Sound & Gravity Entertainment Present
Raver/Clubber/Party People Census questionare
Question 1 : Do you enjoy House, Techno, Electro, Dubstep, Trance, D&B?
Question 2 : Do you enjoy dancing, partying in new, unique venues?
Please fill out the above questionare and bring it on April 24th to Census MMX.
main room
DJ X-Dream
Recognized as a pioneering force within the glodabl dance community DJ X-Dream has carved a niche for himself as a DJ and producer throughout his illustrious 25 year career.From the moment he put on his first pair of headphones, he knew DJing was for him.
As a driving force behind the groundbreaking techno and break beat label Caffeine Records, DJ X-Dream's extraordinary ability has led to remix work, collaboration productions and an impressive tour schedule.
During his 7-year tenure, DJ X-Dream has helped propel the label, into hugely successful venture with a permanent place in the rich history of the East Coast dance community. The Caffeine phenominon began on Long Island, NY, as an underground techno club in 1991. DJ X-Dream's creative force solidified him as an indispensible influence, securing him a DJ spot on four years for the legendary Caffeine Culture Tours while he acted as record label manager for Caffeine Records.
While running the show behind the scenes, DJ X-Dream quickly gained the admiration of Caffeine club goesrs for his impeccable mixing and intuitive girt for rocking dance floors. His crowd-pleasing sets at Caffeine swiftly gave rise to a busy touring schedule. His travels have spanned accross the United States, including stops in Seattle, New Orleans, Orlando, Atlanta, and Houston at such reknowned clubs as Limelight, Tunnel and the Roxy in New York City, Buzz in D.C., and Motion in Philadelphia. DJ X-Dream has spun at such famed events as the Whistle 2 and 3 parties as well as Stuck on Earth Productions BOO 3,4,5,6.
While receiving national recognition, DJ X-Dream continued to support his local dance scene in Long Island by producing weeklies such as Revival, Natural, React and Pure with longtime friend and fellow Caffeine artist DJ Micro.
In June 2002 DJ X-Dream released his first mix compilation titled "Trance Theory" distributed nationally via Topaz records. DJ X-Dream followed up the release of his first mix compilation with "Trance Theory 2" (June 2003) "Trance Theory 3-D" (June 2004) and "Trance Sessions" (September 2005).
DJ X-Dream continues to be a positive force in the dance music industry. Whether he's igniting the dance floor behind the decks or inspiring producers and DJ worldwide with his abilities, DJ X-Dream still firmly believes that he's nowhere near where he wants to be. "I've just begun," he says with a smile. "I've still got a lot of work to do."
Supporting Cast
Rick Morykon (G7 Productions, 4onthefloor) [PA]
- Prog/Electro
Hambone (2kDeep, St8cyde Affliate, Get Bent!) [NY]
- Drum & Bass
Don Stone vs Jason Demonic (SINsation Sound, Gravity) [Albany, NY]
- Electro/House/Dubstep Mash Up
Lou Elusivo vs Zoot (Vibrant Soundz)[Utica, NY]
- Durty Rhytmz/Fidget/Electro
outdoor patio
Local DJs TBA Week of Event
Tentative on Weather Condition
DJs Interested email me @
New venue midway between Albany and Saratoga.
18+, 21 to Drink - $10 Cover
Drink Specials All Night!
6 Round Lake Rd (Just Off Exit 11 of I-87 Northway)
Round Lake, NY
Motel on Premises with discounted room rates
Call 518-889-2050 for info
for more info