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Catalyst & Dylux


When: -

Where: The Yost Theater (307 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: House

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Catalyst & Dylux was born with both having an extreme passion for house music, and both having big dreams for themselves and their family. One day somewhere in the end of the year 2013, two friends who met at a music production school decided to join forces to do bigger and better things in the music industry. A deadly combination of a skilled and experienced DJ and a Producer that has been produ...cing beats half of his life. 

From Los Angeles California, Catalyst aka Jeric Mercado and Dylux aka Dylan Lucks, have joined their musical talents, their strength's to form the new but most definitely one to watch out for, Electronic dance duo Catalyst & Dylux. The duo may be new, but the experience between these two isn't. Dylux is an experienced music producer. He started making beats early in his life, and music has always been a part of him. Catalyst is a known DJ in the scene. He has played and has residencies not only in Hollywood CA, their hometown, but other places as well like Las Vegas, New York, and the Philippines to name a few. With years of experience, Catalyst has always been known for destroying the dance floor always living up with the meaning of his name. 

Music flows in the veins of these two. They both believe that music is a story of life. Super passionate about house music in particular they knew that joining their talents would lead them to new heights and the next level. True enough so far so good, it has been an up stream journey to the top, but they know they have a long and bumpy road to get to their dreams, but these two are so determined and so passionate about it that they will keep on going no matter what. All they want is to be able to share their music to others, to affect other peoples life in a positive way through their music. 

Watch out for the release of their originals. It will surely wet the senses. They are all about melody and nostalgic beats. Music that will talk and communicate with the soul. The only thing that they hope for is that people would connect and relate to their music.

They are the new kids in the block, but must not taken for granted. The duo is young and new but have proven from their recent launching gigs that these two can hold the dance floor through their originals and sets. Fans are growing and residencies are coming their way. They are set to destroy in 2014! After seeing them perform Huge EDM venues like Exchange LA, Sutra OC, The Colony by SBE, Sharkeez, The Yost Theater, gave their support to them and made them part of their roster.




Doors Open at 10PM this week.