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Bubblicious 2011


When: -

Where: 2 High Studios (540 Permalume Place, Atlanta, GA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: Drum and BassElectroHouseTechno

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$ 35.00

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Atlanta....are you ready for THIS???

DIRTYPHONICS **LIVE** (AudioPorn, MTA, Ultra Records) (France) 

Innovating in several styles of electronic music and bringing a live PA recognized as one of the most energetic and creative to be seen, Dirtyphonics is a worldwide phenomenon that you can’t ignore.

With an incredible production level, a unique way to mix and blend different genres (electro, drum and bass, dubstep, hip hop, rock…) and a “best newcomers producers” award under their belt, Dirtyphonics is with no doubt one of the most exciting bands in today’s electronic scene.

“If you’ve seen these five French originators live, you have witnessed the future of live drum & bass performance that leaves competitors in the dust.” Knowledge Magazine

Charly, Thomas, Pitch In and Pho started travelling the world in 2006 with their incomparable live act, combining the efficiency of a DJ set to the spirit and energy of a rock concert.

In 2008, the band takes a new scope when “French Fuck” gets signed to Shimon’s label (AudioPorn). After its release, the 12” climbs the charts to reach the first place and stays number one for a couple of weeks, bringing them immediatly forefront of the scene. 

“In this day and age and with how far we’ve come with music, it’s hard to do something new and that’s exactly what they’d done right from the start.” Shimon

Quickly after, comes out a series of 12”s, appearing systematically in the top 10 charts.

“Quarks” and it’s audacious rhythm pattern caused a revolution in drum and bass and has inspired lots of producers. On the same EP (“The Quarks EP”) the band shows their versatility (and their ease to work with singers) in “The secret”, with MC Tali. Soon after, “Vandals” and its electro switch lights every dancefloor around the world on fire...

Over a very short period of time, Dirtyphonics tracks are played by the world’s famous DJs of the electronic music scene: Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Andy C, Chase & Status, Pendulum, Vicarious Bliss, Marky, Dj Hype, Kissy Sell Out, Annie Nightingale, Zane Lowe…

All at the same time, the band keeps to intensively tour the world from trendy clubs to huge festivals (Electric Daisy Carnival, Plages Electroniques, Solidays, Starscape, USC events, Les Nuits Zebrées, Summer Festival, Audioriver, Together As One, Nordik Impact, Arena, Government, Metrocity, Brixton Academy, Pirate Station, Glastonbury, Monegros, SXSW, Beyond Wonderland, FSOB…) and in the summer 2010, moved to Los Angeles for their acclaimed “French Do It Better” tour around the USA and Canada.

During this tour, the band starts writing its long awaited debut album while working on a string of remixes such as Shockone’s “Polygon”, the Bloody Beetroots’ famous “Warp 1977”, Nero’s “Me and you”, Benny Benassi featuring T.Pain’s “Electroman”, Does It Offend You, Yeah?’s “Wondering”, Steve Angello and Alex Mectric featuring Ian Brown’s “Open Your Eyes”...

“Parisian crew Dirtyphonics are bucking the trend with a tranche of heavyweight music and an incendiary live show.” Mixmag

The future looks bright and busy both in the studio and on the road, as Dirtyphonics will tour more and more in 2011 and are working days in, days out on genre defying music.

“Dirtyphonics have in the past year created some of the most boundary pushing, genre hopping records in dance music” 

Viper recordings.

Stay tuned and keep it Dirty on :


DJ DAN (InStereo Records) (San Francisco)

DJ Dan began spinnifng in L.A.'s early '90s rave scene and then became the main DJ for San Francisco's aptly-named Funky Techno Tribe. Along with headlining raves in the US and worldwide, DJ Dan has remixed popular dance artists such as Cirrus and released albums and singles on labels such as Ultimatum, Kinetic and Moonshine, including 1998's Beats 4 Freaks, 1999's Funk The System and 2000's Put That Record Back On.

DJ Dan was raised in Seattle and eventually settled in Pasadena and San Francisco, California. Living in California exposed Dan to different kinds of music; such as high energy and hip-hop and rap from Los Angeles and disco and house from San Francisco. Originally a fashion design major, Dan put design on hold when he decided that music was his true calling. In 1996 Dan released his first mix CD, Loose Caboose. After building a DJ career locally, Dan started building a production career. The production aspect took off for Dan when he did a remix for Orgy's cover of "Blue Monday." In 1998 he released the mix CD, Beats 4 Freaks on Moonshine. Dan put himself on the club hit map with the release of "That Zipper Track" and "Needle Damage" in 1999. The tracks exploded onto the club circuit and were further impacted with the release of remixes byTerry Mullan and the mix CD, Funk the System. The popularity of the releases earned him a slot on a world wide tour with fellow label artist Carl Coxand producing remixes for other Moonshine artists like Cirrus. Another Late Night along with the single Put That Record Back On followed in 2000, speeding along Dan's career.

DONALD GLAUDE (Eden Recordings, Donald Glaude Recordings) (Seattle)

Confident. Exuberant. Raw. Innovative. These are just a few of the words industry insiders and fans have used to describe the talent behind one of America’s favorite house DJs, Donald Glaude. Ranked #68 on’s Top 100 DJs List in 2005, Donald skyrocketed to #48 this year and his genius keeps on growing… 

Born in Tacoma, Washington, Donald’s love for music began at an early age. Originally a disciplined student of classical music, he was well-versed in the upright bass and violin. Any aspirations Donald had to continue in the classical vein vanished once he heard his first house record. With an ear for blending music already under his belt, and a love for the energy and soul of musical prodigies like George Clinton and Funkadelic, Donald began to amass a collection of house records which he taught himself to mix with a pair of mismatched turntables and a Radio Shack mixer. 

Before Donald few DJs had attempted to spin house records. Donald’s fine ear helped him give birth to a new style. After mastering his craft, Donald began DJing in various clubs around Tacoma and Seattle. During that time he made several important connections which would launch his music to the forefront of what was quickly becoming one of the largest underground movements since New Wave in the late-70s. Perhaps the greatest connection Donald made was with another aspiring DJ and friend, DJ Dan. 

Together Donald & DJ Dan sparked the rave scene in Seattle and developed large followings. Knowing that Donald possessed an energy and ability to work the crowd that was unparalleled to anyone else on the circuit, Dan convinced San Francisco’s legendary Funky Tekno Tribe to bring down his good friend Donald to play at one of their parties. Donald’s talents quickly made him a permanent fixture on F.T.T.’s roster. 

Donald’s uncompromising style and innovation show no sign of slowing down any time soon. With the credit of 5 full-length CDs and numerous remixes under his belt, Donald has focused much of his time to production work. Producing such dance floor hits as “Get Up” and “Soul Cha Cha”. As such, Donald has launched two record labels in which are causing rumblings in the industry. Eden Recordings, started with fellow DJ Rick V, and Durty Records, a collaboration with good friend Vince Lombardi. 

RONSKI SPEED (Euphonic records) (Lobau, Germany) 


Ronski Speed is with no doubt one of the most demanded producers and djs worldwide. His numerous killer productions like 'The Space We Are', 'Incognition' & 'Soulseeker' with Stoneface & Terminal, 'E.O.S. vs. Satellite' (with Above & Beyond’s project Oceanlab), 'Asarja', 'All The Way', 'The Deep Devine', 'The Perspective Space', 'Are You?' and 'Denva' as well his remixes for the biggest names in the scene like Armin van Buuren, Andy Moor, Above & Beyond, ATB and Heather Nova, Aly & Fila, Markus Schulz, Kyau & Albert, Mirco de Govia, Mike Shiver and Lange were genuine club smasher. 

As a DJ Ronski Speed played for the most known brands & clubs around the globe in more than 60 countries - Since 2003 he is continuously listed in the DJ Mag Top 100. 

Various Mix compilations (e.g. Positive Ways, Techno Club, Love Parade Mexico) and in 2008 his successful first album 'Pure Devotion' were released in the past. His radio shows 'True To Trance' and 'Euphonic Sessions' were broadcasted in over 30 radio stations all over the planet.

THE THRILLSEEKERS (Adjusted Music, Armada, Ministry of Sound)(London) 


Over the last 10 years The Thrillseekers have stood at the forefront of both club and electronic

dance music culture. From his debut Top 20 hit 'Synaesthesia' through to latter club anthems

'By Your Side', ‘Waiting Here For You’ & his latest epic ‘The Last Time’, Steve Helstrip’s music ranks as some of the most affecting, inspiring ever made. With artisan mixing skills and an innate, individualistic music selection, he’s conquered clubs around the planet, playing across 70+ countries and notching up over 500 gigs in his career. To date he’s been placed in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs chart 4 times, reaching No. 45 in 2008. He’s worked with electronic pioneers like Trevor Horn, shared co-production credits with Chicane and co-written on Ferry Corsten’s Grammy nominated ‘Right of Way’ album, notching up over 60 club-stomping productions and remixes in the process. He’s reworked Tiësto and Armin, amongst a host of others, and rewired Sonique’s ‘Feels So Good’ into a worldwide No.1 record. Through the now-legendary ‘NightMusic’ albums and supporting tours, he has also sold in excess of 50,000 compilation units and smashed 150 NightMusic branded events worldwide.

After Neo’s collapse in 2003, Steve took charge of The Thrillseekers’ catalogue with the launch of his own label, Adjusted Music. With demand sky high for 'Synaesthesia' and ‘Affinity’, both tracks were brought back around in 2004 to a huge reception. From there Adjusted continued to build the pressure with a procession of releases including ‘NewLife’, ‘The Last Time’ & ‘By Your Side’, that all demonstrated new angles and shades to Steve’s sound. The latter was championed by Pete Tong, being marked up, quite simply, as “Brilliant”! 

Steve is now as well-known as a DJ as he is a producer, having quickly risen through the ranks captivating crowds the world over with his tough, forward-looking sets. His spinning career took off

with such speed, that just 12 months after he first put needle to vinyl, he was invited to play at Paul van Dyk’s Birthday party.

Artist collaborations have played an important part in Steve’s production career. Immediately following the success of ‘Synaesthesia’ Steve went on to launch a new moniker for M.O.S. subsidiary, Incentive. En-Motion was born with ‘Truth’ in 2000 and ‘Getting Away with It’ following in 2002. In the adjoining years he also pushed forward, partnering collaborations with Andy ‘Pulser’ Perring as Insigma (‘Insigma’/’Open Our Eyes’/’Avalon’) and with ATCR owner Tim Stark under the name Rapid Eye ('Never Going Back'/’Circa-Forever’/’Stealing Beauty’/'Santa Cruz'/'Absolut').

AK1200 (Big Riddim Records, Boombox Audio) (Orlando)

The Godfather of DnB in America, AK has been the link between the music and the fans and dj's alike in the states ever since its inception. He is the longest running DnB DJ in the USA, and was the first to give exposure to hundreds of UK based DJ's and producers. His annual Planet of the Drums tour, alongside fellow comrades Dieselboy and Dara and hype man Messinian has been the most successful running electronica tour since it began in 2000. Over the years, AK has released 8 mix CD's, and 1 artist album, along with several singles, and has remixed countless well known electronic acts such as: Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon, Keoki, Dub Pistols, Cirrus, Freestyle, Rachel Wallace, Tribe called Quest, and many more. His remix of Cleveland Lounge's "Drowning", was in regular rotation on radio stations all over the USA, and is widely viewed as the most well known DnB tune in America, and was in dance charts all over the world. His 8 year stint as head of A&R with longtime friend Rob Playford, on Playford's legendary Moving Shadow label, has helped make AK one of the most influential DnB figures on the globe.

Dave Minner, better known as AK1200, started DJing in 1989 shortly after his introduction to clubs and underground club music. He grew up in Orlando Florida, which in the early 90's became a staple in the USA for next level music and its DJ's. 

After a few local residencies, he began defining his style, and was quickly a favorite at the now infamous Edge raves of the early 90's hosted by DJ Icey. AK's work with Icey continued, as a heavy contributor to Icey's US Rave national paper. In 1990, he also opened one of the first strictly dance record stores in Orlando called The Hottie Shoppe. This is where he discovered the newest form of music, hardcore breakbeat or jungle techno, now known as DRUM and BASS. AK's devotion to this sound and its evolution is what made Icey crown him with the AK1200 name, saying "He goes so fast, it's like an AK-47 on the 1200's." 

After the jungle explosion in '93 and '94, AK began writing reviews for UK's Mixmag Update. This was monumental as AK was an American writing about English music for an English publication. AK1200 was also the first American DnB DJ to play in the UK on both pirate radio and in clubs. Around that time, he teamed up with fellow junglist DJ Jeffee to publish another national magazine, called Junglized. With Junglized, AK hosted the first all DnB event in the southeast in September of 1995, also being the first person to bring the Number one DnB dj in the world, Andy C, to America. His connections with virtually every label and distributor and practically every artist and producer in the UK, allowed him to get just about every tune that was worth playing, and helped him create exposure and attention for these artists and labels. His non stop touring of the states over the years has been a huge help in the rise of popularity for the music even today. 

In 1996 he was asked to do a compilation mix CD for the first Sub Base USA release, titled Sub Base classics. Shortly after that he was picked up by the biggest electronic label in the USA at the time, Moonshine Music, and released 4 mix CDs with them through 2001. Each CD had landmark sales for any DnB artist or DJ. 

AK1200's popularity and stellar reputation caused him to be a sought after remixer for several artists and labels worldwide. Several of these remixes went on to be licensed to video games, film and other various media formats. He went on to release one other mix CD after his original artist album, 'Shoot to Kill', which were both released on Run Recordings, a subsidiary of Lakeshore Entertainment, a Paramount company. To date AK1200 has sold over 500,000 units combined worldwide, and is one of the most well known names in the United States for dance music. He has consistently been included in the Top 100 DJ's for each year in the states. 

In 2000, he teamed up with friends Dieselboy and Dara to form an American supergroup called 'Planet of the Drums'. This came with the intention to bring their sound to the forefront of the dance industry, for the most part DnB DJ's weren't given fair treatment compared to other DJ's in the dance community. Before 'Planet of the Drums', there was no main stage for this music, and there were no successful tours to promote DnB. DJ's from the UK hardly came to the US and didn't have the fanbase they do now. Promoters never received the attention from the DnB community to warrant any kind of reaction. This was all changed single handedly by Planet of the Drums and all their efforts. They went on to become the most successful annual electronic tour to last more than 9 years, and show no signs of tiring.

The groundbreaking mix CD, Weapons of Tomorrow, was released in October 2007, including 20 tracks from undiscovered DnB artists from all over the world. This CD's vast exposure and signings of many of the artists featured, cemented the futures of these "soon to be" DnB legends. Autopsy, released in late 2008, is a collaboration with longtime friend and top notch producer, Gridlok. Signing with Project 51 was the next logical step for AK1200, having had years of production experience, his focus is once again set on getting back into non stop studio mode. Autopsy, a double CD, with one disc mixed from AK and Gridlok, and one disc of stand alone tracks, is a sign of some of AK's true artistry, with a few of his own tracks thrown in as well. Also, a brand new collaboration track with Gridlok, called Dub4Dub, which has seen massive support from the likes of Goldie, Andy C, Friction, DJ Hype, Dieselboy, and many others. This was featured on the B side of an Autopsy single, backed with Pornstar Feeder, a reworking by Gridlok of one of AK1200's most well known tunes, Pornstar style, with Danny Breaks, previously released on Moving Shadow.

After championing every possible feat in his home country of the USA, AK is ready again to set his sights on Europe and the UK, and other part of the world. His 20 years of experience as a DJ will no doubt be reflected in his fierce sets and abilities to read a crowd and cater to whatever it takes to smash the dance, each and every time. His style of pure dancefloor rollers and anthems will satisfy every single face in the crowd. His style of mixing is proper old school, with cutting, fading, and the occasional bit of scratching, AK is a crowd pleaser and definitely entertaining to watch. 2010 get ready, cos this legend is coming to get you.

THE BASS MONSTERS TOUR featuring REID SPEED (Play Me Records, Los Angeles/New York City) & FS (Patriarch Recordings, Brooklyn) 

You have watched it grow from it's humble beginnings deep in the mind of Reid Speed to a world class juggernaut of a record label. With over 60 artists in under 2 years, there's no mistaking that Play Me Records has quickly risen to the top of the dubstep and bass music mountain. 2010 was a banner year for the brand, with 3 #1 hits and an unending string of top 10's that lead to Play Me being voted Dubstep Label Of the Year and Play Me's tunes and artists We Bang & Bare also receiving acclaim by the folks at Beatport. 2011 has seen the rise continue with seven of this year's releases charting in the top #10 and FS hitting #1 with "Yup".

So without further ado, it's time to unleash the power of Play Me upon the world. Play Me Records and Play Me Too bring you the "Bass Monster" tour!

The core of the tour features label bass boss / DJ extraordinaire Reid Speed alongside FS, formerly of bass turntablist band Ming & FS, who's first 2 dubstep releases have skyrocketed to the top of the Beatport dubstep chart. Rounding out the lineup is Play Me's boy wonder Cyberoptics, who's Play Me debut "Geisha" hit #1 for over 4 weeks in the summer of 2010. With these 3 on deck, and local Play Me players from surrounding citties supporting,this is a Monster of a line up you dont want to miss. 


(Bro Town Records) (Chicago)


Hulk is a collaboration of Claw & Richie August, two creative minds that share a similar production style and enthusiasm for heavy bass driven music. After meeting at the 2009 Winter Music Conference in Miami, they began to send files back and forth to collaborate on projects in Dubstep, Hip Hop and Electro. Since the inception, Hulk has been catching the eyes and ears of artists such as Reid Speed, Reso, Mark Instinct, Ultrablack, TrillBass, High Rankin and DJ Lord of Public Enemy, among others

2010 saw Hulk's first official release, dropping on Reid Speedís Play Me Records as a Beatport Exclusive. Forthcoming releases on Foulplay, Shift, and Play Me Records are already creating a buzz around the duo. Whatís more, the recent launch of their own record label, BroTown Records has the scene begging for the slated releases to drop, featuring tunes by Vaski, Druley, Mark Instinct, Symbl, as well as tunes by Claw, Richie August, and Hulk themselves.

Whether in the studio or on the stage, get ready for the biggest bass in the game, as Hulk is here to SMASH!

SPACEMEN **LIVE** (U.niversal F.requency O.rganization)(Uranus/Florida)

Built by three anonymous but renowned musicians with more than 40 years collective experience in the music industry, SPACEMEN first formed in 1997. In 13 years, they’ve independently built a brand literally, out of this world.

SPACEMEN chose to imprint their first crop circles in the Florida Underground Music scene from an entity far and beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Since the first sighting in July 1997, SPACEMEN has landed in venues, festivals and large scale events all over the nation such as Wakarusa, Zen Fest, Ultra Music Festival, Bang Music Festival, Usuaya and Cyberfest; just to name a few. Once established in Florida, SPACEMEN escalated their raid all over North America with two US tours landing in infamous cities such as, Seattle, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. Continuing their mission, SPACEMEN expanded their tour, breaking out worldwide into London, Germany and Nicaragua. Attracting crowds of over 50 thousand at large music festivals and breaking nightclub attendance records in excess of 3 thousand plus, SPACEMEN delivers a unique sight & sound encounter.

In 1997, “Arrival”, their groundbreaking debut single was followed up by the vast success of “Communion” in 1998 which remains on many DJ’s top 10 playlist and a classic in electronic music history. Their first full length self-titled album, released in 2001 was a runaway success. Since then, SPACEMEN have released five more singles on 12’’ vinyl and grown their empire to web-based vending. Access to SPACEMEN’S full length catalog can be found on I-Tunes as well as all major music download sites. Recognizing the exceptional sound, MTV integrated SPACEMEN music on hit shows: “Real World”, “Road Rules”, “Making of the Video”, “Making of the Band” and most recently, “Rob and Big” as well as many other TV shows on other national television networks. In addition to internet and television development, Sony’s Play Station obtained licensing agreements for several songs featured in video games such as “Jet Moto IV”.

Each member of SPACEMEN has a unique design imprinted on their face that reaches out and lures the followers into the peaceful sounds of their identities. When the music begins, immediately, individuals are abducted and held captive for a full hour, completely under control. The intensity inflates and repeats and finally gets leveled out before SPACEMEN drops the bomb and the room erupts into dance! There is no comparison to the style and quality of these three alien beings, nothing short of entertaining from beginning to the journey all the way to the return.

Spacemen have been rocking dance floors all across North America & beyond with their unique brand of acid fused intelligent breaks, cosmic house, and hypnotizing trance. Headlining clubs and festivals across the U.S., Spacemen have continued to blow minds anywhere they touch down. Doing all this is what makes them one of the most sought after groups in the World. Prepare To Be ABDUCTED . . . 


TRIP THEORY **LIVE** (U.niversal O.rganization)(Florida)

In October of 96, Trip Theory was formed. The first CD released in June of 1997 entitled "Trip On X", charted heavily in both magazines and on radio nationwide. DJ Icey and Simply Jeff, to name a few, are some of the big name DJ's to chart "Trip Theory" on their top ten play lists. "Times Up" and "8 Days A Tweak" were the first two singles to promote the album and drove it to its success. All this led to the demand for more Trip Theory product, shows, and in store appearances. After the second CD release "Something For Your Mind" hit the stores in September of 1998, Trip Theory's popularity skyrocketed. So far to date several songs on the "Trip On X" and "Something For Your Mind" CD's have repeatedly been featured on MTV's "The Real World”, "Road Rules", "Real World-Road Rules Challenge", "The Making Of" (including Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, Puff Daddy, The Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Blink 182, Christina Agulera, No Doubt, Beck, and Jessica Simpson), "Behind The Winning Video", "Loveline", "Undressed", and "The Cut". They also have been featured on the Fox Networks "Fox Files", ESPN's "X Games" and have been played in heavy rotation on almost 250 college radio stations around the United States!!

CHARLES FEELGOOD ( (Huntington Beach, California)

Legendary for his role in the birth of the electronic music scene in the Baltimore / Washington DC area, Charles Feelgood has built a reputation as a DJ in the international dance community through his ingenious remix skills and a dynamic brand of disco, electro, and tech house. 

Cultivating a fascination with music since childhood, Charles grew up listening to Motown, disco and funk, genres that heavily influenced his personal style as an artist. An Integral part of the Baltimore/DC scene, Charles if often credited with helping put the scene on the house music map. In 1992 he joined forces with fellow DJ Scott Henry to launch Fever, a club event that introduced the sounds of electronic music to his hometown. The first event of its kind in that region, the night exploded in popularity almost immediately, attracting upwards of 2,500 people, featuring such top-notch, internationally renowned talent as Paul Van Dyk, Derrick Carter, and Carl Cox, the biweekly event ran through May 2001. 

Maintaining a seven-year residency at Fever helped springboard Feelgood's danceable brand of bangin' hard house to widespread exposure across the East Coast. His popularity quickly bloomed thanks in part to his legendary series of mixed tapes, "Time to Get Ill." He soon developed a club-heavy touring schedule that regularly took him to famed clubs such as Avaland Boston, Sound Factory NYC, and Cro Bar, along with numerous other venues on the West Coast, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America. 

Charles has been busy in the studio as usual, with several releases making it in the top 100 Chart on Beatport and top ten on several other digital music sites! He's had remixes on over 30 different labels - both underground and mainstream, From P Diddy to Lady GaGa and underground artists like Coldblank and 1200 Warriors, with this past years highlight being an original track on Ultra Records with Russell Taylor coupled with an Alex Kenji remix! 

Constantly in demand all over the world for his ability to light up dance floors with his sets of disco and tech drenched house, Feelgood has received numerous accolades in his fifteen-year career. These include being named Baltimore's Best DJ several years, and being included in Dj magazines top 100 Dj's several years running. Playing gigs from as far away as Russia for the Audi Car Company to working the crowd at 2007's Cochella Festival - Charles will be busy behind the decks for the rest of the 2011 year. 

The consummated dance floor rocker, Feelgood sums up his musical mission in one sentence: "I just want to do what the name implies, to make people have a good time and go home with a great feeling."

DANNY THE WILDCHILD (Sound Solution Digital, Fine Beats Audio, Combat Records) (Chicago)

Danny the Wildchild aka Daniel Garcia was born on the South side of Chicago in 1977. The brother of a once aspiring DJ, he keenly watched and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. Danny began djing at age nine soon surpassing his brother's abilities and eventually inherited his equipment and records. At twelve, Danny entered a Chicago area contest for young DJ's and won. He took home that fifty-dollar prize and was called "The Wildchild" from that day forward. Although Danny's roots were as a Hip-Hop DJ, he was eventually introduced into the Chicago Rave scene and to the world of drum-n-bass. He enjoyed this new form of music, but also loved hip-hop and began to creatively blend the two genres creating a unique sound of his own. As Danny's turntable talents grew, he began to incorporate scratching and DMC style battle tricks into his Drum-n-Bass sets. His precise mixing skills and unique style and sound gave him the opportunity to bring Drum-n-Bass into the DMC and Hip-Hop scenes. Danny's recognition has earned him a collection of praises from domestic and international magazines such as Mixer, Thousand Words, Faqt, and Lotus to name just a few. Danny was also featured as one of the people making waves in the scene in Urb's Next 100 Artists to Watch Issue. Today Danny has become one of the most valued U.S. Drum-n-Bass DJ's. His unique blends of jungle and Hip-Hop beats and amazing scratching and beat juggling have proved to be show stopping. His talents have brought him to perform in venues worldwide and opening up for such acts as Eminem, Method Man, The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Moby, Goldie, MixMaster Mike and The Pharcyde. Danny also toured extensively throughout Europe with DJ Q-bert in 2002 (see Although most weekends he is on the road, he still has time to host the 12midnight slot on Chicago's Alternative Radio station Q101FM and is gotten back in the studio. In March, the Wildchild released a follow-up to his 1999 12" release on Bad Boy Bill's Canvas label. His first effort at mix CD culminated in the release of "Danny The Wildchild: Booked" (March 2001). The Wildchild's was the first in a series of "Booked" CD's from Chicago's Strictly Hype Recordings. This was followed by the successful release of his latest CD in 2002 on Surge Recordings entitled "Fully Sorted".

J. SCOTT G. (Formerly of DEEPSKY) 

(Libra Rising, Shiznit)(Los Angeles)

This is J. Scott G's life, and it unfolds like God's origami. Each crease hides some new twist waiting to be revealed to fans hungry for the next big thing. His pursuits, having carried him around the world touring with the legendary Deepsky, have danced all around the vast arena of music's many styles. From insightful, vocal-driven grooves with Summer Channel to the rocking, near-metal force of the Whiteline Allstars, to his own dance floor stormers, Scott has displayed a necessary ferocity of purpose and disregard for rules. Some people defy convention. J Scott G. lays waste to it.

Madonna knows. Seal knows. World-class weirdo David Bowie knows. Those who have been worked over in the studio by J. Scott G. have always been ecstatic about the results, sometimes frighteningly so. It was rumored that Madonna's camp was going to ditch the single release of “Hollywood” until it got a dive bomb style treatment from Scott. That outcome was in stark contrast to the Bowie debacle, which never made it all the way to the public - strangely, though, the central female figure in that series of accusations lost all credibility when she turned to starring in hardcore pornography after a week in Barbados with Scott and the Assembly Line Studios crew. Assembly Line Studios recently earned it’s first Platinum record for work on the Twilight Soundtrack.

And so the sound continues. Several projects are ramping up for Scott, with a new Summer Channel album in the works. Co-writing and production finished on the new Soul In The Machine record, and buzz hovers about a collaboration with 2009 American Idol - Adam Lambert, that should blow everyone away and set fire to the stagnating world of pop music. Look to the future for excitement. Look to the past for mystery. Look to J. Scott G. for the sound.

MAYHEM - (Shadow Law Recordings) (Atlanta)

Chart topping, dance floor rocking, and taste making come naturally to Atlanta based producer, DJ, label executive and promoter Mayhem. With over 15 years in the studio and 10 on the decks, he has garnished the attention of the heavyweights in every genre of his focus. Rooted heavily in Drum & Bass music, and with a discerning ear, 27 year old Mayhem found himself making big moves from an early age. From releasing records for Andy C, TeeBee, Dieselboy, Noisia, and Black Sun Empire to DJing across the world for massive crowds in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and beyond; he has warranted a reputation for diversity and quality control. Collaborating with and developing artists such as Noisia, Le Castle Vania, Phace, Evol Intent, Sinthetix, Gein and Gridlok amongst many others, his production soared to new heights with "Exodus (featuring the legendary KRS-1)", "Moonway Renegade", and "Choke" with Noisia. Boundless inspiration pushed Mayhem to pursue Dubstep in it's formidable years, immediately signing with the reputable Subway Records, as well as Indie/Electro under the moniker Rrrump. As of late his focus has been brought back to home on the forefront a movement combining southern Rap music with Dubstep collaborating with long time friend DJ MEGANFOXXX of Heroes + Villains. His monthly parties Fuck Yesss, Heavy, Tambor Y Bajo, Atlanta Dubstep and Haute Mess have helped reshape Atlanta's nightlife. No matter the genre, you are guaranteed a diverse set with attention to detail and a healthy respect for dynamics and balance. This is Mayhem.

DEEJ (Betamorph Recordings)(Jacksonville) vs. DIOPTRICS (Abducted Records) (Jacksonville)

(DEEJ) - Part of the early rave scene, L.A. native Dylan James acquired his first turntables in 1994. He felt a kinship with this new dawn of electronic music that dispensed with all the usual conventions and points of authority. It offered new pastures and a chance for metamorphosis from the old system. He found his new calling written among the symbols of his own name, and stripped his moniker down to DeeJ.

Fueled by his passion and a potential vision of the future, DeeJ worked on his art form of mixing for roughly 16 hours a day, quite often after shopping the Record Shops in Los Angeles. This was a labour of love and a chance to explore his gift, and in 1997 he was playing L.A. parties with great and influential acts like Simply Jeff, Thomas Michael, Thee-O, CRS?, Jason Blakemore, Ron D Core and R.A.W.

Drawing from his eclectic influences from across Drum and Bass, Breaks, House and even a little Pink Floyd, Betamorph has given DeeJ the perfect platform to unleash his vision of tomorrow’s noise on both national and global levels. With Betamorph growing exponentially, 2009 was a year for traveling, marketing the Betamorph name and dropping tunes in Austin, Houston, Louisiana, Chicago, Orlando, and several times in Atlanta. Highlights included DeeJ’s opening set for Scuba in May 2009, the honor of opening for DZ’s Chicago show in August, as well as his epic headlining show for Ghost Industries in September called ESP. In 2010, DeeJ took this momentum to a new level playing alongside with DZ, Noah D, Roommate, Ultrablack, Total Recall, Metaphase, Hulk, and a list of other influential acts. Headlining shows in Miami (WMC), Grand Rapids, Atlanta, New Mexico, Kansas, Jacksonville, Kansas City, St. Louis and Detroit for the Betamorph party called “Androids and Aliens. Represented by Betamorph Artist Management and FurtherSound Artist Management, DeeJ is already cementing his place alongside the legends.

Although Betamorph are handling the future, as an individual, DeeJ certainly knows how to handle a tune. Through my own experience I have learnt this, but I feel my description cannot do his talent justice. Perhaps because I resent the word ‘tune’, as too many people will always say ‘choon’ instead. ‘Choon’ is the noise a train makes, not a fair description for precise yet aggressive Dubstep. Although I can imagine the results if DeeJ was put in charge of audio transport as well. It wouldn’t be the ghost train to Hell that all those pussy haired metallers seem to talk about, it would be the train coming back the next morning. Everyone with dumb grins, wide eyes, devil’s sunburn and empty bags of chemicals.

(DIOPTRICS) The duo that masterminded the record label Abducted Records, Dustin and Dorian aka Dioptrics, have been pushing the boundaries of the Drum and Bass scene on a global scale for years. With releases both vinyl and digital on labels such as Sudden Def, Biotic, Dangerous New Age and Flight amongst others, their catalouge speaks for itself with signature hard synthlines, heavy bass and huge drums! With the inception of Abducted Records, Dioptircs has broadened their horizons to include the most upfront Dubstep as well as their signature "Neuro DNB" sound. Touring extensively across the USA on their "Abducting America" tours, as well as one off bookings, their sets always please any fan of agressive and upfront music. Be on the lookout for their forthcoming releases as they push forward to help maintain their name as a staple in the scene!

DJ R FRESH (Miami)

DJ R-Fresh is native to South Florida and began his career as a Miami Bass ,Freestyle & Hip Hop DJ in the early 80's.He has kept his sound over the years through the evolution of the latest underground dance music by combining the elements of Breakbeat,House,Trance & Ambient music.

DJ R-Fresh is best known for his assortment of mega-mix tapes that were put out in the 90's and his ground-shaking sets performed throughout the United States to date.

DJ R-Fresh has a style all of his own, you will be amazed as he scratches, blends, drops, and mixes the latest records of today, with the sounds of yesterday, taking you on a journey throughout his entire set. If you have never experienced the sounds of DJ R-Fresh, make it a point because he is one DJ that should not be missed or overlooked.

RICK WEST (Painted Puppy Records, Florida)


A fan of the electronic scene since the beginning, Rick West, based in Tampa, Florida, started his professional DJ career in 1988. A staple of the 90's Florida dance scene, he's gained respect amongst his peers and devoted fans for his impeccable mixing skills and long standing dedication to a positive dance scene.

GUMBEE (Just Funkin, Zone Records, Moonshine)(Las Vegas)

A DJ, producer, and promoter of legend coming out of the magical state of Florida, Chris Mann AKA Gumbee is known by all in the world of electronic music. Hitting the decks in 1994, Gumbee has travelled the globe on a mission to keep the funk alive. This Breakbeat Pioneer has released over 30 tracks on vinyl while working with legends such as DJ Icey, Tony Faline and Mike and Charlie. His music has been distributed on labels such as Zone Records, Moonshine Music, Just Funkin Records, Union and SoundVision. In 2001, Chris relocated to Las Vegas to be a resident at the infamous Club Utopia. Now, Gumbee returns to the ATL to drop some Dubstep fire on all the heads! A DJ, producer, and promoter of legend coming out of the magical state of Florida, Chris Mann AKA Gumbee is known by all in the world of electronic music. Hitting the decks in 1994, Gumbee has travelled the globe on a mission to keep the funk alive. This Breakbeat Pioneer has released over 30 tracks on vinyl while working with legends such as DJ Icey, Tony Faline and Mike and Charlie. His music has been distributed on labels such as Zone Records, Moonshine Music, Just Funkin Records, Union and SoundVision. In 2001, Chris relocated to Las Vegas to be a resident at the infamous Club Utopia. Now, Gumbee returns to the ATL to drop some Dubstep fire on all the heads!

TOTAL RECALL (Play Me Records, Betamorph Recordings) (Greenville) 

To certain theorists, schism energy exists as a metaphorical spell upon the human mind which disconnects us from the full magnitude of who we are. This conspiracy reveals an explanation for the fear and insecurity which paints the social mask we wear, as well as unearthing an illuminati of reptilian humanoids who secretly govern us in disguise. However, with the mass hysteria of the modern world we are gradually awakening to the enormity of existence. Total Recall traces this oneiric journey into our consciousness through tense beats and revelatory soundscapes.

Total Recall is the moniker for the veteran production partnership between Dustin Blair and Steve Welborn, who have recently garnered attention for their masterful piercing of the Dubstep sphere. With machine gun bass meeting a power drill, Total Recall bores into the earth’s surface before reaching a pocket of hallucinatory calm, which manages to be hollow and ethereal but also satisfying in its ambiguous orchestrations in every one of their original pieces. Drawing inspiration from powerful conspiracies makes Total Recall a relentless passageway through multiple levels of history, humanity and knowledge. It derives extra strength from the fact that the focus is always on allegory, rather than allusion. This means that when Total Recall reference more abstract ideas, the beats stay sincere. Total Recall is the highest quality Interdimensional Dubstep!!!

With connections to many of the top Dubstep artists across the globe, Total Recall has gained support from the likes of Dieselboy, Downlink, Vaski, Numbernin6, PropaTingz, Calvertron, Mark Instinct, Sluggo, Hulk, Trillbass, Bare, Reid Speed, Bombaman, NTRLD, J.Rabbit, Mustard Pimp, Snipaz, Hellfire Machina, Mayhem, Megalodon, Dodger, Dan Wall and DJ Monk amongst others!


Anything but ordinary, this dangerous duo was born and raised in the city of Miami. Lucky for them, there's almost no better environment to become a dj, with the best of talent around to learn from, and Miami's distinct and unique sound.

Bonded by blood, Sexkitten and Vixen's striking styles compliment and reflect eachother in perfect harmony, amplifying the energy and vibe they create to keep you on your feet and wanting more.

When treating yourself to TWIN FLAMEZ, expect to be served a delightfully intoxicating cocktail of tech house, techno, electro house, progressive house, and minimal, served straight with an occasional side of deep house to soften the bite :) Always comes prepared dark and ice cold, but guaranteed to get you fiery hot.

HUDA HUDIA (Kaleidoscope Records, Tripoli Traxx) (Atlanta)

The style and blend of music Huda Hudia has brought to the underground Florida dance scene was recognized by the Weekly Planet (a Tampa Bay area newspaper), when he was voted the city’s Best DJ in 1996. The article goes on to read, “Back in the good old days when dancers partied all night and sobered up in time for lunch, DJs were Tampa’s superstars. They had their own followings- devoted fans worshipping the sounds and the feelings of the party. If they were the kings of nightlife, then his majesty Huda Hudia reigned superior with an unbelievable ability to spin explosive sounds at clubs like the Masquerade. Pacifier-sucking kids would line up for blocks to get a piece of blown-up techno action. Like a conductor directing an orchestra of ravers, Huda Hudia spread the energy on thick and the crowd responded wildly with screams and whistles.”

Dan now resides in Atlanta, where he continually brings it to all the super clubs with his DJ and VJ abilities. Although his sound his transformed after so many years of being in the game, Dan is bringing us back to what we’ve always known and loved out of him…BREAKBEATS!!!!

MODIFIED NOISE (One For All Records)(Orlando) 

Modified Noise is an electronic music production collective that is based out of Orlando, FL and Brooklyn, NY. Set on breaking the mold of dance music, seasoned members that have toured nationally and internationally are joining forces to bang out some new amazing dance music. Modified Noise is a new sound with a wide range of influences and the ability to party really hard.

We fuckin' throw down and get the damn thing did cause "it's only going to get better"!

FONKAH (Underground Syndicate)(Los Angeles)

With over 15 years as a Producer, Sound Designer and Dj – Fonkah has crafted a sound that absolutely destroys dance floors wherever he touches down. Fusing deep and dubby, powerful drum and bass with massive dubstep and westcoast hipstep vibes, Fonkah delivers soundscapes of twisted ambient funk alongside earth shattering basslines and bombastic breaks. Fonkah is always a crowd pleaser with an arsenal of dub plates from his “Trickyfish” imprint and impeccable turntablism skills. Fonkah is also widely known for his visual voodoo as an amazing VJ – twisting out masses with visual displays that intertwine with pure auditory bliss to create an environment like only Fonkah can manifest.

Get ready for the Fonkah!

DJ KERI (Underground Syndicate)(Good Pussy Records) (Atlanta)

When you hear accomplished vocalist, world renowned dj, songwriter, AND producer, it’s hard not to believe that she is known as “The People’s DJ”. She has 3 albums under her belt, as well as tracks that have broken the TOP 10 on Billboard as well charted worldwide. As she has made her mark on the world, appearing on television, radio, and numerous worldwide stages, DJ KERI has maintained a humble attitude and soft heart. . She truly believes that she is there for the people.

A world community servant, she plays just as hard for the small numbers as well as hundreds of thousands…..and when the crowd is captured by her live vocals during her set, you can start to see people’s everyday problems melting away. Keri’s commitment to make the world a happier place through her music is apparent by donating her time, energy, and performances to everyone from Indonesia’s tsunami relief to U2’s Bono, as well as the (R)ED Aids event for Africa and The Breast Cancer Society in the United States.

Keri was lauded one of the 7 HOTTEST DJ’S ON THE PLANET by PLAYBOY MAGAZINE (U.S.A.) and thereafter graced PLAYBOY twice - OCTOBER 2003 & APRIL 2004. She has been featured in F.H.M. (Malaysia, China, and Portugal), MAXIM (China and Portugal) and several other worldwide magazines.

J –LUV (Aerotecnica, Underground Syndicate)

Continents. Millions of people. Any genre you can name. Jonathan Prestidge, aka J-LUV has been there, and has done it more times than you can possibly imagine.

One of the south's' most booked dj's for over a decade, J-Luv is most known for his flawless mixing and diverse style. J Luv has played on 4 continents, 20 + states and has performed for more than a million people. He has performed with such acts and dj's as

Carl Cox, The Chemical Brothers, Danny T, The Prodigy, Dj Dan, The Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Moby, Paul Van Dyk and Deep Dish just to name a few. J is also an Ultra Music Festival resident and has performed at many of the east coasts largest edm events. Be on the lookout for his 7th and 8th release with

Helium Slut DJ’s and Richard Freeman.

GRAHAM FEE (Seven Records, Discover)(Los Angeles)

The passion for music was always there. Graham Fee grew up in an environment in which a wide variety of musical styles were appreciated and music was being made by people in his home, both family and friends, not just coming out of an electronic device like a radio.

Whether it was his dad and some friends playing guitars, or records and tapes being played at a party, what fascinated Graham was watching how people reacted to the music. The dynamics of how music could create an atmosphere and move people became a focus as strong as his love of the music itself. Soon Graham developed a feel for moving crowds and his love for music continued to grow. 

In 1998, Graham moved to Southern California and started venturing out into Southern California’s "party" scene; he was able to meet the DJs who he admired. Hitting the clubs, purchasing records at all the local shops and learning from the numerous influences in the area, he was introduced to all the different genres of electronic music. Finding elements in each style that he liked, Graham found these influences helped him to better understand the "trance" and progressive house sounds he favored.

Graham began to play at local parties and small events in the Orange County area. Partygoers soon recognized his talent and he began to be invited to play more frequently. While playing the party circuit, Graham was introduced to world-renowned producer Pablo Gargano from Eve Records out of London, England. His friendship with Pablo quickly grew and Graham began to delve into producing music. As word of Graham's artistry spread, he began performing at events away from his hometown of Huntington Beach.

In late 2000, Graham began his residency Remedy Entertainment that he still holds today. Remedy began producing weekly events in Costa Mesa, California and focused on inviting the world’s best artists to come and perform. In this position, Graham was called upon to share center stage with artists the likes of Christopher Lawrence, Max Graham, Dave Ralph, Donald Glaude, Bad Boy Bill, Angel Alanis, DJ Dan, Jerry Bonham, Charles Feelgood and even international superstars like Scott Bond of Gatecrasher.

During this time Graham began to seriously concentrate on producing music. Early in the year he was invited to travel to London and work closely with Eve Records and Pablo Gargano. After two solid weeks locked up in the studio, "System Overload" was completed with the original and Remedy remix being picked up by Telica Communications. Telica released the record in August 2001 and has received great support by artists such as Jody of Way Out West, Dave Ralph, and Christopher Lawrence. Dave Ralph charted it at number 7 in his "Top 10" and was placed #1 on Christopher Lawrence’s "Top 10" as featured in ‘Mixer Magazine’. "System Overload" was also featured on a "Mixmag" cover CD and Swedish Egil presents Telica mixed compilation. 

Graham’s other productions have been picked up by Eve Records Group/ Discover and were released late in 2003 as well as being licensed for four different mixed compilations that have been released world-wide. The first is a John "00" Fleming CD compilation entitled "White Label, Euphoria". The second was a CD compilation entitled "Hands to Heaven". The last two were released in 2003, "Swedish Egil presents Telica" out on Thump Records and Christopher Lawrence’s "Exposure IV" out on Hook and System Recordings. Additionally, Graham’s production work was the background music for Seb Fontaine’s nationally aired TV commercial for his last mix compilation on Thrive Records. 

X-RAY (Dublin)

Ray Mclaughlin Aka Dj X-ray started spinning in the Winter of 1988 at a local club in his hometown of Coleraine Northern Ireland.

Six months before hand he had just started at the same club as a glass collector and coat room attendant then later went on to become the light jock by accident.

A few months after that he finally got his hands on the beloved Silver 1200's.

Two years down the line and 200 odd gigs under his belt he moved on to play at the ice rink discos at the infamous Jet Centre.

Round about the same time another local Dj called Chris Hurley had started running a RAVE in the neighboring seaside town of Portrush at the notorious Kelly's Complex.

Ray had always wanted to grace the crowds at Kelly's as he saw it start off with 50 people going to a massive 4000 every week and finally in 1993 he made his Kelly's debut @ Harmony 9 with Carl Cox.

After a few months of playing harmony he was finally snapped up with Kelly's Promoter Alan Simpson and made resident in March 1994.

Rewinding the clock back 2 years to 1992, in his hometown Ray along with Jet Centre Manager Aidan Young, setup the triangles first ever EDM record shop called Fresh Underground.

DJs From across Ireland flocked to the store to find the latest house techno and hardcore beats and that's where Ray met Hector and Paul who later went on to setup the Intelligence brand which took

Northern ireland by storm in the mid to late 90's....

...Roll the clock forward 17 years, X-ray is still at the forefront of NIi clubbing scene with 1000's of gigs under his belt at home and on foreign lands we can safely say that X-ray's name is embedded in the NI Dance Music Hall of Fame

Long may it continue...

Jordy McC (Australia) 

Dance music has been around Jordy all his life with his father being who he is so in his time he's heard alot more than most 15 year olds & has educated himself with it from a very early age. Jordy grew up listening to his dad DJ but X-Ray would'nt be his main influence into DJing as most people would assume. Jordy quickly developed a strong passion for Hardcore/Gabber & the main reason for this & one of the major influences for him was his dads good friend DJ Binman. Since Jordy was no age he's always been a fan of Binmans work & watched him from a far hoping he could one day have his own set of decks & follow in the footsteps of his idol.

The time came when Jordy finally got his own set of decks @ the tender age of 13,his dad was adament not to help or influence Jordy's DJing in anyway & wanted him to learn & find his own mixing style by himself like he did when he started, so he showed Jordy the in's & out's on the mixer & left him to his own devices. Jordy quickly started developing and honing his techniques and cultivating his own style,slowly but surely putting together reasonable mixes in a very short peroid of time.

The more Jordy practiced the more he progressed & as he was already a member of NIOldskool he seen that as the perfect place to showcase his skills to a mass audience for the very first time. As Jordy posted more & more mixes the positive feedback he was getting back from the members got stronger with each mix which was a sure sign his DJ skills & mixing were progressing along with his love of doing it.

On the 7th April 07 Jordy got his first gig @ Nation in Bangor with residents Cuffy/Bob Sealey & special guest DJ Jaydee. Jordy's talent obviously shone through on the nite as shortly after he was booked to play @ the 2 biggest hardcore nites in NI,Evolution on the 25th May 07 & System X on the 11th of Aug 07 playing alongside big names such as Hixxy & the Digital Commando's followed by a set at NIOldskool's Unity 2 on the 30th Nov 07. Jordy's latest & biggest DJing achievement was getting to play a short set in the Rendezvous tent @ this years Planet Love which from the reaction of the crowd was clearly a special moment for him in his short but successful DJ career thus far.

Jordy now takes his place as Frequency Resident which will give him a regular stage to showcase his DJ skills & versatility as he takes his hand to the various styles of Hard Dance & Hardcore that Frequency nights will be pushing forward. This is only the beginning for young Jordy & with the name he has created for himself so far at 15 years of age it's onward & upwards for him & he's definitely a name to watch out for in the future.

SICKor WELL (Betamorph Recordings/S.O.W./Pruven Music)

24 year old Nick Joyce, aka SICKorWELL is more than a DJ, he i