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BT @ Ruby Skye


When: -

Where: Ruby Skye (420 Mason St., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Spundae

Genres: Trance

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$ 20.00

Arguably the most accomplished and recognizable of the largely anonymous trance set, Transeau made a huge mid-90s impact with releases such as 'Loving You More' and 'Embracing The Sunshine' for Perfecto Records.

As well as being staples of European dancefloors, they also reached the UK charts. Both songs were segued together in a 40-minute blockbuster by Sasha to form the centrepiece of BT's similarly successful debut album, Ima. Afterwards, his 'dream house' style became widely impersonated (but rarely equalled), to the evident frustration of the artist: 'So many people were ripping off things I was emotionally attached to without putting any of their own emotion into them. They were turning it into a formula and it was never intended to be like that. It was very emotional, altruistic, heartfelt music.'

As a consequence he jettisoned an album's worth of material for a projected follow-up effort, and concentrated on remixing duties (including Grace's UK Top 20 hit, 'Not Over Yet', and Tori Amos' 'Blue Skies'). His own solo output suffered as a result. Laborious sessions for the 25-minute single 'Hand In Hand', which paired him with 'Loving You More' singer Vincent Covello, were highly stressful: 'I was going nuts trying to finish it,' he told Music Week.

In the event he elected to go back to basics for the follow-up single, 'Flaming June'/'Orbitus Terranium', and his second album, ESCM. Again, this featured a bizarre array of sounds, ranging from the mating calls of tree frogs and wild turkeys to the vocals of Manchester folk singer Jan Johnston and Sufi vocalist T.*. Culhane. Transeau changed tack for October 1999's Movement In Still Life, which replaced the pounding trance with tough breakbeats.