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When: -

Where: 103 Harriet (103 Harriet St., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassElectroGlitchHip Hop

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$ 15.00

BASS CAMP, Symbiosis, Opulent Temple in association with An-Ten-Nae present:



Alpha Pup/Minotaur, Refiner, Muti- (Venice Beach)

Known as a pioneer of electronic music, Kraddy is one of the most innovative and

remarkable artists of his day. He stands as a visionary in his field, a fresh voice that

spans genres and artistic style. Hybridizing hip hop, dubstep and dancehall with digital

edits and cuts, Kraddy's music is a voice from the future awakening our ears and minds

to what is yet to come.

Originally from NY, Kraddy (born Matthew Kratz) began his musical career in San

Francisco releasing his debut album, Truth Has No Path, in 2003. With the release of

the single "Faux Show" (a remix of The Old Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya",)

Kraddy became an underground favorite in the electronic music world. After a handful

of vinyl breakbeat releases, Kraddy changed the game once again with his sophomore

effort, The Illegal Album. Fueled by fierce beats and searing edits, The Illegal Album

was a radical fusion of Kraddy's unique production chops with classic hip hop and

dancehall acapellas. It was hailed as a breakthrough and soon after led to his

collaboration with the Glitch Mob.

As a founding member of the Glitch Mob, Kraddy continued to innovate the sound and

possibilities of digital music. It was during this time that Kraddy released "Android

Porn", a track hailed as the anthem of the "glitch hop" genre. With its epic melody,

dramatic builds and unrelenting beats and bass, "Android Porn" marked a milestone in

the creation of a sound so fresh, no one had a name for it.

After several more well-received releases with the Glitch Mob, Kraddy struck off on his

own to pursue his solo career as a producer and performer where he continues to tour

worldwide with his futuristic fission of dubstep, hip hop and dancehall.

Kraddy's most recent projects include remixes for Mochipet and Echaskech as well as

an Android Porn Remix EP, due out in February 2010. Also highly anticipated in 2010,

Kraddy plans to release 4 EPs, each with a different theme. Based on his recent remix

work, his fans and fellow producers alike eagerly await to see how Kraddy will reinvent

the game once again.

AK1200 (Drumstep set)

Big Riddim Recordings - Orlando, FL.

The Godfather of DnB in America, AK has been the link between the music and the fans and dj's alike in the states ever since its inception. He is the longest running DnB DJ in the USA, and was the first to give exposure to hundreds of UK based DJ's and producers. His annual Planet of the Drums tour, alongside fellow comrades Dieselboy and Dara and hype man Messinian has been the most successful running electronica tour since it began in 2000. Over the years, AK has released 8 mix CD's, and 1 artist album, along with several singles, and has remixed countless well known electronic acts such as: Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon, Keoki, Dub Pistols, Cirrus, Freestyle, Rachel Wallace, Tribe called Quest, and many more. His remix of Cleveland Lounge's "Drowning", was in regular rotation on radio stations all over the USA, and is widely viewed as the most well known DnB tune in America, and was in dance charts all over the world. His 8 year stint as head of A&R with longtime friend Rob Playford, on Playford's legendary Moving Shadow label, has helped make AK one of the most influential DnB figures on the globe. Dave Minner, better known as AK1200, started DJing in 1989 shortly after his introduction to clubs and underground club music. He grew up in Orlando Florida, which in the early 90's became a staple in the USA for next level music and its DJ's.

After a few local residencies, he began defining his style, and was quickly a favorite at the now infamous Edge raves of the early 90's hosted by DJ Icey. AK's work with Icey continued, as a heavy contributor to Icey's US Rave national paper. In 1990, he also opened one of the first strictly dance record stores in Orlando called The Hottie Shoppe. This is where he discovered the newest form of music, hardcore breakbeat or jungle techno, now known as DRUM and BASS. AK's devotion to this sound and its evolution is what made Icey crown him with the AK1200 name, saying "He goes so fast, it's like an AK-47 on the 1200's."

After the jungle explosion in '93 and '94, AK began writing reviews for UK's Mixmag Update. This was monumental as AK was an American writing about English music for an English publication. AK1200 was also the first American DnB DJ to play in the UK on both pirate radio and in clubs. Around that time, he teamed up with fellow junglist DJ Jeffee to publish another national magazine, called Junglized. With Junglized, AK hosted the first all DnB event in the southeast in September of 1995, also being the first person to bring the Number one DnB dj in the world, Andy C, to America. His connections with virtually every label and distributor and practically every artist and producer in the UK, allowed him to get just about every tune that was worth playing, and helped him create exposure and attention for these artists and labels. His non stop touring of the states over the years has been a huge help in the rise of popularity for the music even today.

In 1996 he was asked to do a compilation mix CD for the first Sub Base USA release, titled Sub Base classics. Shortly after that he was picked up by the biggest electronic label in the USA at the time, Moonshine Music, and released 4 mix CDs with them through 2001. Each CD had landmark sales for any DnB artist or DJ.

AK1200's popularity and stellar reputation caused him to be a sought after remixer for several artists and labels worldwide. Several of these remixes went on to be licensed to video games, film and other various media formats. He went on to release one other mix CD after his original artist album, 'Shoot to Kill', which were both released on Run Recordings, a subsidiary of Lakeshore Entertainment, a Paramount company. To date AK1200 has sold over 500,000 units combined worldwide, and is one of the most well known names in the United States for dance music. He has consistently been included in the Top 100 DJ's for each year in the states.


Rusty Bridges

RFR Digital, Breakz R Boss Recordings--(Victoria B.C. Canada)




Hollowpoint Recordings (Portland)

Noah D

Subway / H.E.N.C.H / Argon (Portland)


Narco.hz, surefire (San Francisco)

...deCay... featuring Ayisha

HIVE collective, Dubwise-- Salt Lake City

w/ VJ cellulloyd

VNDMG (aka a.vanvranken)

The Hive Collective- (San Fransisco)


V2AM / MASV Recordings / FSOB - SLC, UT.


V2AM / Prissco / Latter Day Dub - SLC, UT.

DJ Balance

Mobilized Bass (Santa Cruz)

Bass Camp Visuals by Cellulloyd

Decor by Niko Mantele

Shiva's Lair

hosted by Opulent Temple

Dutch (Opulent Temple)

TekFreaks: Jeff Taisch & Cosmic Selector (Opulent Temple)

Dex Stakker (Opulent Temple)

Billy Casazza ( Opulent Temple)

Brian Williams (Opulent Temple)

Brother Hill (Opulent Temple)

Lasers by Laser Brain

Opulent decor

Symbiosis stages...

QUADE (Ball of Waxx)



The Flying Skulls (1320 Records)

Outersect (symbiosis)

MiHKAL (Symbiosis)

Little John (Raindance Presents)

Mozaic (Glimmer Of Dope)

Tony Inorbit (Symbiosis)