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Atrium Obscurum's - Prana Apana


When: -

Where: New Guild Co-op (510 West 23rd Street, Austin, TX)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

Genres: Psytrance


$ 10.00
As 2009 comes to a close we are presented with an opportunity to look back on what this year has provided for us. It has been a year that has run the gamut of emotions & what life has to offer. In our own ways we have climbed the highest of mountains and trudged through the murky depths of our being. Now we stand on the precipice of a new year. One door is closing and another one is set to open up in front of us.
Throughout history cultures have looked upon New Year’s Eve in terms of a cycle/circle. So much of our lives from the smallest of scales to the largest can be seen as cycles. One of the most important of these cycles is the breath.
In the Hindu language, Sanskrit, Prana is the life-breath we take in with each inhalation. It is that which balances the elements of our bodies; the energizing force of life. Apana is seen as the downward force that eliminates energy from the body. It is a purge of those things that the physical body no longer needs. If these two forces come together and enter the spinal column a beautiful fusion takes place. That fusion is kundalini, and it is that which will enliven us all. Join us as we become the joining of Prana Apana and head full on into 2010.
Your psychedelic guides for the evening:
Catatonic Despair (Nabi Records/Tantrumm Records)
Catopric (Fugutrance)
nivleM (Davinci Unlimited)
Spyralkyte (Holotropic Audio)
Uhm (Atrium Obscurum/Anomalistic Records)
PsyKoCid (Atrium Obscurum)
Singularity^3 (Atrium Obscurum)
If you joined us last year we had built a wooden step pyramid altar. This was created with the intention of being the place for those things we wished to leave behind in the past year. We are once again building an altar that will be set ablaze come morning time. You are more than welcome to add something to the altar. We will provide markers for those who wish to write on the altar. Bring anything that can be burned without posing a risk to those who wish to be there when the altar goes up in flames. Pictures, clothing, paper, get the drift.
Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the trance floor!